With a mission to provide superior products that enhance travel experiences, Samsonite Singapore will be assisting Team Singapore athletes on their "journey to glory" at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Samsonite has collaborated with the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) as the Official Luggage sponsor for athletes participating in the Games. This partnership represents a major milestone for both organisations in their joint effort to promote and support local sports and athletes.

The luggage that will be accompanying the Singapore's medal hopefuls is Samsonite's EVOA Z. Sleek and minimalist in design, the luggage is undoubtedly sophisticated in appearance, highlighted by a seamlessly integrated aluminium logo bar right at the top. But striking good looks aside, the EVOA Z boasts remarkable functionality with a cleverly hidden hook embedded in the trolley housing. With a simple motion, the hook can be unfolded to hang things such as a garment bag, coat or other essentials to free hands while having the items within easy reach.


The Ivory Gold EVOA Z has been exclusively crafted for Team Singapore—complete with the Singapore emblem and the Olympic rings—and will not be available in stores. It's tailored for the athletes who appreciate effortless travel and enduring elegance, and most importantly, adds that added level of confidence as they represent the nation on the global stage.

Son Heung-Min with the TUMI Alpha Bravo Navigation backpack.

It's not often that we're afforded the opportunity to bear witness to the birth of a legend—they're considered "legendary" for a reason. Son Heung-Min is one, a legend whose football skills have earned him critical acclaim and a number of accolades, while at the same time, possessing the charm and charisma of a seasoned public personality. And let's not kid ourselves, Son also has the mug of a model.

We'd go as far as to say that the partnership between Son and TUMI has been a seamless fit based on those attributes alone. The global ambassador embodies TUMI's dedication to quality, innovation, and style that the latter prioritises in pretty much all of its creations across the different facets of its ever-growing universe.

Son's latest campaign with TUMI is perhaps the most personal yet. The entire campaign was shot at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, essentially the second home of the club captain. "I was personally excited for this campaign to be set in my home away from home," he says. "I always value that TUMI is there for me and has my back, whatever journey I’m on." The brand literally has had Son's back for quite a while now too. He's often spotted with an iteration of the Navigation backpack from the Alpha Bravo series that pairs stylishly with both his professional kit as well as his off-duty outfits.

Son with the TUMI Alpha Bravo Logistics backpack.

It's no surprise then that the latest campaign highlights the Alpha Bravo as one of the essential companions to Son's fast-paced lifestyle. Looks aside, the Alpha Bravo series' ballistic nylon composition has been a staple signature of TUMI for over three decades. Its hard-wearing strength is a boon for just about anyone living in the fast lane and dispels any worry about their bag falling apart or belongings not being well protected. Couple that with nifty design elements that put function at the very forefront, the Alpha Bravo series is made to outlast and outperform.

Speaking of innovations, the Tegra-Lite® luggage series takes centrestage as Son's travel companion. The series is available in a number of configurations and dimensions (a select few seen in the campaign) and all feature the durable and lightweight Tegris® material commonly used in lifesaving armour, race cars, and professional athletic gear. The shell of every Tegra-Lite® luggage is a composite of many layers that further strengthens the exterior, so you're assured that it'll hold steady against any and every bump along the journey.

Tegra-Lite® International Front Pocket Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On, TUMI
Tegra-Lite® Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case, TUMI
Tegra-Lite® International Front Pocket Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On, TUMI

Both the Alpha Bravo and Tegra-Lite® excel at being the embodiment of TUMI's key design pillars. The brand takes it a step further this time around—these pieces are not only thoughtfully designed to accompany your journeys, but also to be part of every moment. It ties back to Son; the signature pose that the pro footballer is known for—connecting his index fingers and thumbs together to resemble a camera, and often paired with a smile—after every goal as a means of capturing those moments and holding on to them. TUMI intends on the Alpha Bravo and Tegra-Lite® series to do the same albeit in more tangible ways.

As much as it's uncommon to be living in the same era as a known legend, TUMI's commitment to continuously innovating its function-first approach to design while marrying that with style, is too a rarity in the arena it's in. And if you're in the habit of making memories of just about every moment, the Alpha Bravo and Tegra-Lite® series by TUMI may just be the essential companions to those journeys.

The latest Alpha Bravo and Tegra-Lite® collections are now available at TUMI stores.

RIMOWA's latest "Engineered for Life" campaign highlights values and legacy of each of its creations.

I remember my first RIMOWA purchase. It was May 2019 and my then editor-in-chief asked me along to the RIMOWA boutique at Mandarin Gallery after a meeting with a client. He wanted to check out new ones in preparation for an upcoming trip—he already owned a couple of aluminium RIMOWA suitcases then—and thought I should get into the brand.

“It’s an investment,” he proffered, rather convincingly. He has a real knack for persuading someone, just about anyone really, to buy that embroidered Dries Van Noten shirt or that pair of Celine boots that adds a few centimetres to your stature—all me, by the way.

To be fair, I was already contemplating on getting one. I had a few work trips lined up and had a long winter vacation to the States to look forward to, so it wasn’t so much a push into my first purchase as it was a gentle nudge. I went home with an Essential Check-In L in Gloss Green. The polycarbonate construction was a no-brainer because it’s incredibly lightweight and sturdy, and the green... well, I didn’t want to be too boring nor too flashy.

It has been five years and the suitcase has seen its fair share of cargo holds, boots of Uber rides, and hotel rooms. We made it to Italy at a time when you had to fill up pages of forms and undergo Covid-testing to get in and out of the country; it was my companion on my first multiple-transit flights to Egypt; and it saw me through my first full fashion weeks in Milan and Paris.


I’ve added more into my own RIMOWA family since. An Essential Trunk Plus in a Gloss Slate Grey, and most recently, my first aluminium suitcase in the form of an Original Cabin in Silver, have both become quite indispensable travel essentials. I might have entered a cult; I’m not entirely sure about that yet.

But if it’s a cult—it’s not, this is purely a haha I’m a witty writer kind of thing—I’m in it for life. In 2023, RIMOWA introduced a lifetime guarantee for all of its suitcases purchased from 25 July 2022. It means that a RIMOWA customer can easily rock up to a RIMOWA boutique and get any of the functional aspects of a suitcase fixed for the entirety of its lifespan.

“Behind every RIMOWA case is a symphony of German engineering and the dedication of our community—the skilled artisans, passionate owners, and the meticulous repair technicians. Together, we create cases that aren’t just built for life, they truly become a canvas for the enduring spirit of those who journey with us,” says Emelie De Vitis. The senior vice president of product and marketing at RIMOWA is referring to “Ingenieurskunst”, a German word that translates to “the art of engineering”.

Now, RIMOWA isn’t saying that its German engineering is the best there is but rather, that it’s an artistic philosophy that manifests itself in every RIMOWA suitcase. It’s this craftsmanship and know-how honed since the brand’s founding in 1898 that allows each suitcase to be a lifelong companion in whatever journey one goes on.

There’s little doubt that a RIMOWA suitcase can live for multiple lifetimes, as evident from the brand’s many exhibitions that have showcased pieces dating back for more than a century and still remaining functional. A RIMOWA suitcase is engineered for life, able to go through every natural wear and intentional personalisation so it’s not really about how long a suitcase can live for, but rather the life it can live through. The lifetime guarantee aids in this quest for the ultimate luxury item that’s a symbol of a life well lived from the moment it leaves a boutique.


It’s like us going through life. We hit a bump in the road, we pick ourselves up, go through a process of reflecting and fixing what needs to be fixed, and then continue through life again—an applicable cycle for a RIMOWA suitcase.

I haven’t felt the need to send in my suitcases for a fix just yet. They’re still functioning as swimmingly as when I first got them. When the need arises though, I’m confident that any member of my RIMOWA family will be back with me journeying through life without missing a beat.

“It’s an investment.” I hate to give it to him, but he was right.

Victor Sanz, creative director at TUMI.

ESQUIRE: We’re told the spring 2024 collection is inspired by Singapore. Can you tell us more about that and why Singapore in particular?

VICTOR SANZ: Every season, the design team and I sit down and we look for a destination to become our muse. We’re always looking at things that have a cultural relevance—we saw that Singapore was one of the first places to open their doors to the world again. We started focusing into Singapore and realised that everything that’s happening here is in line with what we’re doing as a brand. The idea of balancing heritage with modernity; embracing technology but not abandoning where your roots are; of balancing this world of architecture and progression, but also supporting the environment and nature.

We then started to really dive deep from a cultural standpoint: How are the people living here? What are they doing? How are they doing this? We were inspired by places like Sentosa where we kept seeing these beautiful images of the sunsets. Then the shutters in the market streets with these bright colours of contrast, and they felt very spring to us. We also looked at buildings like the Art Science Museum where it’s a very modern building, but feels very natural and very organic at the same time. So from there, we started building our colour palette and the collections like Asra, where you can see this idea of a soft structure, which continues on to even within the Alpha Bravo series.

ESQ: What are some of the newer innovations you have devised for the collection that you’re proud of?

VS: We continue to bring new innovations every season. There’s a continuous partnership with McLaren and we were able to introduce a new chapter with the Extreme collection where we did these welded waterproof bags. Obviously, Asra, our women’s collection, and of course the 19 Degree series, which was born as a travel collection, but we were figuring out how do we continue to expand this 19 Degree design language into day-to-day uses? This 19 Degree Aluminum minaudière that I carry has a really simple detail. I can just rotate this element and I can put a shoulder strap on there. It becomes now that same archetype of 19 Degree but in a crossbody. And we’ve done a backpack as well. You’re going to continue to see these types of products evolve. We’re kind of pushing in all these directions and always looking at things from the lens of technology and luxury, and always ensuring that we’re bringing something new to our core customer but also bringing in that new customer as well.

ESQ: TUMI is also known for its Alpha Bravo series but there seems to be a more conscious decision to move away from just luggage and into a more lifestyle space, with a golf collection as well as Asra. Is this something that we can expect more from the brand?

VS: Absolutely. I mean, I would say we’re not moving away from the travel side. What we’re doing is we’re continuing to enhance our portfolio. Our biggest muse is the customer. We look at the lifestyle that they’re living. How are they evolving? What does their day-to-day look like? What does it look like when they’re at work? What does work look like for them? What happens post-work? And the more we begin to evolve the world we’re in, we’re bringing products that are enhancing their lives. That’s why you’re seeing things like the golf collection. We see our customers being increasingly engaged in golf and how it’s a new way for them to connect with their friends and peers. It’s a great opportunity for us to bring the very best of what we do at TUMI to a type of collection like that. Additionally, we’re doing fragrances now—we have seven fragrances in the line—eyewear, the crossbodies, women’s products, engaging in the world of sport… It’s really about evolving the brand for our customers.

ESQ: You talk about the customers’ lifestyles when designing for these lifestyle-specific items. Is the design approach slightly different from the travel series, or is it the same?

VS: When we started looking at products that may be more geared towards lifestyle—or what we call the more fashion-forward type products—one aspect where we’ve evolved as a brand, I think at times, is that aesthetics weren’t viewed as a feature. We’ve changed that thinking where aesthetics are a feature. If you feel good or confident about what you’re wearing, you perform better. With a collection like Asra, the thought process was how do we create something that’s very easy and that doesn’t look like it’s burdened with all this extra functionality, but the functionality is there? Similar to even this 19 Degree minaudière. It’s a very simple crossbody, but on the inside, it has a removable leather pouch that magnetises to the back so that when I need to pay for something, I open up the minaudière and I have my money and cards ready to go. Maybe in the past, we’ve had the mentality of always leading with function. Now, the beauty is part of the function.

ESQ: I’m curious to know, because when you talk about the minaudière and having that extra element inside, how many prototypes do you go through before you’re done with editing?

VS: It can depend. I wish I could say we do it once and it’s great. But it can be anywhere from three to upwards of 10, depending on how complex the functionality is. For example with the 19 Degree Aluminum backpack, we spent a lot of time making sure that when you push in the leather monogram patch that the front pocket would pop out. We also spent a lot of iterations where we’re opening up the backpack so that it stays perfectly balanced when opened. Typically, we like to do about at least three prototypes because the other part is test-wearing. And we test-wear everything. A lot of times when I’m travelling, I’m travelling with prototypes because if something’s going to fail, I’d rather it fail while I’m using it so I can fix it.

ESQ: I remember from our previous interaction in Hong Kong in 2019, where you explained how the handle of a TUMI luggage is shaped like a strawberry for better ergonomics.

VS: You remember? This one! (points to the telescopic handle of a luggage nearby)

ESQ: Yeah. It’s one of the things that, if it weren’t pointed out to me, I wouldn’t have necessarily realised it. Have you come across customers who have pointed out nuances like that in your designs?

VS: It’s a really interesting thing. People don’t notice good design because it just works. That’s the goal. It sounds a bit ironic, right? You spend so much time, energy and thought into it, and when a customer uses it, it just becomes kind of back-of-mind. But when something is poorly designed, that’s when you really, really take notice. That’s why we spend so much time really analysing the details—testing, feeling and going through these motions where they just need to feel and work so right that you don’t even notice them. From a design and creative perspective, it makes me quite happy when people say that something feels or works right. But, hey, very good memory. I’m very impressed.

ESQ: It’s definitely a takeaway that has stuck. Now, on to collaborations. The way TUMI approaches collaborations is perhaps quite different from its contemporaries. With TUMI, there seems to be a preference to collaborate with more lifestyle-driven partners and artists as opposed to say, a fashion brand or streetwear. Why is that?

VS: TUMI has always been looking at a wide breadth of people to collaborate with. We’ve collaborated with fashion houses like Missoni, athletes, jewellery designers, artists etc.. For us, it’s always been about people that are very true to who we are as a brand. But also we’re looking beyond into that future customer, right? I’m going to collaborate with people that are multifaceted, that people can relate to and understand. There’s a future-forward thinking for the brand as well. So this is why we’re always kind of looking at it through our own lens. There was a time when everyone was collaborating and you didn’t know what the hell was happening—every week was another collaboration and everyone just got very caught up in this hype. For us, we’ve always held true to what we feel is authentic to us. How do we connect with them? And then how do we support them on their mission? It’s never really been about wanting to collaborate for hype sake.

ESQ: And now we have brand ambassadors being announced every week. You mentioned how the customer is the driving force behind designing at TUMI. But when it comes to brand ambassadors, do they also influence you as well? Or are they more of like a manifestation of the TUMI customer?

VS: When we started getting into brand ambassadors, we were looking for people who embody the truth of the brand. When we started with Lando Norris, not only is he a fantastic F1 driver, but he’s also this hungry, young athlete who’s starting his own businesses and establishing himself. The same thing with Son Heung-min—an amazing, established Asian athlete within a European team, which is also quite international and it poses its own challenges. It was this amazing storyline that connects with us. As we were starting our journey within this new women’s category with Asra, we thought about having an ambassador who embodies not only who we are about but also this new customer. Mun Kayoung is an amazing person to begin with and she’s so humble. We’re saying that we want that type of aesthetic and that type of strength to come through to our products.

It’s always a challenge to find that perfect connection, but so far, we’ve been quite lucky to have people that love the brand. When we start having conversations with them, it’s very, very authentic. They travel with the brand and that always makes it very, very easy to kind of make everything happen.

ESQ: It seems very organic.

VS: Absolutely. You’d be surprised how many times we sit down, and they’re like, “Oh yeah. I’ve been travelling with TUMI for 12 years, 10 years...”

Sanz has been at TUMI now for more than 20 years.

ESQ: This is a bit of a throwback to 2019. When asked what were some of the best things about being a creative director at TUMI, you said, “It’s amazing to dream an idea and have it come to fruition.” Has anything changed since then?

VS: Yes. It’s still amazing to be able to dream something and bring it to fruition, but I think what’s changed is that the dreams now are becoming ever more vivid. It almost feels like there’s an endless sense of possibility. In 2019, I would never have imagined I’d be sitting here showing you this 19 Degree Aluminum minaudière and backpack. To be able to see the brand and customer base continue to grow but also being able to still push the brand in different directions, that’s been fantastic.

ESQ: You’ve been at TUMI now for more than 20 years, which is insane to think about.

VS: You’re telling me!

ESQ: I just want to know, what keeps you inspired?

VS: Every day I walk in, I have an amazing team. We have people on that team who I’ve worked with for the past 20 years as well as people into their first year, and every day, we are constantly pushing ourselves. I was up at 1:30am this morning on a call with the team in New York working on a project for the future. We’re talking about the smallest of details, but with the intensity of it being the next biggest collection. And that’s what really kind of continues to feed this creative energy. We want to make a difference with the elements that we put in. And I get to work on just some of the most interesting products. I’m very humbled and blessed to have had 20 years. I mean, just like that, it’s been 20 years. And you and I have been on a journey now for exactly five years. Who would have thought?

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Junkyu of Treasure.
Baekhyun and Xiumin of EXO.
Mile Phakphum.
Wonwoo and S. Coups of Seventeen.
Haruto of Treasure.
Lewis Hamilton and Rosé.

There was absolutely no stopping the fans in Seoul, South Korea last month from capturing a glimpse of their Korean idols at RIMOWA's official debut of its new seasonal colours—Mint and Papaya. It may have been raining in the morning of the event, but fans were already forming behind a barricade; a number of astute individuals had even placed placards with their information the evening before as a way of securing a spot.

RIMOWA's list of invited celebrity guests had everything to do with the congregation of fans. It was a diverse range with third-generation K-pop idols Baekhyun and Xiumin of EXO, Rowoon (formerly of SF9), and Seventeen's S.Coups and Wonwoo, fourth-generation group Treasure's Haruto and Junkyu, Thai actor Mile Phakphum, Lewis Hamilton, and Rosé. It was also the first time that RIMOWA global ambassadors Hamilton and Rosé were brought together for the same event.

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The organised chaos outside and inside—as journalists and editors scrambled for content and soundbites—the venue was a reflection of the spirited Mint and Papaya colours. Fresh and inviting, the colours were inspired by the vibrant charm of tropical destinations. Mint, a pastel shade of green, draws inspiration from the hues of buildings typical in tropical cities (a RIMOWA staff also painted a scenography of eating mint ice cream while strolling along the beach). Papaya, on the other hand, is a shade of orange reminiscent of the fruit that it's named after as well as the hue of a beachside sunset.

The duo of colours are predominantly available in RIMOWA's Essential series albeit in different combinations. Mint is available in Cabin, Check-In L and Trunk Plus sizes, while Papaya colours the Cabin, Check-In M and Trunk Plus sizes. Save for the wheels and telescopic handle on each suitcase, both colours appear on every facet for a seamless appearance. A trio of packing cubes are also offered in both colours, as well as a sticker set and luggage charms.

For those who prefer hints of the latest colours, Mint and Papaya are now part of the customisable RIMOWA UNIQUE experience. Wheels, handles, and tags in Mint and Papaya can be fitted onto RIMOWA's Classic suitcases in whatever permutation one sees fit.

But with RIMOWA increasingly becoming more than just a luxury travel accessory brand, Mint brings fresh interpretations of its more lifestyle offerings. The emblematic RIMOWA Personal crossbody bag is updated with a White Gloss polycarbonate body trimmed with Mint-coloured webbing strap as well as a Mint leather interior. The Signature range—newly introduced in November last year—adopts Mint as a Flap Backpack in a large size, and its roomy Duffle bag, with both designed to easily integrate with any RIMOWA suitcase.

Essential Cabin in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Check-In L in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Trunk Plus in Mint, RIMOWA.
Essential Cabin in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Essential Check-In M in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Essential Trunk Plus in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Packing Cubes in Mint, RIMOWA.
Packing Cubes in Papaya, RIMOWA.
Classic with Papaya handles and wheels, RIMOWA.
Classic with Mint handles and wheels, RIMOWA.
Summer Sticker Set, RIMOWA.
Summer Sunset and Summer Cocktail Luggage Charms, RIMOWA.
Signature Flap Backpack Large in Mint, RIMOWA.
Signature Duffle in Mint, RIMOWA.
Personal Polycarbonate Cross-Body Bag in Mint, RIMOWA.

So the question now is: Mint or Papaya? It's not an easy pick. Whichever you end up choosing, RIMOWA's lifetime warranty on all its suitcases (only for those purchased after 25 July 2022) guarantees that there's hardly a wrong choice.

The new RIMOWA seasonal colours Mint and Papaya are now available in boutiques.

Travel is no longer about getting to a destination. It's become an extension of one's personality and lifestyle. For some, it's a hobby; some find it to be an essential part of living—travelling and experiencing different cultures and ways of life only make us more in touch with being human. And with all things personal, there's an increasing inclination to want accompaniments that fit in with that lifestyle.

Let's face it: we all want things that are aesthetically pleasing and work well at the same time. We invest on quality that lasts for as long as possible with the added boon of aesthetics.

The BOSS | Samsonite capsule collection is the latest entry in this no-compromise balance of style and function. Combining the sophisticated style leanings that German fashion brand BOSS is known for with the already trusted combination of form and function by Samsonite, the collection is a sleek offering of luggage meant to make one look, well, boss throughout every journey.

The base of BOSS | Samsonite is the latter's premium aluminium hardcase luggage. Rendered in an all-black exterior, it is then dressed with a subtle, tone-on-tone BOSS monogram that beautifully complements the architectural ridges of each luggage's body. An anodised finish ensures that the look stays locked in for as long as possible, especially through the many different immigration points that a piece will be subjected to throughout its lifespan.

Each piece is made to be tough on the outside, but on the inside, there's a softness brought about by a luxurious quality and feel. A soft-textured lining envelopes the interior of each BOSS | Samsonite piece, done in the former's signature camel colour. The interior is spacious with the addition of zipped compartments (removable if one has no need for them) helping to make organisation a breeze. Adjustable webbing straps help to hold everything in place with the added touch of co-branded leather handles to tie in the sophistication of every element together.

There are four sizes to choose from, each designed for different lengths as well as intensity of travel. The smallest is the cabin-sized Spinner 55 that measures 40 x 55 x 23 cm, two check-in sizes, and the Trunk that's a taller, more oblong-shape and boasts a roomy dimension of 41 x 80 x 37 cm. But whichever one ends up with, there's no denying that they all are extensions of a sophisticated, well-travelled individual.

Spinner 55, BOSS | SAMSONITE
Spinner 69, BOSS | SAMSONITE
Spinner 76, BOSS | SAMSONITE

The BOSS | Samsonite luggage capsule collection is now available in selected Samsonite stores as well as online.

Samsonite's Suntec City outlet.

Sustainability is the name of the game at Samsonite’s new Suntec City outlet. We are in an unprecedented moment where more action is needed to combat the urgent climate crisis. Consumers are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to their products. For Samsonite, its key products—luggages—aren't the only area for the brand's commit to sustainability. Samsonite decided to tackle the project of making its latest outlet as an example of its promise to sustainability.

Samsonite at Suntec City

Balau wood sculptures.
Cashier and green wall.
Plastic sheets on shelving.

At Samsonite’s new store, Balau wood sculptures frame the space. It goes beyond infusing the store with a touch of elegance though as it also tells the story of rebirth. Each piece spent at least 30 years in shipyards at Tuas. Then it's recrafted and given a second life, further adding to the store’s timeless charm.

Similarly, the store’s external facade was fabricated from recycled aluminium. Plastic waste are cleaned, shredded into flakes, and then reformed into a new cashier counter. The shelves are made from recycled plastics that were intentionally crafted to look identical to glass and laminate sheets.

“We are not just creating luggage, we aim to shape the industry to be more sustainable, one journey at a time,” Satish Peerubandi, Vice-President of Samsonite SEA, declared. This new outlet is a testament to the brand's commitment to lead the sustainable transformation of the lifestyle bag and travel luggage industry.

Besides increasing the use of sustainable materials in its products and packaging, Samsonite is also moving towards a future where this practise will be the norm. Their Magnum EcoTM line is crafted with recycled yoghurt cups for its shells. And the interior lining is made from repurposed PET bottles.

Samsonite's Annual Luggage Trade-in Campaign

Samsonite's Magnum EcoTM (on top) and Myton (below).

Additionally, until 28 April, Samsonite opens its annual Luggage Trade-in campaign. All brands, sizes, and conditions of luggage are welcome, with materials of pre-loved luggage being recycled and repurposed into eco travel memorabilia. Trade-ins at any Samsonite store will nab you 30 per cent off on Samsonite’s Myton and Magnum EcoTM collections. Samsonite will also donate SGD10 to the WWF-Singapore Earth Hour campaign for every trade-in. In further commitment to the cause, all non-essential lights in all Samsonite stores will be turned off on 23 March 2024, Saturday, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm to coincide with the Earth Hour Switch Off.

The idea of form versus function is often a conundrum that's faced by designers. Should the former supersede the latter or vice versa? Or is there a middle-ground where both tenets of design balance out each other such that there isn't much of a compromise to either? The considerations are heightened further when it comes to meeting the needs of travellers who now care more than just getting from one point to another.

For TUMI, that steely balance of form and function is best exemplified in its innovative 19 Degree Aluminum series. Launched by creative director Victor Sanz in 2016, the 19 Degree Aluminum series was a breakthrough for the performance luxury lifestyle and accessories brand as it manipulated aluminium in its own vision for the first time. Each piece is crafted with the now-signature sinewy lines enveloping the entirety of its contours—both as a bold, visual manifestation of the toughness of the material as well as an engineered element for added rigidity. It helps too that the look is as striking as it is durable.

As we said, good looks would only get a design so far, especially in the travel space. TUMI clearly knows this too. The 19 Degree Aluminum series is packed with nifty technical specs that make travelling with one—on pretty much any kind of journey—as beautiful as the intended destination. Rollers are fitted with dual-recessed, ball bearing wheels to ensure smooth, effortless glides, while the telescoping handle fits comfortably when gripped. These innovations (and more) add to the beauty of having a 19 Degree Aluminum piece as a companion—they're beautiful, and essentially so.

The 19 Degree Aluminum Backpack is another first for TUMI.

In the latest chapter of TUMI's "Essentially Beautiful" campaign, global ambassador and pro-footballer Son Heung-Min makes a return to introduce an expansion to the 19 Degree Aluminum family. Highlighting both the aesthetics as well as the inner-workings of the series that make it essentially beautiful, the campaign is arguably TUMI's boldest yet as Son traverses an abstract world inspired by the elements of the series. His main companion of choice? A 19 Degree Aluminum Backpack that once again, sees TUMI challenging the idea of form and function.

The backpack design is a first of its kind for TUMI, allowing the already iconic luggage design to be carried in a new way. But instead of simply slapping on leather straps to the existing design, the brand reconfigured the entire construction. The leather straps of the Backpack are connected to a leather back panel—marked with the same 19 Degree contours—that's fitted with a top handle and a sleeve meant to easily slip over extended luggage handles. The Backpack itself opens up from the top with a frame opening, while a front pocket reveals itself with the push of the leather monogram patch.

19 Degree Aluminium Luggage.
19 Degree Aluminium Carry-On and Luggage.
19 Degree Aluminium Backpack.

But that's far from what TUMI has to offer. The new line-up includes a Compact Carry-On that's essentially a scaled down version of the 19 Degree Aluminum, designed for travellers who prefer something smaller. It also comes with a removable file divider, making it quite an upgrade for those looking to transport documents. If not, there's the new Briefcase that's categorically sleek at every angle yet still sturdy and durable.

Form versus function? That's certainly hardly the case here.

The new TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum series is now available at the TUMI ION Orchard, Mandarin Gallery, and Marina Bay Sands stores. And check out the other signature TUMI lifestyle bag styles too while you're at it.

The Alpha Bravo Navigation Backpack.
The Harrison Gregory Sling.
Sea Blue—a new colour to add to your collection.

If you're already feeling the blues about being officially back to work after a weekend of some intense New Year-partying (the hangover doesn't get any easier, does it?), RIMOWA is turning those emotions into something more pleasant. That's right, a few days in to 2024 and we're already getting a new colour for the RIMOWA Essential series.

Like the many other colours prior, Sea Blue takes inspiration from the myriad of destinations that a RIMOWA luggage could potentially bring one to. While the rest may have been more specific in their points of reference, Sea Blue takes a more generic approach but one that just about anyone can appreciate. The regenerative influence of the sea—pretty appropriate given the new year—inspired the soft, pastel-hued Sea Blue that's still richly saturated yet calming at the same time. It's best captured in the series of shorts lensed by Francesco Nazardo. Set against the interiors and poolside of a 1950s home located in the outskirts of Barcelona, the Sea Blue series is beautifully highlighted as a soothing accessory.

If you're already familiar with RIMOWA's Essential series, its interior remains dependable as ever albeit slightly reworked. What used to be two separate compartments divided by the brand's adjustable Flex Divider, one side is now equipped with fully zipped lining designed for more secure storage. The main compartment (where the telescopic handles are housed) is separated by the Flex Divider that's also fitted with a zipped compartment enough for small loose items.

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Aside from the main trio of the Essential collection—Cabin, Check-In L, and Trunk Plus—Sea Blue is also available in a range of travel accompaniments. A toiletry pouch and packing cubes in three different sizes complete the offering meant to help make organisation a breeze.

Question now is: Where's the destination?

The RIMOWA Essential collection in Sea Blue will be available in boutiques and online from 4 January 2024.

The dents and scuffs on an aluminium RIMOWA luggage tell stories. Like unintentional tattoos (unless you’re deliberately exerting force on your RIMOWA, which isn’t something anyone in their right mind does), they are truly individual and unique. They’re natural markings of the physical journeys it has gone through every time you boarded a coach, train, ship or plane.

“We consider scratches and dents that appear as the suitcase’s patina,” expresses RIMOWA. It’s almost unheard of that a luxury brand encourages the wear of its products, especially given how the price tag of luxury pieces conjures up a sense of preciousness. Yet, it’s a testament to the craftsmanship that the German brand applies to its landmark hardwearing luggage designs, including the industry-changing polycarbonate innovations that it pioneered in 2000.

RIMOWA’s journey of materiality is a reflection of the centuries-long evolution of travel itself. Its founding in 1898—then named after founder Paul Morszeck—was centred on luggage made of hardwearing wood cleverly constructed to be stable and lightweight. In 1937, RIMOWA launched its first aluminium trunk, an innovation inspired by the use of duralumin (a hardy and lightweight aluminium-copper alloy) in German aircraft. And with baggage weight restrictions becoming a modern travel concern, its introduction of polycarbonate as an engineered solution was nothing short of revolutionary.

There is almost an obsessive need for the brand to constantly craft out designs to solve industry-specific issues. RIMOWA, in 1976, developed waterproof cases to give photographers venturing out into unpredictable environmental conditions a reliable means to protect their equipment. One of the brand’s most iconic creations, the Pilot Case, was specifically designed with a hinge that allows it to be opened from the top to make its contents easily accessible by pilots in the cockpit. Then there were cases for violins, cases to fit one or 12 bottles of wine, poker attachés, watch cases and a slew of other pieces made for very specific functions—all to make one’s journey more seamless and elevated.

The proof is evident in the scores of individuals who have made RIMOWA part of their journeys. Its recent Seit 1898 touring exhibition showcased a number of well-used RIMOWA cases (owned mostly by noted international creatives), each marked by the numerous memories and experiences shared. Dents, scratches and even scuffed up stickers on the luggage add character to otherwise cold inanimate objects, not to mention stand as testimony to RIMOWA’s durable craftsmanship.

So serious is its commitment to ensuring each RIMOWA luggage builds a lifetime of memories, that the brand began offering a lifetime guarantee earlier this year. Luggage purchased from 25 July 2022 are now automatically protected by the brand for the entirety of its lifespan. Any functional issues that arise throughout a luggage’s life, henceforth, will be covered under this new directive. This means that aside from any cosmetic wear and tear, misuse or abuse, RIMOWA is dedicated to making sure that your luggage functions as originally intended, for as long as possible. Items outside of the brand’s regular luggage catalogue—from eyewear to tech accessories to special edition suitcases—are protected in a similar capacity for two years.

A RE-CRAFTED programme has also been introduced. While it is a sustainability-driven initiative by the brand to extend the life of pre-loved RIMOWA pieces, it can also be considered as an adoption of someone else’s memories. RE-CRAFTED pieces retain most of the original façade (dents and all) and depending on the condition of its other elements, they’re either cleaned and fixed or completely replaced to ensure that the piece is fully functional and just as reliable as a new RIMOWA piece.

There is no definitive answer to what a RE-CRAFTED piece might have gone through—the places it’s travelled, situations it’s caught in, or perhaps the number of times it’s made its way to an unintended destination (it happens). Therein lies the beauty.

What is next for RIMOWA? There’s no crystal ball to read. But if history tells us anything, the brand is probably already cooking up the next evolution of travel—experimenting and perfecting every nuance before officially releasing it to the public. It’s perhaps a seemingly endless journey for RIMOWA with its destination unknown. But then again, as they say: It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.

Everyone is familiar with Samsonite. The luggage brand that's founded in Denver, Colorado is a juggernaut in the industry, having been around for 113 years now and with a presence in over 130 countries. If you're counting, that's an expansion into more than one country per year since its founding. Impressive.

Samsonite has achieved this by successfully striking a balance between style and functionality. It's one thing to survive any journey, but doing that while being easily recognisable on the baggage claim conveyor belt and looking like a luxurious piece of accessory is no meant feat.

In celebration of the brand's achievements thus far in the luggage space and beyond, Samsonite unveils Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time. The Asia Pacific exhibition lands in Singapore for a limited time and promises to be an immersive experience in discovering the inner workings of the brand as well as its century-long heritage. With innovation constantly on the brand's horizon, Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time also gives glimpses to what's next for Samsonite.

The past

Explore Samsonite's journey in this interactive chart of its key moments.

To understand Samsonite's values and how it has evolved with time, it only makes sense to revisit its heritage. Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time features a number of archive pieces that date back to the 1930s, groundbreaking icons the like of the Streamlite, Silhouette, Oyster and 4-Wheel Spinner as well as present-day pieces such as the C-Lite, Proxis, and Evoa—all meant to serve as representations of Samsonite's evolution from luggage manufacturer to a creator of smart travel solutions. Innovation is key and visitors will discover that Samsonite has got it in spades.

The present

The "Zero Gravity" and "Discover Durability" installations.
Test drive Samsonite's suspension wheels at "Abstract Terrains".

Three thematic installations serve to highlight Samsonite's continued commitment to quality. The use of superior materials not only ensures that each Samsonite piece looks great and functions seamlessly, but also built to last. At "Zero Gravity", the Attrix and C-Lite models will be suspended to showcase their lightweight make—thanks to Roxkin™ and Curv® materials respectively—while "Discover Durability" invites visitors to put Samsonite luggage through a tumble test in order to view first-hand how they withstand force and pressure. Then there's "Abstract Terrains" where Samsonite wheels are tested on their durability and manoeuvrability over different terrains.

The future

Discover Samsonite's three upcoming releases.

Through it all, the future is where Samsonite is constantly looking towards. Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time ends with the introduction of the next stage of Samsonite's evolution through three new releases: the Evoa Z, SBL Major-Lite and New Streamlite. The Evoa Z is an evolution of one of the brand's best-selling models Evoa, with a new minimal and modern design. The SBL Major-Lite is crafted from the lightweight Curv® material and is designed especially for the modern traveller. A limited-edition collection, the New Streamlite is inspired by Samsonite's heritage Streamlite collection, combining modern stylings with timeless design.

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Destination Samsonite: Voyaging Through Time opens to the public from 1 – 4 November 2023 at 72-13 Gallery, Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007. Sign up online to visit the exhibition.

So you like to travel, big whoop. The thing is; we all have different travel styles, and take vacations for different purposes. Whether you take exploring seriously, or are the kind to lament about another overseas conference you have to attend whilst secretly rejoicing at the business class tickets (oddly specific, we know), Samsonite is your best bet when it comes to what you need. A name practically synonymous with luggage, it has a selection offering remarkable durability, impeccable style and a limited 10-year global warranty. Take your pick.

Rugged: PROXIS

All lined up like a '90s boyband. SAMSONITE

You think the countries your peers visit are overrated. You consider travel half your millennial personality, and would rather spend on experiencing the world than saving up for a house. Then you'll need the remarkable resilience of an outer shells made from RoxkinTM, a proprietary multi-layered material developed by the brand to withstand a little roughing up. Made in Europe, it has that top-notch functionality with expandable capacity and TSA® lock with kissing sliders.

  • 55cm
  • 75cm
  • 81cm
  • SGD780
  • SGD880
  • SGD980

Frequent: MINTER

Almost too cool for you. SAMSONITE

A fan of short getaways and inevitable work outposts, you're the type to flood Instagram stories with shots at the airport or on the plane. The perfect cabin companion here would be one that features a 360-degree multidirectional Aero-TracTM️ II Suspension Wheel System. With shock-absorbing suspension and built-in ball bearings mechanism, you get that seamless manoeuvrability alongside reduced noise and vibration. For eco-warriors, RECYCLEXTM️ material technology is used for the interior lining.

  • 55cm
  • 69cm
  • 75cm
  • SGD520
  • SGD580
  • SGD640


Look ma, no hands. SAMSONITE

You enjoy traveling in style. Which is also a nice way of saying you're a high-maintenance traveler, but that's probably why you seek the best with Samsonite. Literally Best of the Best winner by RedDot Award, the timeless, minimalist design comes with corner protectors, Microban®️ antimicrobial technology, and anti-theft zipper with magnetic zipper puller. Besides a laptop compartment in the front for check-in sizes, the flat top opening construction and expander maximise packing space. And get this; the Aero-TracTM️ Whirl Suspension Wheel System's brake function allows it to halt easily even when heavily loaded.

  • 55cm
  • 69cm
  • 75cm
  • SGD730
  • SGD810
  • SGD900

Samsonite PROXIS, MINTER and UNIMAX are available online and in select stores.