Which Lipault Paris Man Are You?

You're a man on the move. But, importantly, for someone who doesn't stay still, what do you carry to that next milestone?
 Joy Ling
Published: 1 September 2023

There's a George Carlin joke, about how we tend to have too much stuff. The things that matter to you; the knick-knacks you've accrued in your life, they are stored in your house. As Carlin would say, "A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it." But when you travel, "you gotta take a smaller version of your house." That, mes amis, would be your luggage. But not any old baggage; it has to be one that suits you—and aren't we all unique snowflakes in a diverse world?

Lipault Paris, a brand that's the embodiment of positivity and unbridled inhibition. They are the silent companions, that steadfast porters. No matter where you go, no matter who you are, there is a Lipault Paris bag for you.

We just have to figure out which one. Let us help.

The Creative

Clockwise from left: Bracelet, ÉLIOU. Jeans, LOEWE. Tabi lace-ups, MAISON MARGIELA. Shirt, BODE. AirPods Max, APPLE

There’s no doubt that the Plume range is classic—but not at all boring. Sleek lines and padded handles signature to the brand sign to the very penchant for intuitive travel. The quietly unconventional models lack no original standard, surpassing a thoughtfully equipped TSA lock by undergoing seven tests to ensure quality akin to its Samsonite Group level. These life explorers satisfy self-expression and a keen eye for detail through timeless nuances, from personalised tags to luggage-pairing with any smart-sleeve Lipault item. Crafted in minimalist vision yet arrayed with the freedom of colours, the urban chameleons harmonise with any silhouette. Here, imagination is an unbridled statement—pick a colour that reflects your creative spirit and conquer the world.

The Business Traveller

Clockwise from left: MacBook Air, APPLE. Blazer, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI. Pen, MONTBLANC. Tie, TOM FORD. Santos de Cartier Automatic Chronograph, CARTIER

The 24H Bag is the perfect sidekick for the fast-paced company man. Consider it as a modern briefcase primed to match an evolving workplace that would now be anything from the corporate address, the airport, a suite, or the makeshift beachfront office while allegedly working from home. The mobile carrier easily complements one constantly on the move. Where career becomes lifestyle, versatility is not up for compromise. The modern design features a main compartment that's organised into four pockets, and efficiently delivers on all tasks in 100 per cent recycled PET outer fabric and interior lining. Pro tip: pack in business essentials in the 24H Bag as a carry-on, drop-off your main luggage at the hotel concierge, and head off for meetings without missing a beat.

The Weekender

Clockwise from left: Packable tote bag, BEYOND THE VINES. Shirt, GUCCI. Sneakers, NIKE. Shorts, LORO PIANA. Skincare set, GRAIL

Like an emergency pack to dispel life’s routine monotony, the City Plume Weekender exists ready to accommodate last-minute adventures. With large pockets to encompass any destination and quick accessibility for a speedy getaway, this go-to kit breezes past conveyor belts straight out of custom gates. Suffice for the spontaneity is its reinforced twill nylon or polyurethane construct with a matte rubber finish—two strong, water-repellent fabrics that are simultaneously soft enough to maximise packing space. With a smooth shoe change made possible on its right side, no other travel buddy would be quite as flexible as the short jaunt’s itinerary.

The Family Guy

Clockwise from left: Sunglasses, OLIVER PEOPLES. Plush toy, HERMÈS. SL2 camera, LEICA. Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Chronograph, PATEK PHILIPPE. Mules, VALENTINO GARAVANI

Devoted, dependable, and a-dad-ptable, the Foldable Cabin Duffle is dedicated to the needs of the clan. The roomy piece is great for both storage and handling, transforming from a flat compact into functional baggage on two wheels in a snap. Arguably better than a backpack, the space saver effortlessly slides below the bed, over the wardrobe and even under a plane seat in compliance with airline regulations. This practical marvel comes with a sizable capacity to house items for the little or not-so-little ones, as well as a tailor-made cover to protect its portable form. Bad dad puns not included.

The E-Gamer

Clockwise from left: Powerstation Pro AC, MOPHIE. PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headset, LOGITECH. Cap, COS. Hoodie, HUGO. Razer Blade 17 laptop, RAZER

No better gear suited to the swift reflexes of virtual life than the Lost in Berlin Travel Backpack. Organised with smart compartments and an included packing cube, the lightweight bag is engineered with a laptop compartment that'll snugly fit a 17-incher. It is a lean, mean vehicle for various possessions, further enhanced with adjustable bandwidth at its peak. It is a coordinated team player, optimised for the mechanics of physical and digital realities. Taking inspiration from the underground, industrial mood of the Lost in Berlin collection, this is one style manoeuvre that’s not complex to execute. If anything, it’s only clever strategy.

Find the full range of Lipault's travel and lifestyle pieces here

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