Esquire 10: The Artful Edit

Form versus function—why settle for one over the other when there are objet d’art creations that work just as well as they look?
Published: 23 October 2023

1. Tiffany Lock bangle in white gold with full pavé diamonds, TIFFANY & CO.

The Tiffany Lock is quickly becoming Tiffany & Co.’s latest signature, and it’s not difficult to see why. The simplicity of its design echoes its other creations like the Tiffany T and HardWear series, with the ingenuity of a new clasp that functions quite like a padlock. This particular iteration is crafted from white gold and dressed in brilliant diamonds all around to satiate any magpie tendencies.

2. Baguette pouch, FENDI

You may already be familiar with Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag, but how are you with its recently released Baguette pouch? It is made from sheepskin that is constructed to look like a baguette and fitted with a leather strap for crossbody carry. While it is ostensibly conceived for humour, it’s actually quite roomy, so you’ll be able fit in an actual French baguette for a post-workout snack.

3. Starwalker SpaceBlue metal fountain pen, MONTBLANC

A pen isn’t simply a pen when it’s made by Montblanc. It is often a work of art in its own right, owing to craftsmanship developed since 1906. This fountain pen version of the Starwalker SpaceBlue is coated in dark ruthenium and features an intricate line artwork that recalls the Widmanstätten Pattern—the naturally occurring crystalline structure found in iron meteorites.

4. Brushed leather tote bag with water bottle, PRADA

Prada’s continuous riff on uniformity culminates in a function-first tote bag that’s almost futuristic in concept. The idea may be simple—an included thermos flask is fitted with straps that allow it to sit tight inside—but cleverly distills the essentials of an office professional down to two simple items. And the metallic detailing on the exterior? It's an artful way to incorporate an industrial motif.


Acclaimed fashion designer Haider Ackermann adds his fashion-forward touch to the self-care experience of putting on Augustinus Bader’s moisturising The Rich Cream. The limited edition collaboration sees Ackermann transforming the Nomad vessel into an all-chrome iteration that looks ultra luxurious and modern while allowing the user a moment of narcissistic pleasure.

6. BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze watch, BELL & ROSS

Bell & Ross’ emblematic Cyber Skull watch gets a full bronze treatment. Set against a black rubber strap, the contrast is stunning, beautifully highlighting the facets on the case and dial. The timepiece is a limited edition run of only 500 pieces, and because the alloy used evolves over time, each watch is destined to be truly unique to its wearer.

7. Temple des Mousses refillable candle, DIPTYQUE

Diptyque’s Les Mondes de Diptyque series of refillable candles is a brilliant concept housed within a monolith-like glass sculpture. It’s a departure from the more maximalist designs that we’re used to from the brand—the signature Diptyque typeface appears only on the cap—but the elegant design could very well fit into a wide range of interior aesthetics. And because they’re refillable, you’d get more use out of one too.

8. Porcelain lamp, GENEVIEVE ANG

Singaporean artist Genevieve Ang makes porcelain sculptures and objects that don’t take on typical, run-of-the-mill shapes. This two-tiered design is a lamp that fits a light bulb right in the middle but hidden from view such that the glow that’s emitted appears to emanate from an organic form. The carefully thought-out design also means that it makes an exquisite piece of art even when it is not lit.

9. Porcelain trinket trays, CARTIER

True objets d’art, Cartier’s quartet of Limoges porcelain trinket trays are meant to hold small bits and bobs one would typically have lying around the house. They each are adorned with a Cartier character (including its iconic bellboy) so there’s hardly any fault in leaving them completely bare, topping off a stack of art books or arranged in grid formation as a centrepiece on a coffee table.

10. Patent leather boots, SAINT LAURENT

We hardly get to say that the sex is in the heel when it comes to men’s footwear, but it may very well be the case with these Saint Laurent patent leather boots. Pay no mind to the height of the heels—they are shaped as chunky blocks for stability and support. Wear them with wide a pair of legged trousers or your favourite suit to—quite literally—elevate the entire look.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Michelle Kok
Photography Assistants: Justin Neo and Natalie Dykes

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