What I’ve Learnt: Kirk Hammett

22 May 2024
Lead guitarist of Metallica, 61

Unpopular Opinion: Democracy is Kinda Dangerous?

20 May 2024
But not the political kind

Is Sneaker Culture Dead?

17 May 2024
Too many drops. Boring colourways. No imagination. Sneaker culture might just have hyped itself out the game

What I've Learnt: Deepak Chopra

14 May 2024
Writer, guru, alternative medicine advocate; 77

The Future of Music Consumption is Taking Shape

10 May 2024
Oscar Collins, founder and editor-in-chief of Modded, on how the future of music consumption will look like

I’m Healthier Since I Cancelled My Gym Membership

9 May 2024
James Wong, travel writer, on how going to the gym was not necessarily making him healthier

A Matter of Taste: Sound Healing

8 May 2024
Men’s self-care, wellness and mental health therapy come in many forms, our columnist discovers

A Matter of Taste: Uncommon Threads

2 May 2024
Street style inspiration needn’t be gleaned only from the avenues of fashion capitals, our columnist suggests

What I’ve Learnt: Dan Aykroyd

24 April 2024
Actor, comedian, director, musician, 71

Unpopular Opinion: All Celebrities Are Overrated

23 April 2024
And this isn’t even a fresh notion

The Sense Of An Ending

16 April 2024
For Esquire columnist Jonathan Seidler, death had always seemed like a distant concept. But when he lost his father and then his neighbour, the only…

A Matter of Taste: It’s Better to Give

24 March 2024
Opening this issue dedicated to the spirit of giving, our columnist looks at conscious luxury, lavish philanthropy and youthful lingo
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