1. Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams necklace and link bracelet in yellow gold with diamonds, TIFFANY & CO.

Pharrell Williams made waves when he was spotted with a custom pair of Tiffany & Co. sunglasses (a stunner totalling 25 carats worth of diamonds). Now that they’re both part of the LVMH family, a proper collaboration only made sense. The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection is iced out with diamonds against spear-shaped links that reference the Atlantean King—both an ode to his love of water as well as the neighbourhood he grew up in.

2. The Ultimate S Enriched Water, SULWHASOO

The basis of the Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Enriched Water’s vessel is the porcelain white moon jars originating from the Joseon dynasty. The design mirrors the phases of the moon and symbolises the reawakening of skin vitality with The Ultimate S Enriched Water. What is more of a full-circle experience than having age-defying skin, right?

3. Galaxy Watch6, 44mm armor aluminum case with fluoroelastomer strap, SAMSUNG

Smart or not, the function of a watch remains the same—tell time and save you time. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 does both and more with its enhanced sleep-tracking capabilities—all in one single device—that aid in ensuring you’re getting the best rest at night so you’re energised in the mornings. The Watch6 is also equipped with a larger display and is thinner in size for maximum comfort.

4. Horsebit loafers, GUCCI

As part of creative director Sabato De Sarno’s first menswear collection for Gucci, the iconic Horsebit loafers get a contemporary update. Chunky soles and Gucci-branded hardware right at the toe lend a punk sensibility that’s both a question and an answer to how he sees the House: Gucci is Gucci.

5. Swirl cup, STTOKE

Is there a better way than how you’re taking your coffee? Sttoke thinks so. Just like how one would swirl a glass of wine, Sttoke’s Swirl cup is meant to heighten the taste of your favourite brew. The two-layered design gently mixes coffee layers evenly with each swirl so that each sip makes for a balanced one. Aromatic molecules that are released are directed for a more all-encompassing coffee-drinking experience. Also, if you’re a klutz, the ceramic Swirl cup is reassuringly shatterproof.

6. 22-Year-Old Speyside single malt whisky, LONGMORN

Celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, Longmorn doubles down by sticking to its guns in its dedication to refinement and flavour. With its commitment to producing single malt whiskies that are matured for no less than 18 years, this 22-Year-Old goes beyond the years with a flavour profile that is a rich balance of hazelnut praline and signature toffee.

7. Quatre Classic large ring in 18K yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and brown PVD with yellow sapphires, spessartite garnets, and diamonds, BOUCHERON

Considering how iconic the Quatre series is to Boucheron, it’s surprising to know that it has only been around for 20 years. This special milestone piece is the most precious iteration yet with rows of precious stones and PVD to reimagine the four distinct codes of the Quatre. It’s a knockout of a piece but yet something you’d easily wear on the daily.

8. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Solar Lavender eau de toilette, ISSEY MIYAKE PARFUMS

Lavender is one of the oldest ingredients in perfumery and continues to be reimagined. Issey Miyake Parfums’ latest interpretation dials down the typically powdery sweet nature of lavender with Sichuan pepper and cedarwood for a warm and dry fragrance. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Solar Lavender is concocted with ethically sourced lavenders from Provence so you know they’re primo.

9. Puzzle Fold tote, LOEWE

Loewe’s Puzzle design has quickly become at the forefront of contemporary bag designs. The brand takes it up a few notches with its latest Puzzle Fold tote bag that is crafted from multicoloured raffia. The structural integrity of the design holds thanks to expert raffia-weaving, yet what’s even more amazing is the fact that the bag is still able to pack flat without any force necessary. Now, that’s craft.

10. B27 low-top sneakers, DIOR MEN

The Oblique motif continues to be one that the house and its roster of creative directors return to. In its latest expression, the Dior Gravity Leather, takes the form of an all-leather rendition of the B27 sneakers. The Dior Gravity Leather is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the leather construction that it’s a case of IYKYK.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman
Photography Assistants: Ng Kai Ming and Nowo Kasturi
Styling Assistant: Erica Zheng

1. The Rich shampoo and The Rich conditioner, AUGUSTINUS BADER

Augustinus Bader is known for its potent, science-backed skincare, and now it is extending the cellular- renewing magic of its proprietary TFC8 tech to hair. An upgrade from its predecessor, The Rich shampoo and conditioner work in tandem to revive hair that’s extra-dry, heat-damaged, coloured and/or breakage-prone. Essentially, you’d have a mane like this handsome boy pictured.

2. Backpack, BERLUTI

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this backpack. This work of art is part of Berluti’s Toujours Soft series. Crafted from Venezia leather, it cuts a rather structured profile but feels incredibly soft (and not to mention, light). The softness also gives the backpack potential to be even more pliable with age. The Scritto-decorated exterior also lends a classic gentlemanly air that’s contrasted with the contemporary top-handle-backpack hybrid.

3. Vetiver Le Parfum, Habit Rouge Le Parfum, and L’homme Idéal Le Parfum, GUERLAIN

Because ideas of what makes a man have changed over the decades, it makes perfect sense for Guerlain to update some of its signature men’s fragrances. Perfumer Delphine Jelk sought inspiration from the world of spirits, transforming Vetiver, Habit Rouge, and L’Homme Idéal into eau de parfums reminiscent of infused gin, bourbon and amaretto respectively. The intensities are heightened thanks to a selection of concentrated ingredients; each of the fragrances is seductive in its own way.

4. Shoes, ZEGNA

How does one create leather shoes that feel buttery-soft on your feet? Zegna achieves it with the use of leather typically reserved for making gloves. Not only is the leather durable and extremely light and airy, the glove leather-tanning process gives it a form- retaining capability that heightens the luxurious feel of the Zegna Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN shoes. Your feet will thank you.

5. Elite 8 Active earbuds, JABRA

Jabra boasts that its Elite 8 Active earbuds are the world’s toughest and it’s easy to understand why. They are US Military-tested to be dustproof; completely waterproof (with the added boon of being saltwater-proof), and fitted with the Jabra ShakeGrip tech to keep your ear buds in place no matter what activity you engage in.

6. Home Collection, River Spey Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, THE MACALLAN

Say hello to the second release in The Macallan Home Collection. This particular expression is a hearty mix of sultana, rich velvety butterscotch, toasted oak, chocolate and nutmeg for that characteristically sweet and fruity palate of the Spey. But beyond the whisky, each bottle comes with a set of three limited-edition giclée prints by artist Michelle Lucking to visually transport you to the natural beauty of The Macallan's home.

7. 1080V13 trainers, NEW BALANCE

It’s all in the foam with this one. The New Balance 1080V13 is fitted with a thick rubber outsole to help increase its durability in high-wear areas. There’s also its midsole that’s made for incredible comfort thanks to its bio-based Fresh Foam X material. There’s no doubt you’d be able to breeze through your daily training runs in these without needing to worry about post-run aches.

8. Aerospace B70 Orbiter, 43mm titanium case with rubber strap, BREITLING

Twenty-five years ago, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones were the first to circle the globe nonstop in a hot air balloon. Their timepiece of choice? Breitling’s Orbiter 3, clocking in 45,633km in 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes. To commemorate that incredible feat, the Aerospace B70 Orbiter is dressed with an orange dial reminiscent of the balloon’s capsule and marked with the mission logo. A piece of the original balloon is also embedded within the watch itself, visible through the open caseback—a piece of history in your hand, literally, to remind you of the indomitable human spirit.

9. Scarf, LORO PIANA

We cannot tell you just how soft Loro Piana cashmere is—it is something you will just have to experience for yourself. This fringed cashmere scarf will keep you warm, whether in an air-conditioned setting or during a winter vacay. It’s that luxe feel that’s akin to being snuggled up by a fluffy kitty. Oh, and that circular gold logo adornment adds a rather spiffy touch too.

10. Hammerschlag Cabin suitcase, RIMOWA

We are all familiar with RIMOWA’s signature grooved detailing on its suitcases and accessories by now. But dig deeper into the brand’s archives and you would find the Hammerschlag (the German word for “hammer hit”) that predates the grooves. RIMOWA brought back the textured, polished aluminium series for a limited edition collection. This time, updating it with modern travel functionalities, so that it’s perfect for when you want to escape the rigours of life for a bit.

Photography: Jayden Tan
Styling: Asri Jasman
Digital Imaging and Retouching: Nguyen Tien Phuc
Photography Assistants: Aisyah Hisham and Brian Neo
Special thanks to Cat Paradise

1. Change tray, HERMÈS

A tray to put random knickknacks on doubles up as a piece of art with this version by Hermès. The printed design—a chromolitograph applied by hand to the porcelain—is referred to as “La Maison des Carrés” and depicts the process of creating a silk scarf. From design to its final destination in the boutique, every room in the maison is beautifully illustrated with clear visibility and intricate details.

2. Rodeo bag, BALENCIAGA

Here’s the thing: no additional styling was involved in making the Rodeo bag camera-ready. The Balenciaga creation comes with two sets of magpie-esque charms to immediately add character to an otherwise plain black bag. Why? Well, it’s a prevailing Gen Z trend where bags get decorated with a multitude of charms as a way of showcasing one’s individuality. It’s rather cheekily playful, no?


Because talking about emotions (or sometimes just talking) can be a struggle, We’re Not Really Strangers serves to ease into conversations through three levels of questions and wildcards. The aim of the card game is to empower meaningful connections with existing relationships or create new ones with someone you’re just getting to know. And at the end of it, who knows, you may actually discover things about yourself or others you never would’ve thought of to ask.

4. Silk belt bag, HERMÈS

Silk carrés are one of many things that are synonymous with Hermès, so it makes perfect sense for the Maison to create a bag out of one. The Banasilk—named after the Eperon d’Or Bandana design that it bears—is the first silk bag for the men’s universe and employs leather as its adjustable belt. Wear this as a fanny pack or a crossbody—either way, your items will remain secure as it’s cleverly designed with a zipped compartment that faces the interior.

5. Sandals, HERMÈS

The Chypre sandals is undoubtedly an Hermès classic. While it has been through many different variations over the years—shearling-lined, studded, and even crafted out of Himalayan crocodile—nothing beats the timelessness of Epsom calfskin. This particular two-tone iteration plays up the summer feels for a pair you’d want to take to every resort you’ll be hitting over the summer holidays.

6. Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, 42mm steel case with steel bracelet, OMEGA

You know a timepiece is significant when it’s pictured months before release on a man as iconic as Daniel Craig, and sent the interwebs in a flurry. For the first time, a steel Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional is rendered with a glossy white lacquer dial and with black hands and markers for ultimate legibility. In short, a handsome timepiece to covet.

7. 19 Degree Aluminum backpack, TUMI

If you’ve ever felt that your backpack could do with a protective boost, look no further than TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminum backpack. It’s crafted from super solid aircraft-grade aluminium, which means that it’s rather hefty at slightly over 4.5kg but you can’t deny that it’s a pretty good-looking design. We highly doubt anyone in public would dare attempt to stealthily steal something from you—it’s that secure.

8. Yoyo, HERMÈS

Do you need an Hermès yoyo? Not really. Should you care for one? Perhaps. Instead of a traditional yoyo, Hermès reappropriated the wheels of its R.M.S luggage, transmuting them into a functional yoyo. Sure, it’s frivolous in nature yet at the same time, an excellent example of the Maison’s artisanship aside from its beloved leather goods and ready-to-wear.

9. Meisterstück The Origin Collection Doué Classique fountain pen, MONTBLANC

“Meisterstück” means “masterpiece” in German and that’s what one gets with the Montblanc fountain pen. The Meisterstück celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with a range of new designs. This particular edition consists of a gold-coated cap with a lacquered archive pattern in green. The pen’s nib is also crafted from solid gold for a truly rich overall contrast that’ll make writing a luxurious experience.

10. Force 10 bracelet in white gold with blue topaz, FRED

The existence of the Force 10 bracelet is in itself a measure of FRED’s playful ideology—a combination of a braided steel sailing cable with a buckle. This large version takes cues from its nautical roots with a blue cord that’s further emphasised with 64 brilliant topaz set on a white gold buckle.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman

1. Trinity rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, CARTIER

It has been a century since the Cartier Trinity series was first created, and the three-band style has remained an enduring icon since. The Trinity has seen multiple iterations throughout the years but the tri-gold combination is the truest representation of its spirit—now available in an XL version for an even bolder expression.


It’s made entirely out of recycled ocean-bound plastics from Indonesia, and fixing it is idiotproof, as its name suggests. You won’t need complicated tools or glue. Simply connect the five pieces and you have your very own stable stool put together with your own hands. At the end of its lifespan, the pieces can easily be dismantled and put up for recycling—circularity at its easiest.

3. Baseball cap, CELINE

The baseball cap is a wardrobe staple, whether as part of one’s style or deployed on days when the hair isn’t cooperating. Celine’s iteration possesses a retro charm with a denim wash that’s as striking as it is timeless. It’s a simple design that doesn’t deviate much from traditional baseball caps... but therein lies the charm—why reinvent the wheel when a slight tweak changes the game?

4. Memento V3 sunglasses, GENTLE MONSTER

You can count on finding avant-garde styles at Gentle Monster any day. This pair of Memento V3 sunglasses, however, traipses the line between futuristic and familiar. The goggle shape is a reimagined classic, rendered in a modern violet hue with added metal detailing on the temples—a bold piece that’s easily wearable.

5. Speedy bag, LOUIS VUITTON

Pharrell Williams’ update of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is crafted from supple grained calfskin and lined with lambskin. So soft is the construction that there’s a drape to the overall silhouette. They are also available in a range of vibrant colours that are unapologetically in-your-face—a defiant swing at any mention of quiet luxury.

6. Cordon Bleu Limited Edition, MARTELL

Made in collaboration with designer Vincent Darré, the Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition gets a vibrant and uplifting design to the bottle. Darré created an allegory in which the Martell iconic swift bears the universal message of warmth and generosity. Such a message certainly calls for a round of drinks with friends.

7. Kelly Multipocket To Go bag, HERMÈS

Hermès pulls off a truly playful accessory as it mixes the distinctive Kelly swivel clasp with the Kelly Multipocket To Go. With its multitude of compartments, everything can be kept organised in a bento-esque manner. The piece also comes with a versatile adjustable strap for two wearing styles: vertically and horizontally.

8. Knight bag, BURBERRY

The slouchy Burberry Knight Bag is one of many signifiers under Daniel Lee’s era at the brand. A metal horse-shaped clip—a clever way of integrating the Equestrian Knight motif—attaches to two different parts of the bag, giving you the option to alter the shape according to whim.

9. Buffalo loafers, DIOR MEN

Even a house as storied as Dior continues to add new branded motifs to its design vocabulary. A new circular logo acts as the centrepiece to the Buffalo loafers—a chunky, rubber-soled piece as part of the Dior Men Summer 2024 collection. This variation further exemplifies how something as traditional as tweed, can be reimagined into a contemporary piece.

10. Marq Golfer - Carbon Edition, 46mm fused carbon fibre case with rubber strap, GARMIN

Need better assistance on the green? The MARQ Golfer smartwatch may just be better than a caddy. Designed specifically for golfing, it is preloaded with engineered features that include recommendations of the types of club to use depending on the weather, as well as how best to approach each shot. Do it, embrace AI.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman

1. Black Bowmore DB5 1964, BOWMORE AND ASTON MARTIN

How does luxury taste? Perhaps, much like the Black Bowmore DB5 1964. Bowmore’s limited release in collaboration with Aston Martin is a rare single malt whisky that offers an intense marriage of ripe exotic fruits with a heady combination of coffee and tobacco smoke. And even if you intend on saving the spirit for special occasions, the exceptional vessel would look striking as part of any collection.

2. Santos-Dumont, 43.5mm steel case with yellow gold on alligator strap, CARTIER

Black, blue and white dials present classic appeal that won’t look out of place in any setting, it’s true. But let this grey-dial Santos-Dumont open you up to an underrated option. The yellow gold accent on the bezel goes handsomely with the grey dial, lifting the shine reflected by the sunray effect and conferring elegance on the whole watch together. There’s no question this is a stunner.

3. Gemini II True Wireless earbuds, DEVIALET

Imagine the power of a Devialet speaker but poured into a tiny, portable packaging—that’s the second generation of the the brand’s Gemini series. The new upgrade promises a deeper acoustic experience with a new Active Wind Reduction technology that serves to actively block out wind noise. Of course, that’s coupled with active noise cancellation too. And is there a better looking, sophisticated design out there than this? We doubt so.

4. B27 low-top sneakers, DIOR MEN

Not many sneakers by luxury fashion houses have managed to combine their respective house codes into a single design without looking forced or even tacky. Dior Men’s B27 successfully incorporates signature Dior elements—the CD Icon, Oblique motif, and a number of logos—all the while retaining the feel of a contemporary sneaker. This blue-and-white colourway is also a classic combination that makes for an easy staple to pair with just about any outfit.

5. Tie, HERMÈS

The tie isn’t dead; you’re just not wearing the right one. This cheeky design by Hermès nods to its equestrian heritage while also adding some levity to a typically formal accessory. Interpret it however you want—reneging against formal dress codes or the idea of a nine-to-five workday—but we all instantly know it is destined to become a beloved conversation starter.

6. Spinner BT turntable, JBL

Marrying modern technology with the timeless, unparallelled quality of vinyls, JBL’s Spinner BT turntable ensures that your favourite records sound as crisp as they’re made to be. The device’s Bluetooth capabilities uses aptX HD encoding to ensure a reduction in any audio distortion while the sound is transmitted to any wireless speakers or headphones. In other words, drowning down the noise after a long day is now made even more sonically splendid.

7. Lavande 31 eau de parfum, LE LABO

Forget what you think you know about lavender as a scent. Le Labo’s latest Lavande 31 eau de parfum challenges the typically sweet and powdery connotations of lavender by adding bergamot and neroli essential oils to a vertical distillation of lavender flower buds. This reveals lavender at its purest form and the result is a fragrance that’s dirty in nature with a heavy emphasis on musk and amber.

8. Coin cardholder, LOEWE X SUNA FUJITA

With digital wallets fast becoming mainstream, physical wallets are naturally downsizing. This leather cardholder by Loewe features a Suna Fujita illustrated motif that’s not only beautiful, but expertly applied into the design though a leather intarsia technique. The piece itself is convenient with four card slots and a zip compartment that has room enough for coins to buy more than two coffee takeaways.

9. N3 flip phone, OPPO

It’s really for the nostalgia. The flip phones of the noughties were a vibe; nothing felt quite as satisfying as flipping the phone shut after an infuriating call to make a point. Oppo’s N3 flip phone will afford you that same experience and more. The best thing about the N3 is that even when its folded like a clamshell, the vertical cover screen is functional with a host of features that you won’t necessarily have to flip open the phone for basic functions. And when it’s opened up, it’s a seamless 6.8-inch screen with brilliant colour and clarity.

10. Backpack, TOD’S

Functional, supple and incredibly lightweight, Tod’s latest iteration of a multi-compartment backpack is easily one of the best we’ve seen this year. Reminiscent of a camping backpack, the backpack is made from hardwearing fabric with the addition of panels of leather. The silver metal hardware complements the design beautifully, adding sophistication to a rugged silhouette. There are a number of colours for the design but this green variation gets our nod.

11. Candle, PRADA

Any fan of Prada will be glad to know that the luxury fashion brand has released a more extensive homeware collection in Singapore. An easy early entry into Prada’s lifestyle creations is a scented candle housed within a porcelain vessel. Not only is the scent—lavender, if you’re wondering—subtle and inviting, the vessel is also decorated with Prada’s fairy motif that was part of its Spring/Summer 2008 womenswear collection.

12. Distinct cabin suitcase, RIMOWA

After aluminium and polycarbonate, RIMOWA has revealed a leather-fronted line. But before the brand introduced its revolutionary aluminium series, leather was its material of choice. The new Distinct cabin suitcase is crafted from leather that’s wrapped around a solid structure shaped with the signature grooves of a RIMOWA. The corners are reinforced with aluminium in a tonal navy treatment for a seamless and sophisticated look.

Photography: Jayden Tan
Digital Imaging and Retouching: Nguyen Tien Phuc
Photography Assistant: Aisyah Hisham

1. Necklace, VERSACE

This isn’t the most extravagant necklace by the brand, but considering its size—and it weighs a mere 17g—quite a lot is packed into the pendant. The centrepiece is an elegantly cut turquoise flanked by the brand’s Greca motif and inscribed in the Versace logo type. And of course, in classic Versace gold.

2. Sunglasses, BOTTEGA VENETA

Big, oversized shades hardly go out of style. This pair by Bottega Veneta offers a familiar silhouette in acetate but piles on a trio of clashing elements. The signature green frame is trimmed with gold accents and finished with slightly tinted lenses that lend a ’70s air. It’s time to embrace that Miami Vice vibe perhaps.

3. Vra Vra Vroom, Liquid of Love and Kiss of Bliss eau de parfums, PENHALIGON’S

Penhaligon’s latest Potions and Remedies collection of fragrances is designed with your well-being in mind. Each fragrance is crafted from botanicals that uplift your mood. The flacons themselves are a delight to behold—resembling old-timey potion bottles complete with eye-catching names.

4. McLaren Racing Tennessee Whiskey, JACK DANIEL’S

The irony of a Formula One racing team partnering an alcohol brand is not lost on anyone. The latest is between McLaren Racing and Jack Daniel’s in the form of a limited edition Tennessee Whiskey bottle that represents both brands visually. Celebrate to the max after a win. But never drink and drive, of course.

5. Oiva teapot, MARIMEKKO

A clean, minimalist aesthetic comes to mind when anyone mentions Marimekko. Yet its Oiva teapot is maximalist by Scandinavian standards—a statement piece for any home. The body features a graphic pattern by Maija Louekari, featuring linked irregular dots that clash at points for a subtly disruptive visual.

6. The Amazing Loubi Loafers, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN X MARVEL

Christian Louboutin makes the most maximalist shoes for men. A collaboration with Marvel sees the Amazing Loubi loafer dressed in patent leather, treated with a starry effect and embellished with gunmetal hardware inspired by Marvel’s Moon Knight character. It also bears the signature red line on the lug sole.

7. Superbusy XS sling bag, BALENCIAGA

How many compartments do you need on a bag? The XS version of its aptly named Superbusy bag offers external compartments across its front, sides and shoulder strap, many with designated purposes, including one specifically for AirPods Pro. It’s proof that you can never have too many compartments.


Nothing is too much when it comes to protecting your hands from the winter chill. The Moncler x adidas glove offers optimal defence with a down construction and an inner sock layer that extends up the arm for enhanced grip and insulation. The bright hue makes it perfect for snow activities. You won’t lose this one easily.

9. Vanguard Beach Watch 41mm glass fibre composite case with fabric strap, FRANCK MULLER

It’s hard to ignore Franck Muller’s Vanguard Beach. The Vanguard already packs a punch with its big, bold numerals; but the Vanguard Beach takes it up several notches with a striking design that resembles ripples in the sand. The strap fastens with Velcro for convenience and a carefree beach vibe.

10. Vanilla Flower, CEDRIC GROLET

Known for his trompe-lœil confections, French pâtissier Cedric Grolet has set up shop in Singapore—his first outside Europe. This Vanilla Flower is one of his visually simpler creations, but as its name suggests, packs a quartet of vanilla-infused flavours. Eating it is one truly decadent experience.

Photography: Danial Mirza
Styling: Asri Jasman
Photography Assistant: Chuen Kah Jun
Additional Images: Getty Images

1. Tiffany Lock bangle in white gold with full pavé diamonds, TIFFANY & CO.

The Tiffany Lock is quickly becoming Tiffany & Co.’s latest signature, and it’s not difficult to see why. The simplicity of its design echoes its other creations like the Tiffany T and HardWear series, with the ingenuity of a new clasp that functions quite like a padlock. This particular iteration is crafted from white gold and dressed in brilliant diamonds all around to satiate any magpie tendencies.

2. Baguette pouch, FENDI

You may already be familiar with Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag, but how are you with its recently released Baguette pouch? It is made from sheepskin that is constructed to look like a baguette and fitted with a leather strap for crossbody carry. While it is ostensibly conceived for humour, it’s actually quite roomy, so you’ll be able fit in an actual French baguette for a post-workout snack.

3. Starwalker SpaceBlue metal fountain pen, MONTBLANC

A pen isn’t simply a pen when it’s made by Montblanc. It is often a work of art in its own right, owing to craftsmanship developed since 1906. This fountain pen version of the Starwalker SpaceBlue is coated in dark ruthenium and features an intricate line artwork that recalls the Widmanstätten Pattern—the naturally occurring crystalline structure found in iron meteorites.

4. Brushed leather tote bag with water bottle, PRADA

Prada’s continuous riff on uniformity culminates in a function-first tote bag that’s almost futuristic in concept. The idea may be simple—an included thermos flask is fitted with straps that allow it to sit tight inside—but cleverly distills the essentials of an office professional down to two simple items. And the metallic detailing on the exterior? It's an artful way to incorporate an industrial motif.


Acclaimed fashion designer Haider Ackermann adds his fashion-forward touch to the self-care experience of putting on Augustinus Bader’s moisturising The Rich Cream. The limited edition collaboration sees Ackermann transforming the Nomad vessel into an all-chrome iteration that looks ultra luxurious and modern while allowing the user a moment of narcissistic pleasure.

6. BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze watch, BELL & ROSS

Bell & Ross’ emblematic Cyber Skull watch gets a full bronze treatment. Set against a black rubber strap, the contrast is stunning, beautifully highlighting the facets on the case and dial. The timepiece is a limited edition run of only 500 pieces, and because the alloy used evolves over time, each watch is destined to be truly unique to its wearer.

7. Temple des Mousses refillable candle, DIPTYQUE

Diptyque’s Les Mondes de Diptyque series of refillable candles is a brilliant concept housed within a monolith-like glass sculpture. It’s a departure from the more maximalist designs that we’re used to from the brand—the signature Diptyque typeface appears only on the cap—but the elegant design could very well fit into a wide range of interior aesthetics. And because they’re refillable, you’d get more use out of one too.

8. Porcelain lamp, GENEVIEVE ANG

Singaporean artist Genevieve Ang makes porcelain sculptures and objects that don’t take on typical, run-of-the-mill shapes. This two-tiered design is a lamp that fits a light bulb right in the middle but hidden from view such that the glow that’s emitted appears to emanate from an organic form. The carefully thought-out design also means that it makes an exquisite piece of art even when it is not lit.

9. Porcelain trinket trays, CARTIER

True objets d’art, Cartier’s quartet of Limoges porcelain trinket trays are meant to hold small bits and bobs one would typically have lying around the house. They each are adorned with a Cartier character (including its iconic bellboy) so there’s hardly any fault in leaving them completely bare, topping off a stack of art books or arranged in grid formation as a centrepiece on a coffee table.

10. Patent leather boots, SAINT LAURENT

We hardly get to say that the sex is in the heel when it comes to men’s footwear, but it may very well be the case with these Saint Laurent patent leather boots. Pay no mind to the height of the heels—they are shaped as chunky blocks for stability and support. Wear them with wide a pair of legged trousers or your favourite suit to—quite literally—elevate the entire look.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Michelle Kok
Photography Assistants: Justin Neo and Natalie Dykes

1. Bolide Shark bag accessory, HERMÈS

First seen on the Autumn/Winter 2016 menswear runway, the Hermès Bolide Shark makes a return seven years later. This time it’s been shrunk to the size of a bag charm with the shark’s teeth-baring smile appearing as playfully menacing as ever. It could probably fit a few coins and some keys if you need, but amusing design—coupled with Hermès craftsmanship—takes priority over functionality with this one.

2. Coffee machine, MORNING

Think of the Morning Machine as an automated professional coffee maker. It’s been thoughtfully designed to maximise the extraction and flavour in every brew—no matter the capsules used. The design is sleek with an interactive interface that allows one to customise settings ranging from brewing methods to temperature and amount of water used. Or simply select from a gamut of built-in recipes created by baristas from specialty roasteries the world over, to experience artisanal coffee right in the comfort of your own home.

3. Perfumed soaps set, CELINE

There’s decadent and then there’s Celine perfumed soap level of decadence. Does anyone actually need soaps infused with Hedi Slimane’s curation of olfactory sensations for Celine? Maybe not, but if you’re already a fan of the scents, the soaps enhance the experience, packaged in a dodecagon shape topped with the Celine Triomphe motif. It’s a throwback to bar soaps and helps to promote a more sensorial routine, whether that’s for washing your hands or body.


We’re getting ready for hat season once again. It’s still somewhat cold down south and getting colder in some parts of the world—a good time to have some sartorial fun with hats. Zegna’s collaboration with Los Angeles-based The Elder Statesman revolves around the former’s traceable Oasi Cashmere material, which only means that everything’s made from carefully sourced cashmere of the highest quality. This bucket hat will keep you warm, no doubt, but will also add panache to any fit.

5. Mini Shield Sling bag, BURBERRY

It’s all about being a first adopter with this one. The mini Shield Sling bag is one of Daniel Lee’s first designs for Burberry, named after the shield seen on the brand’s revived Equestrian Knight Design logo. It’s definitely on the small side but with almost everything now available in a digital wallet on your mobile device, no one needs to carry much around these days. The bell charm is a curious addition and thankfully, is not designed with a ball bearing inside to jingle with every movement.

6. Daily SPF 50++++, GRAIL

If it hasn’t been said enough: sunblock is essential. Even if you’re not interested in skincare (it is 2023 though, gents), at least slap on some sunblock on your face. Grail’s Daily SPF has a formulation that feels more like a serum so the skin feels hydrated without experiencing any stickiness associated with most sunblocks. It’s also free from harmful chemicals, leaves no white cast residue and is water-resistant—perfect for everyday sunny conditions.

7. OBOE 01 sunglasses, GENTLE MONSTER

Gentle Monster may be better known for its futuristic designs but its more classic offerings take on a similar slant while remaining wearable in day-to- day settings. The OBOE 01 for example, features a slight cat-eye shape that differentiates it from other sunglasses of its ilk. It’s also set against a black acetate frame that is multifaceted for an elevated design language.

8. 1984 by George Orwell (Anniversary Edition), PENGUIN BOOKS

This seminal work of fiction by George Orwell is a perennial favourite. Not only does it deal with themes that remain relatable to this day—mind-blowing considering that it was originally published in 1949—1984 changed culture by popularising terms the likes of “Big Brother” and “Thought Police”. This anniversary edition features stunning cover artwork by Jon Gray that catches the eye on the shelf as well as on the commute.


The Maison Margiela Tabis are perhaps one of the most contentious pair of shoes out there—you either love them or hate them. This new-in-season lace-up version takes the crazy down a few notches. It’s a familiar derby silhouette—save for the split-toe design, of course—fitted with a chunky cleated sole that grounds the entire look together. Wear a pair with pretty much anything and we guarantee you would at least be given credit for the brave footwear choice.

10. Gig XL speaker, KLIPSCH

Packing eight hours of battery life on a single full charge—and at full volume too—Kipsch’s Gig XL portable speaker is one mighty audio companion. It weighs slightly more than 4kg but is easily portable without getting in the way. And because it’s splash-proof, those pool parties are about to go harder than before. Oh and did we mention the speaker also lights up in multiple colour modes to dance to whatever tunes you have on the party playlist.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman
Photography Assistant: Chuen Kah Jun

1. SL2 camera, LEICA 

The iconic red logo unmistakably identifies the camera as a Leica. But beyond that signifier, a Leica camera is well respected for its exceptional quality, outstanding lenses, and user-friendly design. The SL2 camera doesn’t disappoint. As the only mirrorless full-frame camera, it has a customisable interface and the ability to shoot up to 187 megapixels—perfect for capturing picture-perfect moments.

2. Dyson Zone Absolute+ headphones, DYSON

The Dyson Zone Absolute+ extends the company’s endeavour to add ground breaking design to everyday items. Its entry into the sound space looks like something from Mortal Kombat. The headphones are packed with advanced noise-cancelling capabilities and a full audio spectrum, allowing you to experience the highs and lows of any playlist. But it’s the first-of-its-kind detachable filtration system that sets it apart. The electrostatic filter ensures the removal of 99 per cent of ultrafine particles, making this more than just an audio device.

3. Sutro Lite Prizm Road sunglasses, OAKLEY

Oakley is elevating its design game with this pair. Beyond the athletic practicality and style you’ve expected from any Oakley, this boasts an O Matter frame material and Sutro Lite Prizm Road that provides durability and all-day comfort. It’s perfect for sports, but you can also confidently walk around in style while shielding your eyes from the assault of UV rays.

4. Phantom I, DEVIALET

Like something out of a sci-fi film, the egg-shaped speaker remains Devialet’s hallmark. Always at the forefront of innovation, the Phantom 1 now comes in a livery other than the original white. While the design is eye-catching, watching the woofers dance in synch with the music is another draw altogether.

5. Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver Forte eau de parfum, GUERLAIN

A fragrance is more than just its scent—how it is housed matters too. Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria series features a unique screw-top flaçon embellished with gold honey comb trims as a nod to the house’s bee motif. Since 2022, the bottle has been produced using 15 per cent PCR glass—proof that even signature looks can be improved on using more environmentally friendly materials. In keeping with its celebration of nature, the Nerolia Vetiver Forte balances intense neroli with the smoothness of fig.

6. Air Jordan 1 sneakers, NIKE

Even in the same tone as the rest of the shoe, the unmistakable check mark designates this as a Nike, a legendary AJ1 no less. Named after basketball legend Michael Jordan, the shoe remains every sneakerhead’s favourite, transcending the sport. Wear it with any outfit—whether a basketball jersey or a classic suit and white button-up shirt—and experience just how versatile it is.

7. Pilot case, RIMOWA

Fun fact: while RIMOWA is known for its iconic grooves, they were only added 13 years after the brand launched a lightweight and durable aluminium suitcase. Rimowa’s Pilot Case is one of its flagship styles that has become a dependable travel companion for a range of creative types. It’s been recently revived with a more organised interior to help make every journey a breeze.

8. Leather Puzzle bag, LOEWE

When Jonathan Anderson assumed the role of creative director at Loewe, the Puzzle bag was his first handbag design for the brand. The construction and details were inspired by origami, with the 75 separate pieces of leather displaying the kind of craftsmanship that Loewe continues to excel at. Like many icons, it’s been interpreted in myriad ways since, but the original remains an instantly recognisable classic.

9. Seamaster Diver 300m 42mm stainless steel case and bracelet, OMEGA

James Bond only wears one watch, and that is the Omega Seamaster. The iconic timepiece is a testament to Omega’s exquisite watchmaking capabilities. The 75th anniversary iteration features impressive new details, like the signature summer blue wave dial with laser-engraved waves that reflect its ability to withstand the pressures of the oceanic depths—undeniably a remarkable piece of engineering.

10. Double Cask 18 Years Old, THE MACALLAN

There’s a certain taste to The Macallan that is unique to the brand. Take this Double Cask that is aged for 18 years in American and European sherry-seasoned oak. Fusing the delicate vanilla from American oak with the subtle spice of European oak, the 18YO achieves a remarkable depth of character. And with great character often comes great conversations.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman
Styling Assistant: Lance Aeron

Santos de Cartier 35.1mm steel on alligator strap, Cartier.
Photo by Jaya Khidir

1. Santos de Cartier 35.1mm steel on alligator strap, Cartier

Try as one might to dispute the relevance of a watch against a cohort of modern devices, one cannot deny that being in control of our time is an infinitely desirable proposition. A watch, a distinguishingly handsome one in this case, will always remain a venerated tool for keeping track of those precious seconds constantly passing us by. Indeed, take time to savour every exquisite moment. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

2. Blue shells and recycled cord necklace, Dior Men

There were two ways to look at men sporting surfer-themed jewellery under their suits: trying too hard (pale skin tells no tales), or one who truly loves the waves and sands, with the livery to show for it. In a second collaboration with environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans, this necklace from Dior Men’s fall 2023 collection dispels all doubts about a man's love for the ocean. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

3. Noblige & coffee, Martell

The serendipitous mingling of cognac and coffee is a Coffee Meets Bagel of sorts, dating back to 17th century European coffeehouses that served coffee and spirits. Martell Noblige has 100 blended eaux-de-vie, giving it a better body and longer finish with subtle notes of oak and caramelised grapes that shine through the bitterness of coffee. Meaningful connections over a delicious tipple, anyone? 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

4. Poisson Notte beach towel, Hermès

Boasting 100% cotton terrycloth, woven in Germany, printed in France, and by Hermès, this luxurious towel is the ultimate beach accessory when you go basking under the Tuscan sun. The fish design by Tong Ren is an invitation to escape and travel, as the simple sea animal represents freedom and joy. Alternatively, let its exuberant colours extend over the sofa and enjoy its beauty and comfort on home movie night.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

5. Zeppelin speaker, Bowers & Wilkins

“Alexa, recommend the best way to spend summer,” is something you will be able to ask this contemporarily designed, high-resolution stereo speaker. Another cool built-in feature is Spotify Connect, which lets you play all the music and podcasts you love. This summer, upgrade from speaking to a box or an iPhone, to a pod from the future.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

6. Shampoo for moisture and control, Oribe via Net-A-Porter

While most men prefer a fuss-free crop, believing that hair should require close to no maintenance, they couldn't be more wrong. Just ask the bald ones who know too well about hair loss (it is more than just genetics). Formulated with a unique blend of strengthening amino acids, it protects and extends the life cycle of your scalp and follicles.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

7. Hope in a Jar smooth-glow multi-tasking moisturiser, Dose of Wisdom bouncy skin reactivating serum & Purity Made Simple one-step facial cleanser, Philosophy

This skincare trilogy is for men who are looking to put a stop to the incessant queries after their well- being with rhetorical references to their tired-looking skin. All of them contain hyaluronic acid, which penetrates skin faster and deeper to give instant supercharged hydration and boost radiance. See significant results in two weeks.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

8. Soleil de Feu eau de parfum, Tom Ford

“An amber fragrance that is inspired by the bronze strokes of fiery sunset light,” reads the press release, but instead of having a scent paint an ideal image for your summer vacation, why not just wear Soleil de Feu on your next holiday. Make new olfactory memories with priceless new experiences. The lovely warm notes will burn a better picture in your brain than a stock image. 

Photo by Jaya Khidir

9. Keepall Bandoulière 35, Louis Vuitton

Here’s a trusty companion for your next summer vacation. Smaller than a typical overnight bag but roomier than the contemporary man purse at 35cm across, it’s virtually an all-occasion bag. Accompanied wtih a practical, adjustable textile strap for shoulder and cross-body wear, and a unique water-resistent Monogram Aquagarden coated canvas, it essentially comes unencumbered for the seasoned traveller's needs.

Photo by Jaya Khidir

10. Pagan Rose scented candle, Alexander McQueen

Part of the brand’s first foray into home fragrances, Pagan Rose is one of three scents inspired by McQueen’s codes of juxtaposition. Nestled on the tension between fragile wild rose and earthy peat, and encased in egg-shaped lacquered flask with an asymmetrical metal lid, it’s a contrasting amalgamation on a quest to dispel chaotic energy.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Michelle Kok
Photography Assistant: Natalie Dykes