Esquire 10: The "Ties That Bind" Edit

Good design and taste aren't necessarily a given. But this edit—from reiterations of timeless, iconic motifs, to items that represent a brand's values—prove that the two are and should be connected
Published: 12 March 2024

1. Trinity rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, CARTIER

It has been a century since the Cartier Trinity series was first created, and the three-band style has remained an enduring icon since. The Trinity has seen multiple iterations throughout the years but the tri-gold combination is the truest representation of its spirit—now available in an XL version for an even bolder expression.


It’s made entirely out of recycled ocean-bound plastics from Indonesia, and fixing it is idiotproof, as its name suggests. You won’t need complicated tools or glue. Simply connect the five pieces and you have your very own stable stool put together with your own hands. At the end of its lifespan, the pieces can easily be dismantled and put up for recycling—circularity at its easiest.

3. Baseball cap, CELINE

The baseball cap is a wardrobe staple, whether as part of one’s style or deployed on days when the hair isn’t cooperating. Celine’s iteration possesses a retro charm with a denim wash that’s as striking as it is timeless. It’s a simple design that doesn’t deviate much from traditional baseball caps... but therein lies the charm—why reinvent the wheel when a slight tweak changes the game?

4. Memento V3 sunglasses, GENTLE MONSTER

You can count on finding avant-garde styles at Gentle Monster any day. This pair of Memento V3 sunglasses, however, traipses the line between futuristic and familiar. The goggle shape is a reimagined classic, rendered in a modern violet hue with added metal detailing on the temples—a bold piece that’s easily wearable.

5. Speedy bag, LOUIS VUITTON

Pharrell Williams’ update of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is crafted from supple grained calfskin and lined with lambskin. So soft is the construction that there’s a drape to the overall silhouette. They are also available in a range of vibrant colours that are unapologetically in-your-face—a defiant swing at any mention of quiet luxury.

6. Cordon Bleu Limited Edition, MARTELL

Made in collaboration with designer Vincent Darré, the Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition gets a vibrant and uplifting design to the bottle. Darré created an allegory in which the Martell iconic swift bears the universal message of warmth and generosity. Such a message certainly calls for a round of drinks with friends.

7. Kelly Multipocket To Go bag, HERMÈS

Hermès pulls off a truly playful accessory as it mixes the distinctive Kelly swivel clasp with the Kelly Multipocket To Go. With its multitude of compartments, everything can be kept organised in a bento-esque manner. The piece also comes with a versatile adjustable strap for two wearing styles: vertically and horizontally.

8. Knight bag, BURBERRY

The slouchy Burberry Knight Bag is one of many signifiers under Daniel Lee’s era at the brand. A metal horse-shaped clip—a clever way of integrating the Equestrian Knight motif—attaches to two different parts of the bag, giving you the option to alter the shape according to whim.

9. Buffalo loafers, DIOR MEN

Even a house as storied as Dior continues to add new branded motifs to its design vocabulary. A new circular logo acts as the centrepiece to the Buffalo loafers—a chunky, rubber-soled piece as part of the Dior Men Summer 2024 collection. This variation further exemplifies how something as traditional as tweed, can be reimagined into a contemporary piece.

10. Marq Golfer - Carbon Edition, 46mm fused carbon fibre case with rubber strap, GARMIN

Need better assistance on the green? The MARQ Golfer smartwatch may just be better than a caddy. Designed specifically for golfing, it is preloaded with engineered features that include recommendations of the types of club to use depending on the weather, as well as how best to approach each shot. Do it, embrace AI.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman

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