Esquire 10: The Playful Edit

Where is the fun in normality? This edition of Esquire 10 takes a look at items that add a note of levity to your day. And in the spirit of the “Foole” issue, play a game of spot the difference while perusing the edit
Published: 4 April 2024

1. Change tray, HERMÈS

A tray to put random knickknacks on doubles up as a piece of art with this version by Hermès. The printed design—a chromolitograph applied by hand to the porcelain—is referred to as “La Maison des Carrés” and depicts the process of creating a silk scarf. From design to its final destination in the boutique, every room in the maison is beautifully illustrated with clear visibility and intricate details.

2. Rodeo bag, BALENCIAGA

Here’s the thing: no additional styling was involved in making the Rodeo bag camera-ready. The Balenciaga creation comes with two sets of magpie-esque charms to immediately add character to an otherwise plain black bag. Why? Well, it’s a prevailing Gen Z trend where bags get decorated with a multitude of charms as a way of showcasing one’s individuality. It’s rather cheekily playful, no?


Because talking about emotions (or sometimes just talking) can be a struggle, We’re Not Really Strangers serves to ease into conversations through three levels of questions and wildcards. The aim of the card game is to empower meaningful connections with existing relationships or create new ones with someone you’re just getting to know. And at the end of it, who knows, you may actually discover things about yourself or others you never would’ve thought of to ask.

4. Silk belt bag, HERMÈS

Silk carrés are one of many things that are synonymous with Hermès, so it makes perfect sense for the Maison to create a bag out of one. The Banasilk—named after the Eperon d’Or Bandana design that it bears—is the first silk bag for the men’s universe and employs leather as its adjustable belt. Wear this as a fanny pack or a crossbody—either way, your items will remain secure as it’s cleverly designed with a zipped compartment that faces the interior.

5. Sandals, HERMÈS

The Chypre sandals is undoubtedly an Hermès classic. While it has been through many different variations over the years—shearling-lined, studded, and even crafted out of Himalayan crocodile—nothing beats the timelessness of Epsom calfskin. This particular two-tone iteration plays up the summer feels for a pair you’d want to take to every resort you’ll be hitting over the summer holidays.

6. Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, 42mm steel case with steel bracelet, OMEGA

You know a timepiece is significant when it’s pictured months before release on a man as iconic as Daniel Craig, and sent the interwebs in a flurry. For the first time, a steel Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional is rendered with a glossy white lacquer dial and with black hands and markers for ultimate legibility. In short, a handsome timepiece to covet.

7. 19 Degree Aluminum backpack, TUMI

If you’ve ever felt that your backpack could do with a protective boost, look no further than TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminum backpack. It’s crafted from super solid aircraft-grade aluminium, which means that it’s rather hefty at slightly over 4.5kg but you can’t deny that it’s a pretty good-looking design. We highly doubt anyone in public would dare attempt to stealthily steal something from you—it’s that secure.

8. Yoyo, HERMÈS

Do you need an Hermès yoyo? Not really. Should you care for one? Perhaps. Instead of a traditional yoyo, Hermès reappropriated the wheels of its R.M.S luggage, transmuting them into a functional yoyo. Sure, it’s frivolous in nature yet at the same time, an excellent example of the Maison’s artisanship aside from its beloved leather goods and ready-to-wear.

9. Meisterstück The Origin Collection Doué Classique fountain pen, MONTBLANC

“Meisterstück” means “masterpiece” in German and that’s what one gets with the Montblanc fountain pen. The Meisterstück celebrates its 100th anniversary this year with a range of new designs. This particular edition consists of a gold-coated cap with a lacquered archive pattern in green. The pen’s nib is also crafted from solid gold for a truly rich overall contrast that’ll make writing a luxurious experience.

10. Force 10 bracelet in white gold with blue topaz, FRED

The existence of the Force 10 bracelet is in itself a measure of FRED’s playful ideology—a combination of a braided steel sailing cable with a buckle. This large version takes cues from its nautical roots with a blue cord that’s further emphasised with 64 brilliant topaz set on a white gold buckle.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Asri Jasman

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