adidas doesn't get as much credit as it should with its running shoes. I mean, sure they were name-dropped by Run DMC but adidas are pretty good in the innovation department. The company came up with 4D printing as well as the Boost midsole tech... now that latter was a game changer. A reactive bouncy foam that returns energy with each stride? It scored higher than EVA (ethylene vinyl-acetate) soles. The Boost tech is made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which, like the EVA, does the whole cushioning, superior durability look but it also has a "high abrasion resistance".

So, we tried the adidas Supernova, a model that's made as an entry-level trainers for beginner runners. With a padded mesh upper, it has the Dreamstrike+ midsoles and other similar support rods. There's a considerable stack height. The best part of this was its Solution feature, which offers added longitudinal stability. So you've got your comfort with the Dreamstrike+ and then stability with the Solution.

Here's how good the Supernova Solution was: We started running and easily cleared three kilometres; each impact of my footfalls resulted in a "snap". Then, sensing little-to-no fatigue in the lower extremities, we decided to continue another 10km. I was able to maintain my running gait for much longer. At five kilometres, my speed has slowed but my feet were so cushioned that it never occured to me to stop.

Overall, the Supernova Solution is muy bueno. And considering that it's made out of recycled materials, this is not too shabby.

The collab between adidas and Australian fashion house Song for the Mute combines functions and looks. It may be trite but it must be doing something because this is their third team-up. For this new Song for the Mute x adidas 003 collection, Creative Director Lyna Ty reinterprets heritage silhouettes with modernist fabrication and detailing. This partnership oversees the reimagining of the iconic Country OG silhouette. This, as well as, a new apparel range that includes sportswear essentials. 

At the heart of this collection lies the reinterpreted Country OG silhouette. Now dubbed simply as the “SFTM-003”, it is available in three 90’s inspired colourways. You've grey and teal, those hues are reminiscent of vintage windbreakers, and finally, in black. Each pair arrives with an additional metallic D-ring hardware combined with a custom paracord-inspired toggle lacing system. A perfect synergy and a nod to "futuristic nostalgia". Keeping to its roots, the kicks retain its beloved soft cushioning, grippy outsole and low-profile build. Finally, to cap it off, the flexible leather upper blends everyday comfort with an elevated look.

The Apparel

Sherpa fleece zip-up jackets with digital printed contrast sleeves
Distressed jersey hoodie, press-stud track pants in a lightweight coated cotton
Custom jacquard knitwear with intricate contrasting colour-work
Custom jacquard knitwear with intricate contrasting colour-work

As for the collaborative apparel essentials, Ty dabbles in new textile directions and techniques in the apparel range. You've your sherpa fleece zip-up jackets that's accompanied by digital printed contrast sleeves. There are distressed jersey hoodies, an oversized blazer and press-stud track pants in a lightweight coated cotton. Rounding up the range is a custom jacquard knitwear that comes with an intricate contrasting colour-work.

Song for the Mute x adidas 003 is readily available at adidas Brand Centre Orchard, adidas VivoCity Originals B1 as well as online and the adidas CONFIRMED App.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, adidas sets the stage for a blazing start to the Year of the Dragon with the release of the SS24 Originals Key City Tee. Collaborating with local artist Erika Tay (@erikartoon), adidas brings forth a celebration of local culture and childhood nostalgia through her character inspired by a local icon.

In Chinese legends, the dragon symbolises power and authority, and Tay's artistic vision transforms the mythical beast into a contemporary streetwear masterpiece. Tay, who previously left her artistic mark on adidas' AW23 Performance Key City Tee "Ultraboost by the Bay," takes inspiration from the famed Dragon Playground for the latest design. Breathing new life into the dragon character, Tay's localised interpretation sports sleek adidas Originals gear, shoes, and accessories, while incorporating the vibrant mosaic tiles of the playground drawn on its head.

"The Dragon Playground at Ang Mo Kio, in particular, has held many cherished memories of my childhood spent at my grandparents' house. Those memories have sparked my inspiration to bring the Dragon character to life," shares Tay. This personal connection adds a layer of authenticity to the design, making it not just a piece of apparel but a nostalgic journey into the artist's own history.

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The Dragon Key City Tee (SGD69) is now available at Brand Centre Orchard, Bugis+, Bugis Junction, Changi Terminal 1, ION Orchard, Jewel, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City, VivoCity Originals, VivoCity Performance adidas stores.

Singer-songwriter and model Iman Fandi, professional footballers Harhys Stewart and Marc Ryan Tan. ADIDAS

Is it too late to say the footwear and apparel collection entail a series of inspired gifts, installations and games this entire month? Maybe. Doesn't mean you can't drop everything you're doing this very moment and rush down to flagship store adidas Brand Centre Orchard (BCO).

A little context about Samba and Sambae

Some history for meaning and significance. These shoes made appearances on global runways and most famously on the feet of Pharrell Williams, were first introduced at the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. The combination of fitted leather panels, padded suede toe box and incredible grip from the rubber outsole made the Samba—dare we say it—the best-known indoor soccer shoe of its time. It allegedly offered players a one-to-one fit and unmatched kicking precision.

Naturally, the sleek, instantly recognisable design paired with the iconic 3-Stripes design then made its way into British youth fashion circles. And now, an icon for the brand. So much so that it got its own modern rendition, the Sambae. By altering the proportions of the timeless trainers through the lens of current fashion sensibilities, it maintains design elements like the suede T-toe box and classic leather upper, yet delivers a chunkier design with an exaggerated rubber platform midsole.

Spot the Hidden Sambas Contest

To celebrate this rich heritage, the brand commissioned local artist Iqbal to encapsulate it all in a Streets of Samba mural at the BCO entrance. Besides depicting a a central London street taken over by numerous adidas Samba OGs, the easter egg here is to spot the correct number to win an actual pair of adidas Originals Samba OG or Sambae.

A lowdown of the T&Cs

The contest is open only to adiClub members and public Instagram profiles, via a creative IGS story of the giant installations, the guesses, and @adidassg and #adidasSG tags. Three winners with the correct guesses and most creative submissions will be selected from 8 Jan 2024.

Other member perks


1. Necklace, VERSACE

This isn’t the most extravagant necklace by the brand, but considering its size—and it weighs a mere 17g—quite a lot is packed into the pendant. The centrepiece is an elegantly cut turquoise flanked by the brand’s Greca motif and inscribed in the Versace logo type. And of course, in classic Versace gold.

2. Sunglasses, BOTTEGA VENETA

Big, oversized shades hardly go out of style. This pair by Bottega Veneta offers a familiar silhouette in acetate but piles on a trio of clashing elements. The signature green frame is trimmed with gold accents and finished with slightly tinted lenses that lend a ’70s air. It’s time to embrace that Miami Vice vibe perhaps.

3. Vra Vra Vroom, Liquid of Love and Kiss of Bliss eau de parfums, PENHALIGON’S

Penhaligon’s latest Potions and Remedies collection of fragrances is designed with your well-being in mind. Each fragrance is crafted from botanicals that uplift your mood. The flacons themselves are a delight to behold—resembling old-timey potion bottles complete with eye-catching names.

4. McLaren Racing Tennessee Whiskey, JACK DANIEL’S

The irony of a Formula One racing team partnering an alcohol brand is not lost on anyone. The latest is between McLaren Racing and Jack Daniel’s in the form of a limited edition Tennessee Whiskey bottle that represents both brands visually. Celebrate to the max after a win. But never drink and drive, of course.

5. Oiva teapot, MARIMEKKO

A clean, minimalist aesthetic comes to mind when anyone mentions Marimekko. Yet its Oiva teapot is maximalist by Scandinavian standards—a statement piece for any home. The body features a graphic pattern by Maija Louekari, featuring linked irregular dots that clash at points for a subtly disruptive visual.

6. The Amazing Loubi Loafers, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN X MARVEL

Christian Louboutin makes the most maximalist shoes for men. A collaboration with Marvel sees the Amazing Loubi loafer dressed in patent leather, treated with a starry effect and embellished with gunmetal hardware inspired by Marvel’s Moon Knight character. It also bears the signature red line on the lug sole.

7. Superbusy XS sling bag, BALENCIAGA

How many compartments do you need on a bag? The XS version of its aptly named Superbusy bag offers external compartments across its front, sides and shoulder strap, many with designated purposes, including one specifically for AirPods Pro. It’s proof that you can never have too many compartments.


Nothing is too much when it comes to protecting your hands from the winter chill. The Moncler x adidas glove offers optimal defence with a down construction and an inner sock layer that extends up the arm for enhanced grip and insulation. The bright hue makes it perfect for snow activities. You won’t lose this one easily.

9. Vanguard Beach Watch 41mm glass fibre composite case with fabric strap, FRANCK MULLER

It’s hard to ignore Franck Muller’s Vanguard Beach. The Vanguard already packs a punch with its big, bold numerals; but the Vanguard Beach takes it up several notches with a striking design that resembles ripples in the sand. The strap fastens with Velcro for convenience and a carefree beach vibe.

10. Vanilla Flower, CEDRIC GROLET

Known for his trompe-lœil confections, French pâtissier Cedric Grolet has set up shop in Singapore—his first outside Europe. This Vanilla Flower is one of his visually simpler creations, but as its name suggests, packs a quartet of vanilla-infused flavours. Eating it is one truly decadent experience.

Photography: Danial Mirza
Styling: Asri Jasman
Photography Assistant: Chuen Kah Jun
Additional Images: Getty Images

Next stop: Burberry Street

If the Riccardo Tisci-era saw Burberry taking over beach clubs with the TB Monogram, Daniel Lee’s appears to be more subdued and tastefully so. As part of the brand’s announced "Burberry Streets" takeover series, the British brand has kicked things off right at home during London Fashion Week. In partnership with Transport for London—the government body responsible for the transport network in London—Bond Street station has been completely transformed into Burberry Street, complete with signs rendered in Lee's knight blue hue. The takeover will last until 19 September 2023. “Burberry Streets” is set to be an immersive brand experience consisting of events and installations in cities around the world. The series will make its rounds in Seoul and Shanghai this October.

Balmain pieces stolen in Paris

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In what would be any fashion designer's foremost nightmare, Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing revealed on Instagram that pieces from the house's upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 runway show have been stolen. "More than 50 Balmain pieces stolen," Rousteing says, expressing his anger and disappointment at the loss of the hard work by his team. With just 10 days to go to the show during Paris Fashion Week, it does seem like Rousteing and his team will have to, in his words, "work days and night" to ensure that everything turns out as planned.

adidas' latest with Craig Green

A new take on adidas' iconic Stan Smiths has been revealed, courtesy of British fashion designer Craig Green. The CG SPLIT STAN retains the original silhouette of the shoe save for the "splitting" right down the middle—a rubber protrusion that's seemingly inserted between the two segments. The new design has dropped in three monochromatic colourways: white, black, and khaki.

The adidas Originals and Craig Green CG SPLIT STAN sneakers are now available through the adidas App and online.

Stone Island's artistic endeavour

Stone Island is embarking on a multi-year partnership with Frieze. Starting with Frieze London 2023—happening this 11 to 15 October—the brand will be the Official Partner of Focus, a fixture dedicated to younger galleries at Frieze London, Los Angeles, New York, and Seoul. Participating emerging galleries of Focus will each receive a bursary from Stone Island amounting to 30 per cent of each exhibitor's stand fee (in addition to Frieze's ongoing subsidies) as well as overall amplification of Focus through a dedicated content series. Stone Island will also become the Official Partner of Frieze 91, the organisation's membership programme. Frieze 91 allows members so gain exclusive access to art and artists through curated experiences as well as members-only content and benefits.

A Moncler icon revisited

As part of Moncler's RE/ICONS series—an annual celebration of the brand's iconic achievements of the past while looking to the future—the brand has revived its 1954 Karakorum duvet jacket. Worn by climbers in 1954, the Moncler Karakorum is known for its unparalleled warmth as well as technical excellence. Just how excellent, you ask? Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli each wore the Moncler Karakorum while scaling K2 and becoming the very first people to reach the summit in 1954. For the RE/ICONS series, the Moncler Karakorum has been reenvisioned in three designs (with a range of colours) varying in length and fit.

Shiny, simmering, splendid

In Coach's latest campaign, Dove Cameron, Yanfei Song, Lil Buck, and newly appointed global ambassador Youngji Lee battle their inner demons. It might sound a bit too dark for a fashion campaign but the "demons" in question are doppelgängers criticising their choice of wearing the Coach Shine collection—a range of metallic and patent leather pieces. The individual duos battle it off in fast-paced choreography before the expressive selves eventually triumphs. Basically, no one should ever dull your shine, Coach Shine or not.