Please Let Michael and Danny Philippou Terrify You

7 August 2023
With A24's Talk to Me, a couple of Australian YouTubers just made the scariest—and best—horror film of the year. They told us how they pulled…

A Revealing Talk with Ayden Sng

7 August 2023
An actor, erhu player, cat uncle and anime fan walked into a bar. And the bartender cried out, “Welcome back, Ayden Sng!”. More than just…

Sinead O'Connor Was Right, Even Then

27 July 2023
“People say ‘oh, you fucked up your career,’ but they’re talking about the career they had in mind for me."

Obsessed Much: Dolls

26 June 2023
It’s human to collect. From predilection to investment to nostalgia, collecting is instinctual. The accumulation of stuff is how we expand our knowledge and our…

Corey Mylchreest from Netflix's Queen Charlotte and a Head Full of Stars

21 June 2023
Despite few appearances in short films and open-air theatre productions, and a very brief stint on The Sandman, Corey Mylchreest delivered surprising presence as King…

Kieran Culkin Bares (a Lot of) His Soul

30 May 2023
The Succession star is feeling introspective as the HBO series that reignited his career comes to a close

It's Pedro Pascal's World Now

30 May 2023
“I am going to kill you.”

Chris Pine Rises Above It All: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek and More

30 May 2023
Introducing Esquire Middle East's March cover star

Johnny Depp: "I have no Further Need for Hollywood"

29 May 2023
The actor seemingly ruled out a return to major studio roles like Captain Jack Sparrow

Mark Wahlberg Weighs in on Using Ozempic "Skinny Jab" to Lose Weight

29 May 2023
Wahlberg opened up on the use of weight-loss injections in Hollywood

Macklemore Is Having Better Days

29 May 2023
The artist just debuted his sweet, soulful album, Ben—which is inspired by fatherhood, a relapse, and everything he's learned since "Thrift Shop" became a national…