It's Pedro Pascal's World Now

30 May 2023
“I am going to kill you.”

Chris Pine Rises Above It All: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek and More

30 May 2023
Introducing Esquire Middle East's March cover star

Johnny Depp: "I have no Further Need for Hollywood"

29 May 2023
The actor seemingly ruled out a return to major studio roles like Captain Jack Sparrow

Mark Wahlberg Weighs in on Using Ozempic "Skinny Jab" to Lose Weight

29 May 2023
Wahlberg opened up on the use of weight-loss injections in Hollywood

Macklemore Is Having Better Days

29 May 2023
The artist just debuted his sweet, soulful album, Ben—which is inspired by fatherhood, a relapse, and everything he's learned since "Thrift Shop" became a national…

Why King Charles III Is the Best Dressed Royal Since... King Charles II?

28 May 2023
On the occasion of his coronation, Esquire celebrates a tireless ambassador for British sartorial flair

Paul McCartney: The Esquire Interview

28 May 2023
In celebration of the great man's 80th birthday, we revisit our 2015 interview

Who Is Shou Zi Chew, the TikTok CEO Facing Intense Public Scrutiny Right Now?

28 May 2023
Here's what we know so far about the embattled CEO

Observable Acts: a Profile on Joel Kinnaman

1 December 2019
Instead of a rooftop shoot that we had planned, we’re indoors at Dune Studios on Water Street. Outside, the weather is every writer’s dream: “It…

The Book of Jahan

20 March 1980
The artwork of Jahan Loh, who’s very much a child of the ’80s, is replete with pop culture references. From Sunday morning cartoons to 8-bit…
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