ESQnA With Guy Berryman of Coldplay and Applied Art Forms

27 March 2024
You may know Guy Berryman as Coldplay’s bassist. But did you also know he has a fashion line called Applied Art Forms? During the band’s…

Obsessed Much: Plants

26 March 2024
To collect is human, whether for reason of curiosity, nostalgia or investment. It is a way to expand our knowledge, visual literacy, or even bank…

Eduardo Enrique Moves to the Great Beyond

23 March 2024
Eduardo Enrique has always been an artist, and made his foray into the field two years ago with his own exhibition New Painting. Fast forward…

Paul Bettany Dreams of a Better World

21 March 2024
A lovelorn tennis player, a gangster striving to be numero uno, a vampire slayer, Geoffrey Chaucer, and lately, a superhero robot… Paul Bettany plays these roles…

ESQnA with Daphne Khoo

16 March 2024
From her debut album, Desperate, to being the lead singer of West Grand Boulevard (now defunct) to becoming an EDM darling in Europe, Khoo looked…

Obsessed Much: Ceramics

15 March 2024
From investment to nostalgia, it’s human to collect. This is how we expand our knowledge and our visual literacy. Even in a country with high…

How Did Eric Nam Get Famous?

4 March 2024
We endeavour to answer a commonly googled question about Gen MZ’s most “relatable celebrity” (our words not his)

The Culture of Korean Celebrities and Fan Service

4 March 2024
For the entertainment of their legions of fans across the globe, Korean celebrities are notably some of the most accessible out there. Here’s the secret:…

The Modern Argus: Surveillance on the World

28 February 2024
“Big Brother is watching you” has leapt from the pages of 1984 to our current climate. With the rise of technology and user apathy, Big…

Obsessed Much: Sneakers 

2 February 2024
It’s human to collect. From predilection to investment to nostalgia, collecting is instinctual. A conscious accumulation of stuff often allows us to expand our knowledge…

Waking Life: What Gives Rise to Consciousness?

31 January 2024
What gives rise to consciousness has been one of the biggest and most profound questions we’ve ever faced. New thinking is taking us closer to…

Archie Madekwe in His Liminal Space

31 January 2024
Archie Madekwe has been acting for almost a decade, but if last year was anything to go by, the actor is on the cusp of…