The picturesque Monaco provides the ideal backdrop for the luxurious lineup of yachts.

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is known to embody glamour, exclusivity and luxury in the realm of yachting from its picturesque destination and vivacious setups to unprecedented gatherings of the world’s superyachts and other luxury purveyors, it would then fair to say their offering of the Sapphire Experience could be expected to be the best-in-class of concierge service.

As a diverse (and large) crowd from across the globe gather to witness the grandest yacht show in the industry, guests of the Sapphire Experience are set up to embark on an unforgettable Experience twice from the very start of this journey. Their entrance into MYS is marked by luxury with transportation being made available at every step, from the views from the hotel to the show, Sapphire Experience guests are welcomed at the VIP entrance with Hostesses ensuring their voyage to and from the event would be as hassle-free as possible.

Amidst bustling activities and grand views at MYS, the show also provides a space where attendees can unwind. A thoughtfully designed Upper Deck lounge offers an oasis of tranquility. At the Sapphire lounge, they can enjoy a more intimate and serene space to relax. With a refreshing flow of champagne and refreshments, accompanied with pastries and snacks, this enclave offers a personalised touch with a readily available concierge that’s ready to connect guests to the greatest market experts and innovative personalities to discuss projects for a bespoke experience of one’s wildest dreams.

It also features a restaurant and lounge bar, while provisioning a perspective on private aviation and the world of fine watchmaking. Craftsmen and designers who specialise in crafting crystal furniture and refined leather accessories are also stationed and Sapphire Experience guests are granted prioritised access to engage and work with these skilled creators about accessorising their upcoming yacht and interior projects.

Stepping into the quayside Monaco, the MYS presents an extensive array of yachts and tenders that grace the dockside accompanied by exhibitions and diverse consulting platforms. To truly savour these superyachts, an onboard experience is essential. Sapphire Experience guests enjoy exclusive access to this Dockside Area, replete with superyacht owners and experts. Conversations with adept advisors, including yacht builders, designers, architects and professionals across the yachting industry, and is easily made conveniently accessible. Presenting an invaluable opportunity to intimately witness the craftsmanship inherent in these remarkable vessels, it potentially ignites inspiration for future yacht endeavours.

MYS doubles down as a platform that unites both yacht enthusiasts and industry experts, fostering an exchange of insights and discoveries surrounding forthcoming industry innovations. The dockside also hosts a Yacht Design & Innovation Hub, prioritising Sapphire Experience guests access to the many opportunities it has to offer. Nestled among the yachts along the port, it provides the space to interact with diverse yacht authorities, facilitating discussions on the latest yacht innovations. From avant-garde design concepts to having insightful conversations with industry stalwarts, participants can glean wisdom that may inspire their yachting projects.

Parallel to the dockside, MYS carves out a dedicated domain for sailing yachts, inviting them to embrace the entirety of the yachting world. Here lies a chance to immerse and familiarise one about the diverse world of yachts. Again, the Sapphire Experience ensures all qualified guests will be able to get ahold of these perks like insights and conversations with both sailing and superyacht experts.

Known among superyacht enthusiasts as “The Call”—the breath-taking moment when one’s Monaco Yacht Show Private Relations Manager calls to grant access to the Sapphire Experience, for you to design, acquire or charter your very own unique superyacht. The information mentioned earlier affirms this fact, granting them the privilege of experiencing both superyachts and sailing yachts at an intimately personal level and conversing with industry experts and skilled craftsmen required to shape or refine any present and upcoming yacht ventures. In its entirety, the Sapphire Experience encapsulates the very essence of exclusive luxury within the world of luxury yachting.

Be expected to receive the best with the Monaco Yacht Show Sapphire Experience, from quayside activities to expert yacht consults.

Reserved exclusively for guests with yachting projects either in mind or already underway, the Sapphire Experience offers an exceptional journey with meticulously curated exclusive conferences, workshops, cocktail gatherings and a wide array of events. MYS’ wide range of offerings extends an invitation to partake in a diverse range of activities and occasions that could be overwhelming for first-timers or seasoned show guests with laser-focus goals. Through the Sapphire experience, it provides a seamless platform to navigate through the diverse offerings, forge connections with fellow superyacht owners and seasoned industry insiders and fulfil every guest’s desire. The 2023 Monaco Yacht Show stands as the ultimate destination to delve into the world of yachting enriched with exclusivity and luxury and it’s also great place to set sail for one’s maiden concierge service voyage.

The Monaco Yacht Show is happening on 27 – 30 September 2023.

Monaco Yacht Show 2023 is divided into two main exhibition areas—afloat and on the dockside—that are designed to engage adventure seekers, perhaps even beyond yachts to helicopters and private jets.

The much-awaited 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is making a grand return to the French Riviera. It's taking place from 27 September to 30 September at Port Hercule of Monaco. MYS is a shimmering highlight of the yachting world, which aggregates the world’s most impressive superyachts and megayachts and celebrates the adventurous lifestyle and spirit of innovation that comes with yacht ownership and yacht design.

Notably, MYS has shown a steadfast commitment to sustainability, establishing its Sustainability Hub last year and renewing it this year to emphasise the international exhibitor’s dedication to environmentally friendly practices with the support of Water Revolution Foundation and Siemens Energy. The Sustainability Hub serves as a platform for yacht companies specialising in sustainable technologies to share their knowledge while aiming to reduce the environmental impact of superyachts and to promote eco-responsible practices in yachting.

MYS presents itself not only on sea but on land as well. Other than the 120 yachts and around 50 luxury tenders that will be on display, visitors will also have the opportunity to meet with leading yacht brokers, builders, naval architects and designers, should they be interested in realising their dreams of owning a luxury yacht.

In recent times, MYS has broadened its horizons to feature companies that round off a luxury yachting experience, from luxury charter outfits offering exotic destinations, to chefs and mixologists providing bespoke menus, and water sports equipment for fun activities out at sea.

Boasting 560 companies representing excellence and innovation in the yachting industry at the show, MYS completes the portfolio with other luxury markets linked to the art of superyachting, such as tech-led yachting solutions companies, luxury car and motorcycle manufacturers alongside helicopters and private jet builders. This makes MYS an ideal gathering for those who revel in adventurous and innovative pursuits.

Whether you’re an experienced yacht owner or an enthusiast new to the scene, the 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show presents a most wonderful opportunity to delve into the captivating realm of luxury yachting.

The Monaco Yacht Show is happening on 27 – 30 September 2023.