There's a common notion that jewellery is primarily for women. However, as society progresses, must clothes and accessories be strictly gendered? I mean, fashion now embraces a spectrum of gender identities, challenging traditional constraints. Can't I wear a suit? Can't my boyfriend wear a little concealer? Why shouldn't men wear jewellery and break outdated norms?

Enter Desmond Tan, Lee Hwa inaugural ambassador. The actor, whose career showcases dynamic transitions on-and-off camera, effortlessly embraces diverse roles. Film-driven and fashion-forward, it's kinda fitting that Tan can front Lee Hwa. Given his experience as the first Singaporean actor invited to global designer brand events at both Milan and Paris Fashion Week, this ambassadorship marks a pivotal moment in the heritage brand's evolution.

Destinee Icons

Lee Hwa adds to that momentum with ITALGOLD, a collection of fine 916 Gold jewellery that showcases artisanal Italian craftsmanship in Singapore. As his first act with Lee Hwa, Tan will curate a signature ITALGOLD collection that reflects his philosophy of style transcending boundaries and inspiring self-expression for both men and women. Tan will also headline major campaigns for Lee Hwa in the upcoming months, showcasing the brand's hero diamond line, Destinée.