It may seem counterintuitive but it's good to go grey, even in a world of colours. Back in the late 70s and early 80s, New Balance's answer to all-white runners messed up by the urban elements was grey running shoes. The fondness of the colour soon took over the brand's aesthetics and ethos. As Paul Kaseumsouk, New Balance's Business Unit Manager explains, "Grey is balance. Grey is neutral. Grey is calming." Can't argue with that. More than just a colour, grey has turned into a philosophy of the brand. So much so, that it has been marketed into New Balance's Grey Day (held on 10 May). But never underestimate the power of belief as the one-day event has proved so popular that it has stretched over a whole month. That's right, the forecast for the whole of May is a month full of Grey Days.

For this week (14-17 May), there will be a host of drops to empty your wallets for and a pop-up at ION Orchard. The retail space at ION Orchard has turned into a dynamic multi-sport court. Decked out in the signature grey palette, the pop-up will be an immersive experience that looks at New Balance’s storied running culture. With regards to drops, the Grey Days collection featuring both new and existing Grey styles like the 327, 574 and 550 models, is out now in New Balance stores and online.

WRPD Runner Grey Days (top) and 1906R Grey Days aka Moonrock (below)

On 17 May, the Grey Days WRPD Runner and 1906R will be released (image above). The inspiration for these special-edition designs is the "timelessness of stone" and will feature mixed materials and distressed details to give it that "worn-in" look. We are especially drawn to the 1906R model aka "Moonrock" for that space dust appearance. The debut of the Fresh Foam x 1080 "Grey" (image below) drops on 20 May. The shoes come in a suede detailing and that perennial, tonal grey colourway.

Fresh Foam X 1080 "Grey"

But that's not all. A short film was created to further commemorate the event. Titled, Grey Days, the film takes us on a journey of New Balance's place in sneaker culture. Made out of several vignettes, each section portray a different aspect of the brand’s history. Made in collaboration with, up-and-coming American Haiku, and creative directors like Thom Glover and Daniel Wolfe, alongside Elliott Power, director of photography Norm Li, 1960s retro animation from Stray London and still photography by Samuel Bradley.

These days, shoe brands are trying to create their own holidays. I mean, what's more ubiquitous than Google Alert bringing your attention to a commercialised holiday? There's Nike with its Air Max Day; New Balance with Grey Day; and now Clarks launched its inaugural Wallabee Day. This occasion with occur every 26 April. Why this particular date? Welp, according to one source, on 26 April 1971, the JFK Airport customs were in a tizzy in procuring cages to house 4,176 wallabies that were coming in. They were actually 4,176 pairs of Wallabees, not the macropods, from Clarks.

To commemorate the moccasin-inspired shoe that took years off from some poor custom agent at JFK, Clarks teamed with local artist and constant smiler, tobyato for 30 unique pairs of Wallabee shoes. But they aren't your ordinary Wallbee in a different colourway. Nay, tobyato up the ante by creating a design that's inspired by the Chinese dragon dance.

The custom uses the iconic Clarks silhouette as a background for tobyato's artistic vision. Each shoe features a single laser-engraved frame from a swirling dragon dance animation (see above). Think of the 30 pairs as 30 frames that, when displayed together, show a mesmerising looping animation. This is an innovative approach to footwear design but also, must be a real bitch if you wanna locate all the buyers of Clarks x tobyato Wallabees for a reunion.

Aside from the animation, there are other nuances to the shoes like the custom acrylic and wooden charms that hang off the rope laces. Again, these are limited to just 30 pairs and it's bound to be a collectable item (who knows, by the time you read this, it'll all be snapped up).

The Wallabee Dragon Dance edition is exclusively available at Chamber, online and at Clarks ION.

Your cool dad's shoes will see new colourways to its MADE in USA line. New Balance will drop new hues for the 990v4 and the 990v6 model for its second instalment of its MADE in USA Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Given the world's stage today, if you ever wonder if anything good can come out of America, this release would be one of those.

990v4 in "Arctic Grey"
990v4 in 'Macadamia Nut'

The 990v4

New Balance revisits the iconic 990v4, painting it in two new colourways: "Arctic Grey" and "Macadamia Nut". These sneakers flaunt a streamlined design that seamlessly merged mesh with pigskin suede overlays. With a touch of elegance, the arctic grey variant features a buffed and sanded down Nubuck leather accents. The "N" logo is stitched across the lateral sidewalls in leather. Unlike the classic flat laces that you'd find on other 990v4s, this version is tied together with two-tone chunky rope ones, which gives off a rugged trail shoe inspired look. Not feeling the rope laces, there's an extra pair of plain black laces when you feel like switching it up. The contrasting black soles and breathable mesh offers a striking blend of tones and textures. Overall, the sleek look is a testament to New Balance's penchant for contemporary aesthetics.

990v6 in "True Camo"

The 990v6

Next, New Balance introduces fresh hues for the legendary 990v6 model. Called 'True Camo', just as its name suggests, the shoe comes in a mix of olive, forest green and brownish shades. The colour palette makes this shoe a versatile companion for various outfit configurations. Light brown suede wraps around the heel, side portions and toe, extending to the shoe’s eyestays. Green mesh panels and leather webbing of the upper complements the subdued grey and off-white midsole, making it perfect for those who seek style and functionality. 

The second chapter to New Balance’s MADE in USA Spring/Summer Collection 2024 series is available online and at the following stores from tomorrow:

ION Orchard, Jewel Changi, Suntec City, Paragon
(Made in USA 990v4 in 'Arctic Grey' and 'Macadamia Nut' (SGD339)

Jewel Changi, Suntec City, Paragon
- Made in USA 990v6 in 'True Camo' (SGD359)


Who can say they’ve had a reign that lasted over seventy years? The late Queen Elizabeth II comes to mind, and then there’s the King of Rock and Roll, who has not only influenced the pop culture landscape for decades but also the accent of a So-Cal actor to a surprisingly lasting extent.

But within fashion, the Gucci Horsebit loafer has managed to maintain the same level of influence since it was introduced in 1953. With a design so recognisably "Gucci", the appeal stretches far and wide, from A-listers to your most fashionable friends. Seventy years on, that equestrian tool on the tongue will still place you in the upper echelons of style royalty.

The story as to why a snaffle became a signifier for the luxury fashion house starts with its founder. Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter at The Savoy, London, when his fascination with the equestrian world started, seeing it as the sport of the rich and famous people who took up residence at the hotel.

But it didn’t come into form as a loafer until his son Aldo Gucci took over the business (along with his brothers Rodolfo and Vasco). So it goes, Aldo designed a pair of dressy loafers as a response to the moccasins that Bass Weejuns were producing, having noticed that the sleek designs were popular with American prepsters. Gucci stamped it with the horsebit detail in honour of his father, and in doing so created a staple shoe that is both discreet and distinguishable.


The shoe quickly became a hit on home soil, but it didn’t take long for its influence to reach Stateside and beyond. Despite its dressier history—with thanks to Cary Grant—Gucci loafers, in particular, became a popular casual shoe among the younger generation. By the Seventies, plenty of women had a pair—perhaps most famously Jodie Foster, who was pictured aged 15 sporting the style while skateboarding—as well as dapper male stars like Kirk Douglas, Francis Ford Coppola and Roger Moore.

The style is just as popular on screen as it is on the streets, too. In 1979, Dustin Hoffman wore a pair in Kramer vs. Kramer, then there was Matt Dillon in Drugstore Cowboy ten years later. Matt Damon wore them in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), a film that’s repeatedly called upon for its perennial influence on men’s summer wardrobes in Europe and beyond.

Paul Mescal in Gucci Horsebit Loafers.

Different creative directors of the luxury fashion house have all had their own take on the design. Tom Ford famously revitalised Gucci in 1994, and did so with classic signifiers of the brand like the horsebit. Alessandro Michele continued to use the motif throughout his tenure, incorporating his maximalist and print-heavy aesthetic, while Gucci’s latest recruit, Sabato De Sarno, has (literally) elevated it even more with a platform sole.

In today’s age, you can see the likes of Paul Mescal, Mark Ronson and Kingsley Ben-Adir (who also stars in the new campaign for the shoe) all donning a pair while on and off the red carpet, further cementing their smart-casual appeal. Rest assured, their reign is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Originally published on Esquire UK

BBC Studios

On BBC's Doctor Who, there is a long, long (I'm talking, like, since the 1960s kind of long) tradition of each new generation of the Doctor having his or her own distinctive look. For David Tennant's Doctor, it was a slim-fitting pinstripe suit, a tie, and Converse high-tops. For Matt Smith's Doctor, it was a funky red bow tie, suspenders, and, often, a tweed blazer. And for the newest Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa), it boils down to something simultaneously fresh and vintage: Grenson's Sneaker 51.

BBC Studios

Gatwa debuted as the Fifteenth Doctor in last year's Christmas special. As is par for the course for Doctor Who, he kicked some alien ass, saved a few lives with his new companion, and introduced the world to his iteration of the iconic character. And he did all of it in a British heritage brand that combines history with modernity. At the end of the day, isn't that the heart and soul of Doctor Who?

Really, there couldn't be a more fitting shoe of choice for the Doctor than Sneaker 51. Grenson, as a footwear company, can trace its English roots all the way back to 1866. The brand made a name for itself by crafting high-quality, traditional footwear for over 150 years. Just the blink of an eye, if you're the Doctor. He's evolving with the times to produce modernised footwear and accessories. Now, the brand has a factory in Rushden, Northamptonshire. It's not quite Gallifrey. But it's clearly a place where the Doctor can source some "G"-logo kicks that are good enough for escaping a goblin spaceship.

BBC Studios

The Sneaker 51 (which the Doctor pairs with a very retro outfit) takes its inspiration from sneakers of the '70s. It has calf leather and suede panels that imbue the style with a fresh feel. The shoes, like Doctor Who, are British heritage pieces brought back to life for the 21st century, paying homage to their roots. Gatwa's new season of Doctor Who doesn't air until later, but if the showrunners are already building Fifteen's identity down to the very detail of his shoes, this is going to be another era of the show that's absolutely unmissable.

Originally published on Esquire US

Singer-songwriter and model Iman Fandi, professional footballers Harhys Stewart and Marc Ryan Tan. ADIDAS

Is it too late to say the footwear and apparel collection entail a series of inspired gifts, installations and games this entire month? Maybe. Doesn't mean you can't drop everything you're doing this very moment and rush down to flagship store adidas Brand Centre Orchard (BCO).

A little context about Samba and Sambae

Some history for meaning and significance. These shoes made appearances on global runways and most famously on the feet of Pharrell Williams, were first introduced at the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. The combination of fitted leather panels, padded suede toe box and incredible grip from the rubber outsole made the Samba—dare we say it—the best-known indoor soccer shoe of its time. It allegedly offered players a one-to-one fit and unmatched kicking precision.

Naturally, the sleek, instantly recognisable design paired with the iconic 3-Stripes design then made its way into British youth fashion circles. And now, an icon for the brand. So much so that it got its own modern rendition, the Sambae. By altering the proportions of the timeless trainers through the lens of current fashion sensibilities, it maintains design elements like the suede T-toe box and classic leather upper, yet delivers a chunkier design with an exaggerated rubber platform midsole.

Spot the Hidden Sambas Contest

To celebrate this rich heritage, the brand commissioned local artist Iqbal to encapsulate it all in a Streets of Samba mural at the BCO entrance. Besides depicting a a central London street taken over by numerous adidas Samba OGs, the easter egg here is to spot the correct number to win an actual pair of adidas Originals Samba OG or Sambae.

A lowdown of the T&Cs

The contest is open only to adiClub members and public Instagram profiles, via a creative IGS story of the giant installations, the guesses, and @adidassg and #adidasSG tags. Three winners with the correct guesses and most creative submissions will be selected from 8 Jan 2024.

Other member perks


How long does it take for a collaboration to manifest? Six months? A year? If you're like Sole Superior and Saint Barkley, the road to the end product can take up to four years. But it's worth the wait as the union borne out of mutual admiration for each other yields these limited-edition kicks.

Limited to 500 pairs, this collaboration caused quite a kerfuffle back in 2022. A sample pair was first introduced at Sole Superior last November and then at the Jakarta Sneaker Day in February 2023. It was during the latter when the samples were absconded from its display case.

But when life gives you lemons, you turn it into a marketing opportunity—Saint Barkley and Sole Superior offered a reward to anyone who turn in the stolen samples. In an IG post, Saint Barkley and Sole Superior extoll the sneaker thief for their "terrific taste" and chided their "terrible ethics". The samples were never recovered.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

But what is it about the Sole Superior x Saint Barkley sneakers that made it so seductive that theft was its only recourse?

Well, taking inspiration from the 'Scratch N Sniff' stickers of the 1980s, the shoes sport bubblegum-scented tongues. These releases that contraband scent when your foot comes in contact with it. The upper is a peach /suede with light-reflective stitching. Adorned with Saint Barkley's signature volt green sole, the white vulcanised rubber midsole looks striking from the contrast. ensuring your sneakers and surroundings smell as fresh as they look. To top it all off, the sneakers come in a special clear window shoebox. Each purchase of the shoes will also get you three exclusive Saint Barkley x Sole Superior air fresheners.

Not only do you have a sneaker release, there's also the limited apparel capsule collection. A t-shirt, cap, and coach jacket—these items complement your new kicks. These are available in limited quantities as well.

Two teenagers wear the Saint Barkley x Sole Superior t-shirts. They look cool.

Saint Barkley x Sole Superior limited kicks retails for SGD66. The collection drops today at Saint Barkley's physical store in Indonesia or if you're not based over there, you can purchase them online.