Local Sneaker Con OGs Celebrate 10 Years

Sole Superior returns with another edition of its sneaker con as well as to celebrate its 10th anniversary
Published: 22 November 2023

Many things happen in a decade. Alex Ferguson retired from Man U; China ended their One Child Policy; the Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire; uh, remember Covid anyone? A lot can happen in 10 years but we're glad to see Jon Fong and Dexter Tan still organising their sneaker cons.

Called Sole Superior, this was the original sneaker con that met the needs of local sneakerheads. The passion project between Fong and Tan started appropriately enough when they were in the queue for a sneaker release and, this year, for its 10th anniversary, the duo celebrates their milestone with a sneaker con worthy of the occasion.

For one, Sole Superior breaks tradition by holding its con in Singapore's lore-ridden neighbourhood, Yishun. Specifically at the grounds of HomeTeamNS Khatib. The clubhouse's Grand Ballroom is a sprawling 1,014 square metre space that will house a menagerie of vendors and exclusives that fans can look forward to.

What to Expect

One of. the many merry merch.
  • Exclusive SUPER10R 2023 Merchandise: Illustrator, Alex Lim will put his mark (design) on limited-edition Hydro Flask bottles and exclusive event tees (only 50 pieces up for grabs).

  • Sole Superior x Saint Barkley Collab: Do you like your suede kicks with scented tongues and possessing that peachy bravado? We got you covered. We posted about these Singapore-Indonesia sneakers but it bears repeating that will be available to 100 pairs out of the 500 made and will retail at SGD66.

  • Sole Superior Archive Giveaway and Lucky Draw Prizes: Win from a treasure trove of archived merchandise (sold-out and deadstock items). Lucky winners might snag coveted pieces from Limited Edt, SBTG, Adidas, Pras The Bandit, Temple of Skate, Tell Your Children and more.
  • Superior Kids’ Area and T-shirt Design Competition: Are you the sort to utter that your kid can do better than the abstract work by artists? Why not, have them design a t-shirt. Do it, you mouthy coward, I'll wait. Or if you're the nice parent, who believe that art is subjective and just want to let kids be, have your little ones embrace their inner artist with a t-shirt design competition. The top three designs will see production and sales in 2024.

  • Community Marketplace/ Indie Vendors: A plethora of fineries will be available. Punish those naughty peddlers with your money!

Celebrating one's 10th year isn't just a recognition of survival; it's an event. One that is supported by a thriving community of streetwear enthusiasts. Step once more into the breach. Return to a world where style, culture and community collide in the most superior fashion imaginable.

Sole Superior will be held this Saturday, 25 November at HomeTeamNS Khatib (2 Yishun Walk, Singapore 767944). The event will run from noon to 8pm. Tickets are now available.

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