Brands do this all the time. Collaborate with a fellow renowned brand or commission a notable person of interest. Nonetheless, if the brief here is not so much novelty but an apt fit for the occasion: Johnnie Walker clearly understood the assignment.

When you see the work of Taiwanese-American artist James Jean, you can’t think of a better mind to conceptualise what the Year of the Dragon could look like as a Blue Label skin. The vibrant, sinewy, yet altogether modern aesthetic wraps around the bottle in a playful, textural imprint.

According to Jean, the natural motifs prevalent in his work takes on the form of flowers and organic tendrils. These floral traits evoke the idea of roots; a connection. These are the bridges between respect for the past and looking ahead to the future with hope.

Celebrated artist James Jean and his designed Johnnie Walker bottle

Plus, the most powerful creature in the Chinese Zodiac and the highest-grade whisky in the JW collection? Insert Epic Handshake meme. If you're familiar with the Blue Label, you'd know that the blend is made from unparalleled—a term not lightly used here—Johnnie Walker reserves of Scotch maturation.

How Many Makes the Cut?

Chiefly because only one in 10,000 make the cut. It's selected from 10 million casks; of which some irreplaceable ones are sourced from long-closed ‘ghost’ distilleries (Cambus, Pittyvaich, Brora, Port Ellen, for the whisky experts among you). A 12-strong blending team infuses these rarities from across all four regions of Scotland, and it’s these very complexities that the visual artist was inspired to interpret.

“There are hidden elements in the picture as well—layers to be discovered, just like the layers in this incredible whisky,” he says, “I want the viewer to peel back the layers and discover more about the image. I want my work to function from far away but reveal more details the more closely you explore the imagery.”

Now where better to witness it up close than in Depth of Blue Room. The brand’s first flagship bar in Southeast Asia sits at the Park Hyatt Bangkok penthouse. It enhances the launch experience with a multi-sensory tasting complete with dedicated cocktails, an immersive room and scented touches. It presented a truly extravagant, thematic dive into what makes Blue Label a big deal.

It’s far from the first time a brand has pulled out all the stops. But such a celebration is certainly a worthy altar for a release as limited edition as this.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (James Jean edition) is out now.

Baccarat and MO BAR join forces to create an enchanting celebration for the Year of the Dragon. The partnership, a highlight of Baccarat's Cocktail World Tour, unfolds at MO BAR. Patrons will have an exclusive experience with dragon-inspired cocktails. MO BAR Singapore presents four signature cocktails as part of the "Ripples of Pleasure" collection. Each cocktail is a manifestation of the "joie à vivre," an ode to finding delight in life's little pleasures, symbolised by the elegance of crystal glassware. The cocktails will, of course, be served in Baccarat’s dazzling crystal barware. 

First on the list, the "Blue Manhattan" pays homage to classic New York City vibes, blending Johnnie Walker Blue Label with the oaky finish of Hinoki Bitters.

Next, the "Walker Sour" challenges the line between dessert and cocktail, featuring Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Bourbon Oak Barrel Syrup, and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in the elegant Baccarat Narcisse Coupe. 

Meanwhile, the "Disaronno Expectations" in Baccarat Harmonie Highball unveils a tropical-meets-smoky fusion with mezcal, Disaronno Amaretto and Verjuice.

Closing the quartet is the "Insomniac" in Baccarat Beluga Tumbler, awakening the senses with Osmanthus Aged Rum, Mr. Black Coffee, and Coconut Water— a cool, sunrise-ready concoction.

Indulge in the artistry of Baccarat's "Ripples of Pleasure" cocktails and savour the harmonious fusion of crystal and creativity at MO BAR. Priced at SGD38++ each, these cocktails will be available until 29 February 2024. The Baccarat collection is also available at its two boutiques, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Department Store B1.

It's Chinese New Year and, of course, the brands will capitalise on the Year of the Dragon. We compiled several dragon-themed fashion pieces before and this time, we are showcasing spirits. From Martell to Asahi, here are some of our favourites.


Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition—The Swift of Peace

In this collaborative effort, Martell worked with Vincent Darré. Known for his flamboyant creations Darré brings a contemporary vision to this exclusive release.

Darré delved into Martell's archival illustrations and accounts to immerse himself in the alchemy of the distillery. He evoked the grace of doves of peace; weaving an allegory where the Martell Swift becomes a universal messenger of warmth and generosity. The blue ribbon of Martell Cordon Bleu serves as the thread connecting the swifts, mirroring the cognac's ability to unite people with its generous taste. In Darré's vision, the Martell Swift is a cognac ambassador, traversing land and sea to deliver a message of hospitality to all corners of the world. The gift box is a cut-away masterpiece that tells the story of the bottle: the swifts, the globe and the blue ribbon create a portrayal of the Swift's voyage and the globally acclaimed Martell Cordon Bleu. True to Darré's signature style, both the box and the bottle exhibit a watercolour effect.

Martell Noblige Limited Edition – The Surreal Encounter

Another bottle that Vincent Darré tackled is the Martell Noblige. His animal of choice? The stately dragon. As this Lunar New Year's latest zodiac representative, the dragon pays tribute to the meeting of two cultures, represented by a magnificent, dazzling dragon and an elegant, stylised Swift, symbolising Maison Martell’s spirit of freedom. It also highlights the historic connection between China and Martell, thanks of their first shipment to the country in 1858.

The bottle and gift box depict ships laden with precious cognac are guided on their voyage. From France, its marked by flying swifts, while twin dragons welcome them on their arrival in China.

Royal Salute 21 Year Old Lunar New Year Limited Edition 

Royal Salute, the blended aged Scotch whisky brand unveils a special edition gift pack. The artwork is courtesy of Chinese-born creator Yunshu Li. Echoing the festivity's vibrancy, it cradles the regal elixir—the Royal Salute 21 Year Old Signature Blend.

With a dazzling swirl of details, Li weaves figurative cues, unleashing a cascade of colour that captures the spirit of celebration. The iconic "gun salute" is a shot fired from the Tower of London; the bouquets symbolises wishes of happiness, growth, prosperity and love. At its core, the 21 Year Old Signature Blend, is a sophisticated and opulent character. With notes of ripened fruits and delicate spice notes, making it the choice for the elevation of celebratory moments.

William Grant & Sons

Glenfiddich A Gift For Blossoming Futures

Glenfiddich's celebrates with "A Gift For Blossoming Futures." Collaborating with Raku Inoue, this limited edition collection symbolises the anticipation of new starts and a life in full bloom. Inspired by nature, Inoue's artistry breathes life into the fusion of the iconic Glenfiddich stag and the mythical Wood Dragon.

This limited edition series extends throughout Glenfiddich's core range— the Reserva Rum Cask 21 Year Old pack, the 12, 15 and 18 Year Old variants. Each gift pack comes with Glenfiddich-branded whisky glasses.

(Find an immersive Glenfiddich experience at the CNY Pop-Up at Suntec City Atrium Tower 3 & 4 until February 4, 2024.)



Macallan's "A Night on Earth," a single malt Scotch whisky that transcends the ordinary. It's about reuniting with a loved one and this limited-edition bottle is the product after the maturation in sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks with American ex-bourbon barrels.

Working with mixed-media artist Nini Sum from Shanghai, each layer of the pack becomes a canvas of meaning. Sum's vibrant illustrations adorn each "A Night on Earth" package. From the first glimpse to the final pour, every moment with "A Night on Earth" is designed to invoke a sense of awe.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Lunar New Year edition (James Jean)

Artist James Jean can do no wrong and he gives the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle a lovely festive facelift. In his reinterpretation of the Wood Dragon, the serpentine beast "springs from bountiful flora
and fauna, and bursts to life with auspicious ambition". Composed of flora elements, the dragon sits in a layered artwork that has nods to Johnnie Walker like the chrysanthemums that represents the liquid gold. "I want the viewer to peel back the layers and discover more about the image," Jean says. "I want my work to function from far away but reveal more details the more closely you explore the imagery.”

Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore

Hennessy "Dragon's Odyssey" collection (Yang Yongliang)

From left: the Hennessy V.S.O.P, Paradis and X.O; all given the Yang Yongliang treatment

Roping in the talents of Chinese multimedia artist, Yang Yongliang, the "Dragon's Odyssey" collection takes the traditional dragon and breathes new life into it via a digital reworking. Hennessy has its bottles—Hennessy V.S.O.P; Paradis and Hennessy X.O—given a makeover that's inspired by Yang's "Dragon's Odyssey" piece. The V.S.O.P is a vibrant red hue to usher in CNY and the Paradis the porcelain decanter features hand-painted gold dragon motifs and is crafted by Bernardaud, a 160 year-old French heritage porcelain maker. The Paradis is limited in 485 numbered pieces. Lastly, the X.O is another limited edition that comes in a gold colourway.


Benriach The Twelve Dragon Edition

From Speyside, Scotland, Benriach puts out its 2020 relaunch of its 12 year olds. Called The Twelve, the single malt was overseen by Master Blender Rachel Barrie as it mature in a troika of casks—sherry, bourbon, and Port. The results are dried fruit notes, coffee and spices. This limited edition is made even special thanks to the dragon edition; the taste is the same but the design gets a CNY treatment.


Asahi Super Dry (Hermippe)

Asahi gives their Super Dry beer the pixelated once-over. Japanese pixel artist, Hermippe, gives his own spin of the dragon. Hermippe’s intricate design uses something called a “mixel”, which is a technique that combines several types of dot sizes to create the illustration. The final result is the dragon that reflects a future full of possibilities and with the collaboration, it gives the vibrancy of modern Japan.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, adidas sets the stage for a blazing start to the Year of the Dragon with the release of the SS24 Originals Key City Tee. Collaborating with local artist Erika Tay (@erikartoon), adidas brings forth a celebration of local culture and childhood nostalgia through her character inspired by a local icon.

In Chinese legends, the dragon symbolises power and authority, and Tay's artistic vision transforms the mythical beast into a contemporary streetwear masterpiece. Tay, who previously left her artistic mark on adidas' AW23 Performance Key City Tee "Ultraboost by the Bay," takes inspiration from the famed Dragon Playground for the latest design. Breathing new life into the dragon character, Tay's localised interpretation sports sleek adidas Originals gear, shoes, and accessories, while incorporating the vibrant mosaic tiles of the playground drawn on its head.

"The Dragon Playground at Ang Mo Kio, in particular, has held many cherished memories of my childhood spent at my grandparents' house. Those memories have sparked my inspiration to bring the Dragon character to life," shares Tay. This personal connection adds a layer of authenticity to the design, making it not just a piece of apparel but a nostalgic journey into the artist's own history.

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The Dragon Key City Tee (SGD69) is now available at Brand Centre Orchard, Bugis+, Bugis Junction, Changi Terminal 1, ION Orchard, Jewel, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec City, VivoCity Originals, VivoCity Performance adidas stores.

Kenzo souvenir jackets get emblazoned with the dragon for the Lunar New Year.

And just like that, the Christmas decorations have gone down and we're on our way to celebrate a new Lunar Year. It's a rather special one too—the Year of the Dragon is arguably the most celebrated of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. It may not have topped the mythological race that determined the order of the Lunar Calendar (that honour goes to the Rat, for the uninitiated) but the Dragon's powerful stature and connotations confer it the most favoured Zodiac.

It's a given then that the Year of the Dragon capsule collections this year have been amped up in line with the Dragon's popularity as well as its sought-after traits of power, nobility, success, and luck.

We can't guarantee that your year will be for the better wearing even just one of these new threads. But at the very least, you're taking some ownership of it and that's something even the most skeptic of persons could get behind.

The dragon that ate

Kenzo's capsule collection features motifs that you're already familiar with from the brand. The Kenzo tiger remains a key insignia that's apparent in the collection's ready-to-wear range, with a dragon motif making its appearance. On Kenzo bombers, souvenir jackets, hoodies and more, the dragon takes a figure-eight formation, while a more stylised interpretation is fitted onto back pockets of denims and a slew of lightweight jerseys and tracksuits.

The Kenzo Lunar New Year capsule is now available in Kenzo boutiques.

A new dawn

Newly crowned Bottega Veneta brand ambassador Shu Qi stars in The First Sunrise with You, a campaign short by director Jess Jing Zou. The film depicts scenes of Shu Qi and a host of other individuals—friends, romantic partners, and families—venturing out and watching the sun rise in anticipation of a new year. Accompanying them are a number of pieces specially crafted to the Year of the Dragon. The Orbit sneakers are rendered in new colours (including a rather soothing orange), a dragon motif is interwoven as part if the House's Intrecciato technique on a tote, and the beloved Jodie is trimmed with a handle inspired by a dragon's tail.

Meet Tanilla

Dior Men's version of the Dragon is perhaps the most adorable of the lot. In collaboration with Japanese artist Otani Workshop, Tanilla the green monster is the central character that's featured in a myriad of ways throughout the capsule collection. The dragon-like creature is prominent on a number of ready-to-wear pieces, including on the Dior Oblique in Lunar New Year appropriate burgundy and pink hues. Splashes of red run rampant throughout too—both as a nod to one of Monsieur Dior's favourite colours as well as the festivities.

The Dior & Otani Workshop capsule collection is now available in Dior Men boutiques and on

Go for gold

Emporio Armani taps on its global ambassador Jackson Yee to be the face of its Year of the Dragon collection. The colour palette of the collection is kept relatively simple and wearable with black and red. The Emporio Armani logo is then paired with an embroidered dragon motif—both done largely in gold—to pile on the symbols of prosperity and fortune. Opt for just one single piece from the collection and you're good to go.

The right kind of red

Like many others in this edit, Polo Ralph Lauren's latest Lunar New Year collection sees its very own interpretation of the dragon. The brand takes a more traditional slant with a multicoloured version placed front and centre on clasic Polo Ralph Lauren staples. But what the brand captured exceptionally well is the shade of red—a tasteful hue that's not too bright and not too muted. It's beautifully executed on a reworked Oxford shirt decorated with frog fastenings, and even a classic jumper.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Lunar New Year collection is now available in stores and online.

Time-honoured craft

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Trust Loewe to commission master craftsmen as part of its Lunar New Year capsule collection. Simply referred to as the Jade collection, master jade carvers Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng each created a series of five limited edition pendants mounted onto gold chains. In addition to the limited edition pieces, Loewe expands its Flamenco series with the Purse Mini bags in colours inspired by antique jade carvings, with each bag containing an attached ring of jade in its corresponding colour on the inside. Charms and key chains are also part of the mix—each combined with signature Loewe motifs.

The Loewe Jade collection is now available in boutiques and online.

A sophomore collaborative effort

MCM and BAPE® return for another capsule collection. This time, the BAPE® logo is entwined with a dragon and is featured on every piece in the collection, including a Visetos-decorated Shark hoodie. MCM's signature silhouettes the likes of its Backpack, Belt Bag, Crossbody, Boston and more, have been transformed even further with the inclusion of a transparent version of BAPE®'s camouflage pattern. This is definitely not a collection for anyone with minimalist leanings.

The MCM and BAPE® collaboration is now available in select MCM and BAPE® stores.

For good luck and prosperity

Burberry does things the Burberry way. Building on British wardrobe archetypes and Burberry signatures, its Lunar New Year collection refreshes classic checks and house motifs in vibrant hues of red. The seasonal rose motif is also seen in full bloom, perfectly matching new eyewear styles. And if you need a reference of how to pull off the collection's patterns, you'd only need to look to brand ambassador Chen Kun for inspiration.

The Burberry Lunar New Year collection is now available in boutiques and online.

Just the tip

The Moncler logo has been reimagined specifically for its latest Lunar New Year collection. The outline has been replaced with the head of a dragon. Three looks for men have been created for the collection, with quilting designed to resemble the scales of a dragon and body armour. So if you've already made plans for the last remnants of snow on the slopes or just a winter holiday over Lunar New Year, there's no better collection than this.

The Moncler Year of the Dragon collection is now available in select Moncler boutiques.

The mighty Dragonite

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The OG dragon of the Pokémon series, Dragonite, together with its pre-evolutions take centrestage in a three-way collaboration with Fendi, Hiroshi Fujiwara's Fragment, and Pokémon. The collaboration goes as simple as a tee and hoodie printed with the charismatic dragon Pokémon to leather marquetry of Dratini and Dragonite on Mini Baguette and Baguette bags respectively. Galvanised brass jewellery combines the FF logo with Pokémon signatures such as a Poké Ball (that opens up to reveal the FF logo) as well as Dratini and Dragonair.

The Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon collection is now available in select Fendi boutiques and online.