Are you a coffee fanatic? If so, you've likely heard of Bacha Coffee, a café with that vibe that's reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film. It all started in the historic Dar el Bacha Palace that was built in 1910. The area hosted influential cultural and political figures who enjoyed exquisite Arabica brews.


With the palace's interior, with its carved cedar wood ceilings, black-and-white marble floors, and vibrant zellige mosaics, showcases Moroccan craftsmanship. These design elements are now reflected in Bacha Coffee's outlets. Since its closing 60 years ago, Bacha Coffee revived its reputation by sourcing a diverse selection of 100 per cent Arabica coffees from around the world.

Adding to Bacha's Coffee Bag Gift Box collection are two new blends: King of Africa and Moroccan Sahara. The birthplace of civilisation, Africa is a continent that's hammered by an unforgiving environment. Rich with minerals, all these climate hard-loving produces some pretty unique characteristics in their beans. For the King of Africa Coffee, the lush highlands of Africa yield notes of wild hazelnut, cracked cacao and honeyed banana. While the Morocco's Atlantic coastlines are assailed by the unrelenting waves and sea tang, which gives it that mix of oasis coconut, honeyed nuts and the warmth of cracked cacao beans. Each Coffee Bag Gift Box contains 12 single-serve drip coffee bags.

Discover the King of Africa and Moroccan Sahara at all Bacha Coffee boutiques in Singapore or online. And if those blends do not catch your fancy, don't worry, because Bacha offers over 200 coffees to choose from.