O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Millenia Walk takes its eco-friendly Christmas to another level: Celebrating nature's gift in festive style
Published: 19 December 2023

Expectations for the Christmas season: carollers; oversized socks; a red-suited invader who is, for some reason, rewarded with milk and cookies. And trees, ah yes, Christmas trees. Nothing like the forceful extraction of an evergreen conifer and watching it succumb to the tropical elements after drabbing its corpse in fairy lights, baubles and an inaccurate angel (sorry folks, I'm OT [Old Testament] when it comes to my many-eyed wheeled beings).

The conventional yuletrees are erected at our local malls but Millenia Walk embarks on a meaningful sustainable route. This year, you'll find a special tree at their establishment; one that isn't made out of leaves, bark or plastic. Instead, it is made out of… chairs?

Called the The Millenia Walk Seed Tree, this structure is designed in collaboration with Timber Actually and Charlotte Puxley Flowers. Made from upcycled wood by Timber Actually, the 7-metre tall installation doubles up as a photo op and as a resting area. Held together without nails, the tree is made up of 800 seating blocks (or "seeds"); arranged in alternating layers of Angsana and Mahogany African Mahogany wood.

There will be programmes that visitors can partake in. Explore the evolution of Singapore’s verdant landscape and discover the symbiosis between nature and humans. Learn about native tree species that lined our streets and how you can contribute to the preservation of nature in our daily lives.

Venture through the Neighbourhood Tree Trail, which combines visionaries from the fields of architecture, art and design. Installations from creatives like MM (Marcus Yang and Milon Goh), Aeropalmics (Dawn Ang) and Pass it On will be on display.

The ethos of sustainability goes beyond mere displays. Millenia Walk tenants are in on the action—Commune, OVAS and Flower Matters. With activities like sustainable dinner party setups, these programmes encourage shoppers to reconcile responsible hosting practices and environmental consciousness.

Millenia Walk's Seed Tree isn't just about the commercial aspects of the season. lights and festive cheer—it's a celebration that honours nature's precious gift while inspiring us all to embrace sustainable living in the most joyous ways possible.

Millenia Walk's Seed Tree will run until 31 December.

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