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The Umbrella Academy Comes to an End in this Teaser

3 June 2024
The dysfunctional family of superheroics return for one final adventure

Saint Laurent Productions Premiered in a Big Way

28 May 2024
The production arm of Saint Laurent made its official debut in Cannes with a trio of films

Cannes Film Festival 2024: Which Movies Will We Be Arguing About This Year?

9 May 2024
Saltburn alums, Emma Stone, and Swift’s ex all head to the Croisette

Fallout: How to Play All 8 Games in Chronological Order

7 May 2024
Looking to check out Bethesda’s postapocalyptic universe before the debut of its Prime Video adaptation? You’ve arrived at the right place.

The Rise of Pop Culture Cookbooks

6 May 2024
A new genre of cookbooks is reverse engineering the foods of all your favourite pieces of pop culture. Now your stomach can travel to Westeros,…

Joker Finds Love in this Folie á Deux Teaser

11 April 2024
Welp, the teaser to the Joker sequel is out and it looks like our titular villain (protagonist?) found love

The Beetlejuice Sequel Returns in This Teaser

31 March 2024
Featuring familiar faces, Tim Burton's Beetlejuice sequel has finally released a trailer

The Acolyte: Everything We Know So Far

24 March 2024
The prequel will take us farther and farther away—to a sleek-looking, pre-Skywalker galaxy

Paul Bettany Dreams of a Better World

21 March 2024
A lovelorn tennis player, a gangster striving to be numero uno, a vampire slayer, Geoffrey Chaucer, and lately, a superhero robot… Paul Bettany plays these roles…

The Crow: Everything We Know So Far

15 March 2024
Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs star in the gritty, badass-looking remake of the cult classic

The Best Reactions to the 2024 Oscars

12 March 2024
Now Presenting: (Mostly) Naked John Cena, Messi's Hollywood ascent, and the Kenification of the Academy Awards

10-Word Film Review: Oppenheimer

11 March 2024
We watch 'em and we review 'em. Here are our two-cents on Oppenheimer
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