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Paul Bettany Dreams of a Better World

21 March 2024
A lovelorn tennis player, a gangster striving to be numero uno, a vampire slayer, Geoffrey Chaucer, and lately, a superhero robot… Paul Bettany plays these roles…

The Crow: Everything We Know So Far

15 March 2024
Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs star in the gritty, badass-looking remake of the cult classic

The Best Reactions to the 2024 Oscars

12 March 2024
Now Presenting: (Mostly) Naked John Cena, Messi's Hollywood ascent, and the Kenification of the Academy Awards

10-Word Film Review: Oppenheimer

11 March 2024
We watch 'em and we review 'em. Here are our two-cents on Oppenheimer

The End is Different with the Latest Fallout Trailer

9 March 2024
Another video game adaption looks prime to be another breakthrough as this trailer shows

Dune: Part Two: The Best Memes and Reacts

5 March 2024
Want to see someone ride a sandworm through a movie theatre?

The Culture of Korean Celebrities and Fan Service

4 March 2024
For the entertainment of their legions of fans across the globe, Korean celebrities are notably some of the most accessible out there. Here’s the secret:…

Shōgun Is Based on a Real Power Struggle

4 March 2024
FX's buzzy new series is based on a real Japanese power struggle.

Madame Web Bombs at the Box Office... But Who's to Blame?

3 March 2024
Going to be a difficult web to untangle...

All the Dune: Part Two Fashion by Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler

23 February 2024
A complete list of the outfits Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler were seen in during Dune: Part Two's press tour

Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis: When, Who and What

17 February 2024
Get ready for “Julius Caesar meets Blade Runner”

Recapping Dune Before Watching Dune: Part Two

17 February 2024
Sure you liked the film, but do you remember what actually happened?