Unpopular Opinion: All Celebrities Are Overrated

23 April 2024
And this isn’t even a fresh notion

The Sense Of An Ending

16 April 2024
For Esquire columnist Jonathan Seidler, death had always seemed like a distant concept. But when he lost his father and then his neighbour, the only…

A Matter of Taste: It’s Better to Give

24 March 2024
Opening this issue dedicated to the spirit of giving, our columnist looks at conscious luxury, lavish philanthropy and youthful lingo

What I’ve Learnt: Billie Joe Armstrong

21 March 2024
Lead singer and guitarist of Green Day, 51

Unpopular Opinion: Monotasking isn’t Going to Kill You

12 March 2024
When did you last properly participate in one singular thing at a time?

Inside My Mid-Life Crisis

3 March 2024
After 40, most of us start to panic about what we have (or haven’t) accomplished. Me? I’m learning that there’s more to life than being…

A Matter of Taste: The Fruits of Passion

29 February 2024
From artisans to start-up entrepreneurs, rank-and-file employees to corporate CEOs, harnessing passion is the key to success in 2024, our columnist writes

What I've Learnt: Wong Keen

26 February 2024
Abstract Expressionist Artist, 81

The Weird and Wonderful World of Urban Camping

23 February 2024
The editor-in-chief at Modded, Oscar Collins, explores the fields of camping in the city

What's With Trump's Gold High Top Sneakers?

20 February 2024
Trump's Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker is the latest on why I will always be confused by what goes on in America

Peace Through Design

18 February 2024
Can design win out over the seemingly prevailing powers of war? Independent design advisor and consultant, Cyril Zammit, talks about it

The Best Thing is Quitting the Office to Travel the World

12 February 2024
James Wong, writer-at-large, on his origins in escaping the rat race.