Prepare to get your whistles wet with the return of Whisky Live Singapore. Organised by La Maison Du Whisky, this grand celebration of exceptional tipples—once held at Andaz—will now grace a new scenic location—the Singapore Flyer. Over two days (18-19 November), the event will feature a gamut of spirits, masterclasses and new highlights. But how do you expand on what is an already-successful alcohol festival? We got Arthur Morbois, Managing Director of La Maison du Whisky, to spill the beans on that and more.

What can we expect from the 2023 Whisky Live Singapore (WLS)?

We expect higher attendance from both consumers and trade partners. There are also more masterclasses to help our guests discover more about their favourite spirits. 

With a strong focus on education and information, Whisky Live Singapore will showcase a diverse lineup of booths, exhibits, masterclasses and tasting sessions. Over 800 members of the trade and 100 participating brands will provide unprecedented insights into the drinks industry. 

We understand that WLS will be hosted at the Singapore Flyer.

While this is our first time setting up Whisky Live Singapore 2023 at the Singapore Flyer, it will be a triumph as it will be our festival's 12th edition. I anticipate that this move will solidify its position as the authoritative spirits show in the region.

Is that your biggest challenge for this 2023 edition?

Our biggest challenge had been the logistics and planning of moving to the Singapore Flyer—a challenge we wholeheartedly embraced. 

After 11 years of pioneering the way for whiskies and fine spirits in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it was time for Whisky Live Singapore to step out of its comfort zone. We want to firmly establish it as a fixture on local, regional, and international calendars. 

The move to the Singapore Flyer will open doors like never before. Whatever challenges will soon transformed into opportunities that we fully intend to maximise. We've also added Cocktail and Food Street next to the venue as the cherry on top. Hosting the event at such a prominent local landmark gives Whisky Live Singapore a prestigious and significant association.

Cocktail and Food Street?

Cocktail and Food Street fully takes advantage of the Singapore Flyer as a venue. It'll serve as an additional platform to engage with an anticipated attendance of over 3,000 visitors. 

Bringing together bartenders with curated food partners, we were inspired in part by similar themes our sister show, Whisky Live Paris. Non-ticketed and open to the general public, Cocktail and Food Street embodies what Whisky Live Singapore 2023's move to the Singapore Flyer is. That this is for everyone, regardless of their level of interest.

A preview of Whisky Live Singapore in the Singapore Flyer capsule

How do you plan to use the Singapore Flyer as part of the Whisky Live event?

The move from the Andaz Hotel, where previous editions were held, to the Singapore Flyer has proven to be almost as big of an attraction as Whisky Live Singapore itself! It’s a fresh and original avenue to welcome the friends we’ve made over a decade. It's to celebrate how Whisky Live Singapore has gone from strength to strength. 

The association of the Singapore Flyer with Whisky Live Singapore is significant. As the venue, the Singapore Flyer has the potential to make Whisky Live Singapore 2023 the most memorable edition to date. Imagine looking out over the iconic Singapore skyline and waterfront with your best friends and favourite brands. That can only lead to breathtaking moments.

Are there more masterclasses for Whisky Live Singapore?

Our focus for each Whisky Live Singapore event has always been to serve as a reference point for information and education in the whisky and spirits industry. Each edition provides a fantastic opportunity to connect the wider public with passionate members of the trade. That's when the magic happens. 

Whisky Live Singapore 2023 will feature more than 20 masterclasses, doubling the number from 2022. They will be held in two dedicated meeting rooms. By increasing the number of expert voices in additional seminars, we hope to provide valuable insights and ignite passion that will have an impact on both our public and trade guests.

Arthur Morbois, Managing Director of La Maison du Whisky

Why is Singapore the ideal location to host Whisky Live?

The passion exhibited by Singaporeans towards whisky and fine spirits is truly inspiring. Especially when it comes to their enthusiasm for welcoming new expressions, bottlings, labels and distillers. As well as their openness to acquiring knowledge about the practices and methods involved in crafting such works of art. 

Geographically, Singapore's importance to the Southeast Asian region as a gateway cannot be overstated. Firstly, it serves as an entry point for brands from established regions seeking to enter Asia via Whisky Live Singapore. Secondly, it provides a launchpad for the rapidly growing distilling culture of Singapore's neighbours. Countries like Cambodia, Australia and India, to help them gain prominence outside of Asia. 

Whisky Live Singapore is the perfect platform for brands and connoisseurs to come together under a single roof. It's where important conversations and interactions occur, furthering the growth of the Southeast Asian spirits industry. We see Singapore taking on an increasingly significant role in this regard as time goes on.

Who are the major partners for Whisky Live?

Luminaries such as Amrut’s Ashok Chokalingam; Velier CEO Luca Gargano; Foursquare’s Richard Seale; Neisson’s Grégory Vernant and Waterford Founder Mark Reynier will be present. Whisky Live Singapore is all about public education, and there’s no better opportunity than together with the makers.

Registration and ticketing for Whisky Live Singapore is now open. Buy tickets with any of our codes for SG$30 off (ESQ_WLSSAT23; ESQ_WLSSUN23). VIP and Connoisseur Passes are still available.