Cartier is set to commemorate Trinity's centennial with a pioneering pop-up experience, offering an immersive journey delving into every facet of this quintessential jewellery piece. The Trinity 100 pop-up is set to allow visitors to explore the rich history, intricate craftsmanship, and symbolism of the Trinity design. Meanwhile, they also have the opportunity to engage through interactive displays, artistic installations, and curated exhibits.

Originally designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity has evolved into an iconic symbol recognised worldwide. Over the past century, this innovative design—comprising three interlocking rings in varying shades of gold, representing love, friendship, and diversity—has maintained its universal appeal. It's a masterpiece that has been worn by many famous faces—from Alain Delon to Paul Mescal to Jackson Wang—and was inspired by an idea from Jean Cocteau, the cutting-edge French playwright, designer and poet. Fascinated by Saturn's encircling rings, Cocteau asked his friend Louis to create a personal adornment for his little finger, transforming the intricate planetary ring system into a timeless emblem.

At the Arts House in Singapore, the Maison will unveil a unique collaborative project titled Imagine Infinite Circles. This revolutionary initiative brings together over 100 works by creative figures from diverse disciplines and backgrounds worldwide. Each piece pays homage to Trinity, celebrating it as an endless wellspring of inspiration.

Curated by French art curator and artistic director Jérôme Sans at Cartier's request, the exquisite collection showcases 30 selected works that resonate deeply with the cultural and artistic spirit of Singapore. Through this project, Cartier aims to highlight the universal appeal and timeless beauty of the Trinity design, fostering a global appreciation for its enduring legacy.


The Cartier Trinity 100 pop-up is free and open to the public from 15 to 23rd July 2024 at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429. Appointment bookings are now available online.