Mondrian Singapore Duxton has been knocking it out the park with its dining array. First there was Italian superstar Bottega di Carna, then Omakase delight Suzuki. Of the latest to join the expanding lineup is Modern Asian grill restaurant Tribal.



The first thing to note is how good it smells the moment you step in. Most culinary establishments specialising in fire-focused fare tend to waft smokey scents—which is personally nice too—, but here, the savoury fragrance of seasoned food is what effuses.

Seating is cave-y (sure, I could afford better adjective choices, but why not the most effective?), with earthy tones and intimate lighting. Wood for warmth, bricks for texture, and intentional Asian touches like the handwoven rattan by weaving atelier BYO Living are the elements you'll notice thanks to Indonesian architect and firm Andra Matin.

Besides the open kitchen counter centering the space, there's a connecting path to bar counterpart Slate. Together with tribal, it is among the three concepts stemmed from Ebb & Flow Group's online grocer Modern Provision. In other words, keep your eyes peeled.



Under Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai influences, the communal-style dishes carry elements of these cuisines rather than directly lift and fuse preparation methods.

To get a sense of what Tribal has to offer, start with the classic Flatbread, a hearth-fired slab served with house-whipped bone marrow butter. One to open up the palate would be the Yellowtail Umai, cured slices in chickpea water dressing and kaffir lime, chilli and garlic accented oil, with sliced preserved tangerines and tomatoes. Think Ceviche, but Sarawakian.

The Fried Duck Neck come dusted in house spice blend, deep fried yet with no hint of grease, complementing perfectly with the dips. That, and the three variants of Indonesian-Malaysian Claypot Rice and Japanese Donabe hybrids which sport the same charred flair.

The menu is overall conscious, primarily organic or sourcing ethically from smaller scale farms. Sadly, we did not get to sample the beef, so let me know how that was when you do because that's purportedly the strength of the restaurant.

Of course beer would be the choice of beverage here but a cocktail that matches the vibe would be Yuz Want More. Essentially a High Ball crossed with a Bloody Mary, the spot of yuzu soy, togarashi and pickled tomato is lightly savoury.

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