In a world's first, Tiger Beer roped in Izzy Du for a puffer jacket... that can keep you cool in the tropics. On paper, the idea reads like a madman's manifesto but the result... well, take a look at it. It stands out, no doubt. A voluminous bright traffic cone orange marshmallow. And to wear it in Singapore? Think of the whiplashes from all of the turned heads.

So, what's the secret? How can you stay cool in an item like that? Two words: cooling system. There's a series of tubes in the puffer jacket. And it's cooled by Tiger Beer (I mean, you can also use water but this is a Tiger Beer thing). Contents of ice-cold Tiger Beer cans are pumped throughout the suit, which lowers the temperature. [A correction: according to the presser, it's a "beer-powered cooling system" and it works by "using the cold beer to chill water which is then pumped around the wearer’s body via a network of tubes. These tubes make contact with key points where the arteries are closest to the skin, cooling the body down by up to 5° Celsius in the sun".] Putting their money where their mouths are, this outfit will be worn during this year's ZoukOut.

We talked to the TIGER Summer Puffer designer, Izzy Du, about what goes into creating this and whether it can stand the test of gyrating with other sweaty bodies during ZoukOut.

How long did it take to conceptualise and create the outfit, especially when you’re working with Whatever Co.?

We were in the development and testing phase for a couple of months. Excellent workflow with Whatever Co. which helped the process along smoothly. Two weeks for toiling, fitting, and pattern development, and one week to stitch and finish the final prototype.

You've always had some sort of sustainability effort with your clothing; in what manner does this collab reflect that?

The TIGER Summer Puffer fabrics are made from excess manufacturer stock and is recycled, PVC-free nylon. This reduces the manufacturing of new textiles and additional chemical processing and diverts otherwise waste products from landfills. This collaboration for me is also a trial; a first step, towards imbuing additional functions to increase a garment's shelf life. I believe by embedding garments with wearable technology, we can eliminate the built-in obsolescence within the nature of clothing and slow down the industry’s fast-paced cycle.

What are the other considerations when you’re marrying a third-party’s technicality with your design? Were there any obstacles?

As communication is key for a cohesive process, our discourse was smooth and natural. An obstacle was the placement of the beer pouch. Initially, it was preferred to be in the front, however, there would be a weight imbalance due to the front opening. After some testing, we made it in the back. We created an additional pouch on the front to keep a spare beer at hand. 

Your creations veered towards the voluminous, can this outfit really measure up against the crowded shores of ZoukOut?

Absolutely, my designs often gravitate towards shape and volume; and while keeping that in mind, the TIGER Summer Puffer was much more. When conceiving this statement jacket, my goal was to ensure it would stand out and make a statement no matter where you choose to wear it, even amid the vibrant energy of ZoukOut.

The TIGER Summer Puffer merges fashion and function, it represents a harmonious blend of style and innovation. Crafted to be both chic and practical, it's the ideal choice for navigating the tropical heat of ZoukOut. The striking orange hue, drawn from the vibrant spirit of Tiger Beer, exudes confidence, while the groundbreaking beer-powered cooling system elevates it to another level. This ingenious system harnesses the cold beer to chill water, which is then delicately circulated throughout the wearer's body, providing a refreshing temperature reduction of up to 5° Celsius in the sun.

Without a doubt, it can hold its own amidst the bustling shores of ZoukOut. It offers festival goers a comfortable and fashion-forward way to revel in the event's vibrant atmosphere.

What’s next for Izzy Du?

It’s been super fun collaborating with Tiger Beer for the TIGER Summer Puffer. Right now, I am focused on building out the IZZY DU as a brand with accessible, wearable garments that people can enjoy while sprinkling in my conceptual work along the way. The brand’s first Spring/Summer collection comes out January 2024. And the next IZZY DU pop-up store will be at Printemps in Paris opening this November 16th. Come by if you’re in Paris!