Carlos Alcaraz keeps racking up W's. There was, of course, the victory over Novak Djokovic in the final at Wimbledon in July of this year. (Alcaraz says he "learn[s] something from him every time we play.") Before that was his 100th career win at the Indian Wells Masters in March. And in between those two tennis milestones, a triumph of a different sort: being named a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton. Not bad for a guy who just recently turned 20.

"I have admired the brand for a long time," Alcaraz says of Vuitton, "so for me the partnership is a dream come true."

"The partnership is a dream come true," Alcaraz says of working with Louis Vuitton.

Today, the storied French fashion house unveils its spring/summer 2024 formalwear campaign—and Esquire has your exclusive first look. In still photos and an entrancing video, Alcarez takes his virtuoso tennis moves off the court and into an opulent grand hall, all while wearing impeccable tailoring and luxurious loungewear.

"It was a bit surreal being in a palace wearing a Louis Vuitton suit," Alcaraz says of the experience on set, "but [photographer] Dan Jackson and his team were amazing. Once we got into it, we had a lot of fun."

"It was a bit surreal being in a palace wearing a Louis Vuitton suit," Alcaraz says, but "once we got into it, we had a lot of fun."

So, when he's not the star of a fashion campaign, has the spotlight changed the way Alcaraz dresses in real life? "Honestly, not really," he says. "I try not to think about it too much. I am still developing my sense of style. That is, of course, made easier by my family at Louis Vuitton, who are always on hand to help when I need." Not a bad situation to find oneself in, if you can manage to make it happen.

"I am still developing my sense of style," the 20-year-old explains. "That is, of course, made easier by my family at Louis Vuitton."

It goes without saying, though, that it all comes back to the sport that rocketed Alcaraz into the rarified air that he's currently breathing. And the next step in this big summer of W's is the U.S. Open, which kicks off on 28 August. Alcaraz won it last year—his first major. Now, he's readying himself for a return, and he's pretty excited about it.

"It was incredible to win my first major in NY," he says. "The crowd there are the best. I can't wait to get back out there under the lights."

Photos by Dan Jackson.
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Watchmaker ZENITH adds another tennis player to its ever-expanding 'Friends of the Brand' roster. Argentine tennis player Francisco Cerúndolo joins former tennis coach to Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou, as well as a number of other personalities pursuing excellence in their respective fields, to be selected and acknowledged by the brand.

"I am honoured to become a 'Friend of the Brand' for ZENITH. It is a dream come true to be associated with a legendary Swiss watch manufacturer that embodies innovation, precision, and a drive to reach new heights," say Cerúndolo of the appointment. The 24-year-old visited the brand's manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland and was able experience firsthand "the timeless craftsmanship and commitment to excellence". These, he says, are values that he resonates with as an athlete.

It can be said that tennis and sports are part of Cerúndolo's DNA. He was born into a family of sports enthusiasts—his parents are former tennis players, his sister plays field hockey as part of the Argentina national team, and his younger brother Juan Manuel is also a professional tennis player. In fact, Cerúndolo has even competed in the same tournaments as his brother.

What sets him apart is his resilience and promising talents in the sport. He gained the attention of tennis fans after winning his first Swedish Open—part of the ATP Tour—last year. And earlier in June this year, achieved his second title win in Eastbourne. The latter earned Cerúndolo the honour of being the first Argentinian to win a title on grass court since 1995.

There's little doubt that Cerúndolo will only get better just based on his current trajectory alone—increasing his number of wins year on year. It's a trait that ZENITH identifies as being in line with its philosophy: Time to Reach Your Star. And Cerúndolo's seem to be shining rather brightly.

The big news from yesterday's men's singles final at Wimbledon was not so much 20-year-old Carlos Alcaraz's inaugural win (congrats btw, Carlos) but the fact that it represented a tectonic shift in the landscape of tennis. Youth defeated grandeur, ushering in the post-Djokovician era. He has already surpassed Novak in the watch department.

Clearly, it’s not just Jack Sinner who’s bringing eye-catching accessories onto the courts, because post-match, Alcaraz slipped on a very special Rolex Daytona to accept the Gentleman’s Singles Trophy—one that suggests he has more than just a cursory eye for timepieces. It was the Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116500LN, featuring a black Cerachrom bezel, yellow gold case and meteorite dial. (Yes, a super thin, flat disc of real, extraterrestrial rock.)

Alcaraz has previous dealings with Rolex. Following in the footsteps of Roger Federer, Juan-Martín Del Potro, and Dominic Thiem, qt the age of 18, he signed an ambassadorship agreement with the watchmaker. Last September, when he won the US Open, he was wearing another Cosmograph.

The tennis star has got to the top of world rankings for his unstoppable speed, and so it’s hardly any surprise that Alcaraz has favoured a design historically made with racing drivers in mind. (In fact, it was named "Daytona" in honour of the famous Daytona International Speedway in Florida.) This particular model earned cult status when actor and race car driver Paul Newman was seen with a Daytona 6239, a gift from his wife, Joanne Woodward, with the words ‘Drive Carefully Me’ engraved on the back.

Sadly, Daytonas are notoriously hard to come by, and Alcaraz’s otherworldly Cosmograph has been discontinued. It might be easier to just win Wimbledon, and maybe they'll give you one.

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