Oppo has always been the dark horse. While the Android scene is fixated on Samsung, Oppo has slowly but surely manoeuvred itself farther ahead in the smartphone race. Remember the Oppo Find N3 Flip that was released last year? With an improved flexion hinge and souped-up camera system, it demonstrated what a good foldable phone ought to be. In the same vein, the Oppo Reno11 series showcased what a dependable midrange phone could be.

Released in China last year, the Reno11 series made its first SEA stop in Singapore this January. With marketing fiercely touting the Reno11 Pro smartphone’s Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System, Oppo banks on attracting a new segment of smartphone photographers.

The Reno11 Pro’s glass back was inspired by nature and comes in two colourways: Pearl White and Rock Grey. We were handed the former to test, and at first glance, it reminded us of expensive marble. The effect is courtesy of a 3D etching process. That creates millions of reflective micro surfaces, giving it a shimmer that moves under the light. Curiously, the thickness of the Pearl White smartphone measures 7.66mm, while the Rock Grey is 7.59mm. However, unless you’re some sort of hypersensory mutant, the difference is negligible.

The System

Set in the curved glass back panel is a raised Sunshine Ring camera system. This contains the main 50MP camera with an f/1.8 aperture and OIS, a 32MP telephoto with an f/2.0 aperture and an 8MP ultra-wide (112 degrees of Field of Vision) with an f/2.2 aperture. Front-wise, you have a 32MP camera with a f/2.4 aperture.

The 32MP telephoto lens is something else. It shares an IMX709 sensor with the front camera and can capture portrait photos even under low light conditions. The Reno11 Pro includes a next-gen computational photography algorithm called the HyperTone Imaging Engine. Originally featured in the Find X6 Pro and Find N3, the Reno11 Pro has an improved version. One that combines multiple uncompressed images in the RAW domain. It also applies AI-powered de-noising and de-mosaicing to give your images clarity, dynamic range and colour richness.

On top of the photography expertise, there is one more thing that stuck out: ColorOS 14.

The OS

There is something inherently exciting about the updated ColorOS 14, which serves as an exciting launchpad for the brand in 2024. With an updated user interface; Aqua Dynamics; allows for more network connectivity in challenging environments; the use of Oppo’s Trinity Engine and more, ColorOS 14 allows the company to lean away from Android and into its own identity.

The smartphone race has also always been about whether the hardware can catch up to the software. The Find N2 Flip was the first device with ColorOS 14 but its hardware was unable to do anything else to the cover screen when its closed. But with the Reno11, the series presents what it can do with ColorOS 14 and what the operating system could possibly do in the future. And that is a future we will eagerly stick around for.

The Oppo Reno11 Pro is now out in stores.


Tech nerds, how are we feeling about 2024? Are y'all freaking out about all the new things and dohickeys that are getting released at CES? Sorry if that sounded like I'm talking down on CES, it wasn't meant to be. However, I'm just a lowly tech editor who is a little bit sick of everything that everyone seems to be freaking out about. We're at a point where there's so much tech that most of the things we hype up are, honestly... not that great.

We've got tech in our hands, tech over our eyes, tech in our homes, tech on our kitchen counters, and tech in our bedroom. Even our paper notebooks are tech-enabled. Hell, we're using tech to wake us up instead of the sun. So where is any one person meant to keep up with all the tech that actually matters? Right here.

I've kept an eye on the early-year releases, and I've kept tabs on what is actually moving the needle for me. Is the new tactile iPhone keyboard from Clicks moving the needle for me? Not really. Is the Apple Vision Pro moving the needle for me? Yes, absolutely. What I'm trying to say is that this isn't a list of little releases. This is where Esquire dot com is keeping track of the biggest, most groundbreaking tech of 2024—everything you should buy or keep an eye on in the future. It's still early doors, so there's a lot of preorders and speculation. But, as the year rolls on, we'll keep this list updated with all the best new tech of 2024.

Confirmed releases



We got a sneak peak at Apple's biggest innovation in a long time last year. Officially launching on 2 February, this seems to be Apple's next big bet. The focus is less on making a toy and more on making a new type of personal computer. The powers that be in Cupertino obviously see this as a desktop and laptop replacement. We'll see how well they deliver.



Ever looked at your TV and wish that you could, see through it? Me either. But once I saw LG's new entertainment play, I was... slightly more convinced. Move it around (it's wireless) and place it in direct sunlight or in front of a mirror (no glare). It's a weird bet, but I can definitely see it growing on me. LG's transparent OLED TV is scheduled to hit the market in 2024.


A NEW IPHONE: iPhone 15 Pro

Per usual, there's going to be a new iPhone. Whether or not it'll be a big jump from the 15 Pro remains to be seen. The iPhone 15 Pro had a lot of initial fanfare (from myself included), but its stumbled out of the gate a little bit. The biggest innovation has been the titanium build. We'll see where Apple goes this year.



For my money, Samsung is the top Apple competitor, with a much deeper catalog than the Googles or Motorolas of the world and a great suite of foldables. No disrespect to those two, but Samsung does so much it makes for a lovely little ecosystem. As there is every year, there's going to be some fort of upgrade on Samsung's flagship smartphone. Will it be enough to leapfrog Apple? Not in America. But, it could be a big year for Samsung.

Rumors and Potential 2024 Releases



Since being the first big company to do the whole VR thing, Meta has sent out a bunch of flops. The Meta Quest 2 was just a novelty gaming device. The newer Quest 3 and Quest Pro aren't anything to write home about either. But, Meta has confirmed plans for a new, more affordable VR headset in 2024. We'll see if it actually catches on this time around.


AN APPLE FOLDABLE? Apple iPad Pro (4th Gen)

Another big rumor in Apple world is that there might be a foldable iPad on the horizon. If it happens, it would be the company's first foray into the foldable market and surely a dress rehearsal for a foldable iPhone. Still, it's a massive if. Don't hold out for this one.


A LONGSHOT FOR 2024 Samsung Ballie

At CES 2024, Samsung gave us an update on one of its best weird little projects. Ballie, an R2-D2 type personal assistant was introduced at CES 2020. This time around, Samsung made the little guy bigger and gave him a projector.

Wait, so what is this thing?

Sorry. "Alexa on wheels," is how I would describe Ballie. He'll be able to follow you around, tell you the weather, answer phone calls, and project onto whatever flat surface you can find. Don't hold out hope though. This is more of a speculative project from Samsung. I wouldn't expect to see it on the market in 2024.

Originally published on Esquire US

Celine's first wireless headphones.

Considering that Hedi Slimane is constantly inspired by music and uses it as a way of crafting the narrative of each collection—his runway shows for Celine often involves commissioned music pieces—Celine-branded audio accessories ought to be a given. It has been almost six years since he's assumed the position of the luxury brand's creative, artistic and image director, and we're finally getting just that.

The first Celine wireless headphones made their debut on the brand's Summer 2024 womenswear runway. To the tune of a specially commissioned extended version of "Too Much Love" by LCD Soundsystem, the all-black headphones were seen around the necks of a number of models—styled as an accessory to complete a look more than anything. But thankfully, they're capable of more than making one look a tad cool.

Celine has partnered up with Master & Dynamic for its first foray into the audio space. If you're already familiar with Master & Dynamic, you'd know that the audio brand is universally known for its make, rich audio quality, and signature design. Celine's variation is an aesthetic update of the MH40 model identifiable by its lightweight anodised aluminium body. Both the headband and removable ear pads are crafted from supple lambskin, with the capabilities of the MH40—Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, noise isolation, and up to 30 hours of battery life—ensuring that the audio experience is as luxe as it gets.

While its runway debut only showcased the all-black iteration, the Celine headphones come in three colourways: the aforementioned all-black, black and silver, and tan and silver. The black-and-silver iteration features "Celine" right on the exterior of each speaker; the all-black as well as the tan-and-silver colourways are decorated with the Celine Triomphe motif at the same spots. The partnership goes as far as adding more subtle details such as "Celine Paris" laser-engraved on the included charging cables, and "Designed and developed in Paris" marked on the right headphone.

The retail price? Well, it is a collaborative effort and branded with the signatures of a luxury fashion house so SGD1,350 isn't exactly out of left field. At the very least, it does more than say, a white shirt by Celine that also retails for around the same price.

The Celine wireless headphones will be available in boutiques and online soon.

In a world's first, Tiger Beer roped in Izzy Du for a puffer jacket... that can keep you cool in the tropics. On paper, the idea reads like a madman's manifesto but the result... well, take a look at it. It stands out, no doubt. A voluminous bright traffic cone orange marshmallow. And to wear it in Singapore? Think of the whiplashes from all of the turned heads.

So, what's the secret? How can you stay cool in an item like that? Two words: cooling system. There's a series of tubes in the puffer jacket. And it's cooled by Tiger Beer (I mean, you can also use water but this is a Tiger Beer thing). Contents of ice-cold Tiger Beer cans are pumped throughout the suit, which lowers the temperature. [A correction: according to the presser, it's a "beer-powered cooling system" and it works by "using the cold beer to chill water which is then pumped around the wearer’s body via a network of tubes. These tubes make contact with key points where the arteries are closest to the skin, cooling the body down by up to 5° Celsius in the sun".] Putting their money where their mouths are, this outfit will be worn during this year's ZoukOut.

We talked to the TIGER Summer Puffer designer, Izzy Du, about what goes into creating this and whether it can stand the test of gyrating with other sweaty bodies during ZoukOut.

How long did it take to conceptualise and create the outfit, especially when you’re working with Whatever Co.?

We were in the development and testing phase for a couple of months. Excellent workflow with Whatever Co. which helped the process along smoothly. Two weeks for toiling, fitting, and pattern development, and one week to stitch and finish the final prototype.

You've always had some sort of sustainability effort with your clothing; in what manner does this collab reflect that?

The TIGER Summer Puffer fabrics are made from excess manufacturer stock and is recycled, PVC-free nylon. This reduces the manufacturing of new textiles and additional chemical processing and diverts otherwise waste products from landfills. This collaboration for me is also a trial; a first step, towards imbuing additional functions to increase a garment's shelf life. I believe by embedding garments with wearable technology, we can eliminate the built-in obsolescence within the nature of clothing and slow down the industry’s fast-paced cycle.

What are the other considerations when you’re marrying a third-party’s technicality with your design? Were there any obstacles?

As communication is key for a cohesive process, our discourse was smooth and natural. An obstacle was the placement of the beer pouch. Initially, it was preferred to be in the front, however, there would be a weight imbalance due to the front opening. After some testing, we made it in the back. We created an additional pouch on the front to keep a spare beer at hand. 

Your creations veered towards the voluminous, can this outfit really measure up against the crowded shores of ZoukOut?

Absolutely, my designs often gravitate towards shape and volume; and while keeping that in mind, the TIGER Summer Puffer was much more. When conceiving this statement jacket, my goal was to ensure it would stand out and make a statement no matter where you choose to wear it, even amid the vibrant energy of ZoukOut.

The TIGER Summer Puffer merges fashion and function, it represents a harmonious blend of style and innovation. Crafted to be both chic and practical, it's the ideal choice for navigating the tropical heat of ZoukOut. The striking orange hue, drawn from the vibrant spirit of Tiger Beer, exudes confidence, while the groundbreaking beer-powered cooling system elevates it to another level. This ingenious system harnesses the cold beer to chill water, which is then delicately circulated throughout the wearer's body, providing a refreshing temperature reduction of up to 5° Celsius in the sun.

Without a doubt, it can hold its own amidst the bustling shores of ZoukOut. It offers festival goers a comfortable and fashion-forward way to revel in the event's vibrant atmosphere.

What’s next for Izzy Du?

It’s been super fun collaborating with Tiger Beer for the TIGER Summer Puffer. Right now, I am focused on building out the IZZY DU as a brand with accessible, wearable garments that people can enjoy while sprinkling in my conceptual work along the way. The brand’s first Spring/Summer collection comes out January 2024. And the next IZZY DU pop-up store will be at Printemps in Paris opening this November 16th. Come by if you’re in Paris!

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. RAY-BAN

I don't quite know how to feel about the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Especially when they run on AI. We get it, it's the whole handsfree, first-person POV experience ("Hey Meta, share this photo I took with just my literal face"). The convenience is clearly purposed for content creation, livestreaming and all that jazz. Allowing users to preview social media comments in real-time, even audibly, the ambitious eyewear also doubles as a pair of headphones and takes phone calls. Perhaps Meta thinks we aren't glued enough to our phones as it is.

Previously on Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses…

In partnership with EssilorLuxottica, the first generation—called "Ray-Ban Stories" because why bother hiding what they're really for—was launched in September 2021. They came in three styles (wayfarer, round and meteor), one colour (the very exciting black in shiny or matte) and two transitions options (the just as exciting grey and brown).

The second iteration now streamlined and lighter, boasts up to 150 frame and lens design combinations. More importantly, first-hand reviews are actually calling them comfortable. Water resistance clocks in at an IPX4 rating, should you consider skinny dipping.

Fancy design gif. RAY-BAN

Software upgrades

The biggest change, though, would undoubtedly be replacing the 5MP camera with an ultra-wide 12MP one. Capable of recording 1080p videos from a prior 780p in 60-second stints, the default mode is—surprise, surprise—now portrait rather than landscape. It also went from one microphone, which apparently wasn't much good in strong breeze, to a whopping five, including one on the nose bridge for a true 360 audio capture.

There's a marked difference in the listening experience too, via a 50 percent maximum volume increase and better directional output. Meaning you can continue discreetly enjoying the K-pop band you pretend not to like, unless you're standing in proximity within a silent room.

For privacy, which was a priority Meta strangely felt the need to emphasize, a blinking white light goes off when the device is recording. Minimizing the creep factor is something to appreciate when photo and video functions are easily activated by touchpads on the glasses' stems. Interestingly, this became the reason why certain frame colour options such as beige were removed as they were less obvious to see when the LED was turned on.

Operating on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 processor and eight times more internal storage at 32GB, the glasses allegedly last up to four hours of active use and come with a nifty sunglass charging case …which take approximately 75 minutes to full charge.

Wireless charging case. RAY-BAN

The AI bit

Besides taking your annoying voice commands, the integrated Meta AI is slated for an update next year to enable interaction with AR surroundings. Augmented reality is an intriguing direction to head in, when gadgets like Google Glass and Bose Frames never really took off. It begs the question why, when it didn't gain much traction two years ago, are they pitching a new version now?

Does the company know something we don't about the near future that produces this unfounded confidence in consumer demand? Will there be another pandemic where we will all be forced indoors to see the resurgence of virtual reality, NFTs and cryptocurrency? In other words, will the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses finally be cool? And will I ever get to answering these speculative questions as opposed to simply throwing them out there? I guess some things we'll never know.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are up for preorder now on Ray-Ban / Meta and on sale 17 October from USD299.


The colour turquoise has been linked with opulence ever since its namesake gemstone adorned the movers and shakers of the ancient world; ergo, it’s no surprise that it looks right at home on one of the world’s most popular luxury watches: the Omega Seamaster.

The Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black Chronograph Seamaster, to be specific, embraces the greeny-blue hue to pay homage to Emirates Team New Zealand (ENTZ). This is a sailing team the Swiss marque has supported since 1995. This is ahead of the 37th America’s Cup taking place in Barcelona in 2024.


About an hour’s drive outside of Barcelona, in the genial coastal town of Vilanova where the first Preliminary Regatta for the forthcoming sporting event took place (as a matter of course, Omega served as the official timekeeper), the black and turquoise watch was unveiled on Wednesday 13 September in the presence of the ETNZ leaders, Omega representatives and a select few members of the international press, including Esquire.

From the outset, the colour palette was the key talking point—a conspicuous combination unmistakably inspired by the New Zealand team’s new motif which is anchored by a turquoise fern.

Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Omega, admits that despite turquoise’s deep association with affluence, it took careful thought to find a suitable way to incorporate the colour into the time-honoured design.

“Bringing in that blue was a challenge—I wanted this watch to be recognisable but still in line with what we’ve recently been doing,” he tells Esquire. “We wanted to create something that wasn’t just a collab with another name on the dial.”

Here, the only telltale sign that the watch has been created with the Oceanic sailing team in mind is the logo discoverable on the case's NAIAD Lock rear.


But that’s not to say that the limited-edition release is otherwise identical to your classic Seamaster, because it isn’t.

Touches that make the ETNZ-edition unique include the gradient-effect seconds hands complete with an America’s Cup trophy counterweight, and the 10-minute countdown indicator positioned at 3 o'clock that may be used by the team as they prepare to participate in the competition.

Naturally, Omega hopes that the water-resistant timepiece can aid another win for the titleholders.

“The team has won the cup four times—twice with us, and two other times before our day in the nineties,” says Grant Dalton, CEO of the Emirates-sponsored sports crew. “We’re often asked what’s the motivation to win it again… It's never been won by the same team.”


Beyond its appropriateness for bona fide sailors, the new Seamaster is also an impressive lifestyle accessory for swanky land dwellers, with its brushed black zirconium oxide ceramic case, white lacquer Super-LumiNova detailing (that's watch talk for glow-in-the-dark) and turquoise accents.

Even the packaging is impressive. It arrives in a dual-branded black and turquoise zip case, making for an unboxing experience fit for the movers and shakers of the modern world, counting the defending champions of the world's oldest sporting contest.


Sign up to be notified about the stock of the Emirates Team New Zealand Edition of the Planet Ocean Seamaster over on the Omega webstore. The timepiece, complete with a black and turquoise textile and rubber strap; the turquoise strap, available with or without a satin-brushed ceramic clasp, can be purchased separately.

New seasonal colour, same reliable Devialet speakers. These new colourways are a welcome alternative to Devialet Mania's standard monochromic hues. 

Featuring two hues: Sunset Rose and Sandstorm (♫doo-doo-doo-doo-doo🎶). Sunset Rose evokes the imagery of a tranquil evening, where the sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of warm tones. You feel the calm wash over you, which creates the perfect ambience for your sonic escapades. On the other hand, Sandstorm pays homage to the rugged beauty of mineral landscapes. There, in the dusty remains, is the remnants of "what-once-was", of the "two vast and trunkless legs of stone". This sense of still time invites you to imagine an era from yore; an exploration of uncharted sonic realms.

Beneath these beatific shells lie its pulsing heart—the aluminium full-range drivers (4) and woofers (2). Full-range in its processing, that covers the entire audio spectrum from bass to medium to treble. Welcome a transformative audio experience. The Mania puts out an adaptive 360° sound that engulfs you in a rich tapestry of melodies, ensuring every note is experienced with clarity and depth.

Each Seasonal Colour Exclusive Edition comes with a curated musical playlist that captures the essence of the colours of sound. The Sunset Rose edition is accompanied by the Pink Noise playlist, which conjures up a cascading waterfall; tranquil and relaxing. The Sandstorm edition introduces the Brownian Noise playlist (heh, "Brownian Noise"), which mirrors the gentle roar of rainfall, while you're kept safe by the solace in the harmonies.

Although, if you ask us, in keeping with the name, the Sandstorm edition should, at least, have Darude's "Sandstorm" (♫doo-doo-doo-doo-doo🎶). Enjoy.

Devialet Mania is now available at all Devialet stores.

The return of CODE41's emblematic model.

CODE41 welcomes a second edition to the ANOMALY EVOLUTION family. In a move that comes two years after the first edition, this time there's an additional colour for a dash of dynamism. A testament to resilience, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION was designed in the middle of a watchmaking crisis and a global pandemic. A supply chain issue brought on at the height of the pandemic in 2021 saw newfound difficulty in procuring the ETA and Miyota movements that were utilised in both the Anomaly-01 and 02, effectively making them no longer available.

Fitted with the Sellita SW200-1 Elaboré movement, known for its precision and reliability.

Enter the ANOMALY EVOLUTION Edition 2 which features the technical design of its predecessor the 01 while including the Swiss movement and date of the 02 version. Heavily involved in the watchmaking process, the community voted on the new orange colour of the ANOMALY EVOLUTION. This one-of-a-kind participatory approach is a staple for the Swiss watchmaking manufacturer.

The orange colourway of the ANOMALY Evolution was voted in by CODE41 community members.

The Movement

The movement ANOMALY EVOLUTION Edition 2 is a Sellita SW200-1 Special, with a precision of -7/+7 seconds per day. This is an enhancement from its predecessors the Anomaly-02 which had a precision of -/+12 and the Anomaly-01’s precision of -20/+ 40 seconds per day. When it comes to aesthetics, the timepiece incorporates enhanced ergonomics and a reduced thickness of 11.2mm. ANOMALY EVOLUTION also comes with enhanced readability and amplified watertightness to 100 metres. An Incabloc shock absorber is also included for added durability to support the balance wheel. The introduction of an exhibition caseback allows the movement to be admired. 

Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, CODE41 raised the bar of watchmaking. With total transparency with the community, it proves why the brand continues to be one of the biggest watch disruptors on the market.

If orange isn't your type, there's the classic black colourway.

The 300 Edition 2 pieces will be available for pre-order until 19 July 2023 on code41.com.

This was originally published on LUXUO.

Apple's annual 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) conference occurred early this morning. And while the event is geared towards developers on the latest software releases, there were a few hardware announcements as well. Plus, it doesn't hurt for the rest of us non-developers to be privy to what the tech brand has on its upcoming slate. Here are some takeaways from the keynote:

Vision Pro

Throwing its hat into the mixed reality ring, Apple introduces the Vision Pro headset. This was the keystone's marquee piece that can do all the things you can do on your iPhone—answer calls; FaceTime; open e-mails; watch movies, browse the Internet... but in a mixed-reality landscape. It's Apple's answer to spatial computing, where apps come alive in your own personal space. Alas, it looks like you look like you're going snowboarding and given the external two-hour battery life, this device is clearly meant for indoors. There's also the issue of the price tag (US$3,499!) that many might baulk at. May the Vision Pro do what previous mixed reality predecessors (Google Glass; Oculus) have failed to do: be relevant.

watchOS 10

Next year, Apple Watch users can expect an upgrade for its iWatch. Users can expect updates to their Apple Watch experience like being able to add widgets to their smart stack; new apps; more utility with the digital crown, which showcases various widgets and new full-screen displays. The software update has your health covered, thanks to a focus on your mental well-being, determining if there's a safe distance between your screen and your eyes and getting you to spend time under the sun.

15" MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has always come in 13" for the longest time because it needed to live up to the lightness of the 'Air' part of its name. The 15" promises to remain lightweight while giving you a bigger display to work off from. Weighing slightly over 1.3kg and comes with an M2 chipset, the 15" MacBook Air is due to launch on 13 June.

macOS Sonoma

With a new MacBook Air on the way, why not a new OS update? Named after California's famed wine country, users can expect a bunch of upgraded features like the Game Mode function. This directs processing power to your games on the CPU and GPU of your Mac and lowers your background tasks' usage. Expect reduced latency with your wireless accessories, consistent frame rates and better responsiveness.

Gone are the flying toasters and forever-extending pipes from hell but the OS update grants you a more contemplative feel with the screensaver mode. There are new slow-motion screensavers depicting places of grandeur that aren't your drab office space.

Video conferencing will take on a more intuitive approach. Its Presenter Overlay keeps the spotlight on you with your screen framed next to you on a separate layer; this allows you to move in front of your content. Move You can move, walk, and talk in front of your content. If you want to look like a disembodied floating head, you can use the small overlay to appear in a movable bubble over your shared screen. Move yourself around the screen and make a spooky moaning sound during your presentation. Go on. Do it. Be the life of the office.

iOS 17

Another OS update, this time for your iPhone and it'll affect your phone, FaceTime and Messages apps. Calling for Siri will be twice as fast... when the update drops the 'Hey' from 'Hey, Siri'. The update will add more personality to your iPhone as you can customise your contact posters using either photos or Memoji. Call your friends and let them see you want yourself to be seen.

Live transcription in real-time for phone voicemails is also on the cards. As well as, this cool feature that allows you to share contacts, music or other shared activities with another iPhone user when the two of you bump your iPhones or Apple Watches together.

For more information on WWDC 2023, check out the Apple website.