CEO and co-founder of Augustinus Bader, Charles Rosier, and Haider Ackermann.

Haider Ackermann is highly considered one of fashion's greats. At one point, the late Karl Lagerfeld openly declared that Ackermann should be the one to replace him at Chanel should he retire (but of course, like most creatives, Lagerfeld changed his mind a few months after).

Ackermann's masteries of fabric manipulations and drape have earned him a devoted legion of following. His eponymous fashion label may be on pause at the moment, but the man has been busy racking up collaborations in the past couple of years—a sportswear collaboration with Fila and earlier this year, presented a stellar collection under Jean Paul Gaultier's couture house. And at the same time, Ackermann continues to dress an A-list clientele the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Tilda Swinton, who have all made noteworthy (and at times, viral) moments on red carpets in his creations.

His latest collaboration is a first for the fashion designer: a collaboration with luxury skincare brand Augustinus Bader.

"Haider and I met at various events over the past few years," says Charles Rosier, the CEO and co-founder of Augustinus Bader. "Our paths first crossed at a private cocktail party honouring Azzedine Alaïa, which was a large gathering of creative and like-minded people. But it wasn’t until we met again at the Marrakech Film Festival that we actually discussed collaborating, and I was curious to see how Haider could interpret our vessel to create something truly unique. Fast forward to multiple meetings in Paris, moodboards backwards and forwards, many zooms later and it resulted in the partnership you see today."

A party was held in celebration of the collaboration during New York Fashion Week, with friends like Timothée Chalamet in attendance.

Augustinus Bader is relatively new in the skincare industry. It was officially established in 2018 but the work that's made it a competitive entrant in luxury skincare is the result of more than 30 years of research by stem cell scientist and doctor of regenerative medicine, Professor Augustinus Bader. The brand's first launches—The Cream and its more potent sibling, The Rich Cream—have gained such a cult following that those who swear by them, wholly believe in their ultra moisturising benefits.

It's this fifth-year anniversary that have brought Ackermann and Augustinus Bader together. The fashion designer has reimagined The Cream and The Rich Cream in two separate limited edition sets. Each features a 50ml Nomad Refill and chrome 50ml Nomad ("This collaborative partnership also sees the vessel be refillable, meaning that this bottle is an object d’art to keep and reuse again and again. It’s a keepsake forever, which was an important element of our partnership," says Rosier) designed by Ackermann that's a departure from the usual packaging by Augustinus Bader. And for that extra fashion-forward touch, the vessel is topped with Ackermann's name done in the blue that the skincare brand is associated with.

The limited edition 50ml Nomad as designed by Haider Ackermann.

To find out more about the idea behind the collaboration, there's no one better than Ackermann himself to expound on the inspiration and his connection to beauty.

What was it about Augustinus Bader as a brand that got your attention?

When I first met Charles I was really intrigued about the idea of collaborating as I loved this brand and everything that it stood for: luxury, attention to detail, results-driven, dedicated to its craft. I wanted to do my research and use the creams first. The creme had such a calming effect on me, now I am devoted. The first word that spoke to me about the brand is when they talk about “healing”. Healing is such a big word, but something we all deserve.

How does the Augustinus Bader brand ethos tap into the DNA of your brand?

There's a lot of alignment here in the respect of the “metier” of hands-on luxury craftsmanship in the work that we both do as brands: whether it’s creating a collection by hand or creating a cream to be massaged into the skin—it's a very beautiful thing to do. I always come back to this idea of working around imperfection to elevate something to be the best that it can be.

What was the inspiration behind the chrome packaging?

When we first spoke about this project, immediately I knew it had to be a mirror. The packaging needed to reflect its owner. To have a mirror where you could look at yourself, and apply your cream wherever you are and have it be a reflection of yourself. I also wanted to have something very pure to mirror the purity of skin, as well as the intimate moment when you are applying your daily ritual. It’s also very calming to touch and to look at, which is also vital, because it's about trying to find peace with yourself in that moment of application.

What does beauty mean to you?

To define beauty is rather difficult and very personal, but the search for beauty is an intriguing and exciting path. When we look at our reflection in the mirror, our imperfections are often the first thing we notice and our reflection might not always be what we want it to be. But it’s always been my ambition to make a woman feel comfortable with herself, from the clothes that she wears to how she adorns her skin. I remember when I was young, looking at my mother and the tenderness with which she caressed her face and put her cream on. I was fascinated—there was something supremely beautiful about it. I have always appreciated the gesture of beauty.

Has the significance of beauty always tapped into your collections?

I have always said that backstage in the beauty area is where the major happens. The face is like a full diary into someone’s soul: you see every emotion and expression line, be that happy or sad. I could spend hours observing someone’s face—it’s like reading a poem. So when I create a piece, I am fantasising about the whole life behind the kind of woman who will wear it. The complexion is a canvas from which I begin this story.

Haider Ackermann - Augustinus Bader Limited Editions will be available exclusively at the Augustinus Bader pop-up at TANGS at Tang Plaza from 20 October 2023.

The Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art installation.

It was a year ago that Kiehl's recreated a New York City Subway station at ION Orchard—complete with musical performances too. The brand makes a return to the very same spot with another Subway-themed pop-up installation, but this time, as a driver to instil the importance of sustainability as well as to highlight its own efforts in the cause.

The Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art installation provides visitors with the full-suite of experience one would expect of a typical Kiehl's pop-up. In addition to a range of activities dedicated to educating visitors on key skincare products as well as a personalised skin consultation, the pop-up highlights Kiehl's sustainability efforts which includes its refillable solutions in its skincare, hair and body categories. Like the name suggests, a number of art installations have been crafted from post-consumer materials—mainly Kielh's-related products, of course—such as the "Kiehl's Super Tree" and the "UFC Waterfall". The latter is positioned right above an empties drop-off point that encourages visitors to discard their empty and cleaned beauty empties. The goal is for Kiehl's to reach its target of collecting 60,000 empties for the month of September.

The brand has taken it a step further. A trio of Singaporean artists were commissioned to interpret trash into art that are now displayed as part of Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art. In their own words, they share with us more about the process of recreating something out of trash as well as their thoughts on sustainability as part of artistic expressions.

Maisarah Kamal and "The Empire State Building"

The concept for the artwork was born from my fascination with discovering beauty in overlooked places. I became captivated by the idea of transforming everyday plastic bottles and containers, such as those from Kiehl's products, into a representation of the iconic Empire State Building, symbolising New York and embodying Kiehl's essence. As I worked on the project, it also made me think about how we often overlook the value of things we consider as waste. This led the artwork to take on a deeper meaning, becoming a statement about reusing and repurposing materials.

The primary challenge in creating this artwork was in the cleaning of the interior of the bottles, as there are often residues left. Additionally, sourcing suitable found wood and metals to complement the sculpture presented another hurdle. The journey encompassed everything from achieving cleanliness to meticulously selecting various types of plastic bottles/containers, ranging from Kiehl's products, to incorporate into the artwork. The diverse array of shapes, textures, and colours further contributed to the complexity of the task. Therefore, this creative endeavour wasn't a linear process, but rather one that opened up a multitude of possibilities demanding careful consideration and decision-making.

Seeing beauty in unexpected places is a big part of how I make art. I think there's something special in things that we usually don't notice. This way of thinking doesn't just apply to one artwork—it's in all my creations. I like to make art that surprises people, using different materials or showing things in new ways.

Every artist should think about using sustainable methods because of the current state of the world and environment. Artists possess a unique way of highlighting important issues in ways that make people think. When artists use sustainable methods to make art, they're showing that they care about the Earth. This can inspire others to do the same. It's like being part of a collective effort to stop problems like climate change and waste—even small changes can add up to a big positive impact.

One sustainable skincare hack that I highly recommend is opting for refillable products instead of purchasing new plastic bottles or containers. By opting to buy refills, you significantly decrease the amount of plastic waste generated. This small change not only reduces your environmental footprint but also encourages companies to offer more eco-friendly options.

Stephanie Jane Burt and "The Big Apple"

I was inspired by the nickname of New York being "The Big Apple" which has become an iconic symbol of the city. I utilised old Keihl’s tubs to create "The Big Apple".

Planning the initial outline and working with Sketchup to design each layer of the apple structure were some of the challenges I faced while conceptualising "The Big Apple". I had to calculate the dimensions of each tub and how many would fit per layer in the structure.

I usually work with found materials or upcycle my previous materials into new works. Sustainability is a big factor in the repurposing of discarded materials, turning them into a language for my art practice.

I think that artists are self-aware and have a deep understanding of the way they engage with the environment and the world. Having respect for the way they treat materials and engage with them should be key components of their practice.

I like using water from rinsed rice as a toner for my skin.

Joyce Orallo Lim and "My Forever Blooms"

My artwork is inspired by the main ingredient of the Calendula Toner, which is the calendula plant. Starting from the base: As a business owner of Chokmah, I do a lot of importing and therefore have accumulated pellets from shippings. The flowers on the base are from a previous Kiehl’s pop up. The stems are made from fabric rolls that were thrown away—I collected them from Chinatown. The strong base for the stem are made from my kid’s formula cans held by an eco-friendly material called jesmonite, a mixture of the remnants from the workshops that I run. The beautiful big petals are made from the offcuts of my photobooths decorations and dance costumes. The big calendula toner is from the decorations of a previous Kiehl’s pop up too—I asked if they had any past "trash" that they wanted to throw away that I could use to integrate into my installation.

One of the challenges I had was, because my installation was going to be a big artwork, worrying if I'd have enough trash to use to construct it. Thankfully, I have a community who believes in sustainability so when I requested for items to be used, there was no lack of it.

Art and education are equally important to me, therefore I believe in educating the community through my art in the hopes that they will be encouraged to also be sustainable in creating their own art.

I encourage every artist to have an element of sustainability in their art forms. But art is subjective; every artist has a different point of view and I respect that too.

Sustainability in skincare is so important to me that I would research on the ingredients used. That is why I love Kiehl’s skincare because the calendula flower petals are now sourced from a hydroponic farm. This system uses 96 per cent less water and 98 per cent less land than conventional farming, and allows the flowers to be harvested in two-month cycles versus the traditional eight-month cycle.

Interview answers have been edited for length and clarity.

The Kiehl’s NYC Subway: Trash To Art pop-up installation is now running until 13 September at B4 Atrium ION Orchard.

Ask any celebrity or beauty devotee to nominate their favourite skincare brand and chances are Augustinus Bader will be the first name that comes to mind. In just five years, the brand – created by globally renowned biomedical scientist and physician, Professor Bader – has won 105 coveted beauty awards for its smart skincare solutions that are backed by groundbreaking research, innovation, and science. In particular, the brand’s game-changing cream named The Body Cream is busy racking up awards for its clinically-proven results in combating the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks while providing deep hydration and nourishment to visibly improve the skin’s texture, tone, and elasticity.

Handcrafted in Professor Bader’s own laboratory, The Body Cream has found A-list fans including Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Margot Robbie, Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston who swear by it. The Body Cream has a luxurious rich, buttery texture and comes turbocharged with sustainably-sourced, high-potency botanicals, bio-engineered clean actives, and a multitasking moisture complex.

However, it’s Bader’s revolutionary patented TFC8® technology that sets The Body Cream apart from any other product on the market. Inspired by 30 years of cutting-edge science and research on skin healing and tissue repair, TFC8 is composed of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesised molecules that occur naturally in the body and work to guide key nutrients and natural ingredients directly into the skin’s cells to create an optimal environment for cellular renewal. Developed to train the skin by boosting its innate ability to renew itself over the long term, the next-level tech takes a personalised targeted approach to address specific concerns like the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, stretchmarks, redness, hyperpigmentation and damage caused by external stressors.

The breakthrough technology is combined with ultra-nourishing shea butter and bisabolol, a naturally-occurring compound revered for its soothing, calming properties and ability to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin’s barrier function. As a result of this powerhouse cocktail of ingredients, The Body Cream delivers superior hydration and nourishment while transforming the health and appearance of skin.

In a four-week trial, users were blown away by the results of the A-list-favoured miracle worker – 92 percent agreed The Body Cream reduced the appearance of cellulite, 90 percent reported a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, 100 percent said it left their skin intensely moisturised and hydrated and 98 percent agreed their skin felt firmer and plumper.

Says one fan of The Body Cream: “I have been using The Body Cream on my legs for about a week and my skin has transformed. It’s softer, smoother, even-toned and my cellulite is not as evident as before. My legs haven’t looked this great in years.” Another also raved about its lightning-fast results. “The Body Cream is just so luxurious. l can tell after a few uses, the dry skin on my knees has improved and the texture of my skin has certainly improved, even after all the sun it’s been getting. Love it!”

To experience the incredible skin-perfecting results of the multi-award-winning The Body Cream (SG$180), shop it directly from Augustinus Bader here. To ensure you never run out, follow the lead of its legions of fans and choose ‘Auto-replenish’ at check out to subscribe to regular, customisable, delivery cycles and save 20 percent – plus earn loyalty points on every order. You’ll also be doing right by your body and our planet thanks to Augustinus Bader’s ‘You Shop, We Donate’ initiative that allows you to donate per cent of your order value to a charity that matters to you.

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Buff Ryder, FENTY SKIN. Solaris EDP, PENHALIGON. Sugared Koffie, DRUNK ELEPHANT. Exfoliating Body Balm, TRILOGY. Pacific Rock Moss, GOLDFIELD AND BANKS. Ilio, DYPTYQUE

Having only one season to contend with here in Singapore, we should all have our grooming needs sorted by now. But the temperatures in mid-2023 are hitting unprecedented highs, ostensibly because of climate change, and it feels as if we are wilting in the cloying heat and humidity. Even some of our trusty products that have kept us in top form before seem to fall flat, which probably means it’s time to take our grooming game to task if we want to look fresh and feel clean through any single day. To that end, we leapt ahead and tried out some new skin and body care upgrades that we think would help you ride the heat wave.


Designed to filter out skin damaging UV rays, sunscreen remains the one product that dermatologists insist we do not ignore. Since no one said there should only be one product on our bathroom shelf, we're happy to go beyond the basic defensive action. Besides, according to a 2017 report by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Study, SPF is “only partially effective in blocking free radicals produced by UV exposure.” Enter vitamin C serums.

The same study found that topical vitamin C provides support in protecting the skin against environmental aggressors, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Not only that, vitamin C in skincare also helps stimulate collagen production and disperse melanin clusters. It seems introducing vitamin C into your skincare regime could help your complexion regain a healthy glow over time.

Some of our favourite products include Allies of Skin’s 20% VitaminC Brighten + Firm Serum, a waterless formula infused with a potent form of vitamin C known as 20% ethylated L-ascorbic acid , which does all the heavy-duty work in reversing and preventing the signs of ageing. Dr Barbara Sturm’s The Good C Vitamin C Serum is ideal for those who want to reap all the benefits of vitamin C minus the risk of irritation, as it is supported by soothing ingredients such as glycerin, sodium hyaluronate as well as aloe and olive leaf extracts. To instantly breathe new life to dull and tired skin, Fields of Yarrow’s Super C Drops Revitalising Serum does the trick with its botanically charged formulation.


If there is one bathroom product that we men don’t pay enough attention to, it would be detoxifying shampoos. Dermatologists and trichologists have long emphasised that the scalp is an extension of facial skin, and warrants as much attention—especially as the temperature and humidity levels soar this summer season. A combined build-up of dead skin cells, hair product and grime on the scalp over the years is the most probable reason behind scalp irritation and hair loss. This build-up also provides a food source to malassezia, an organism present on the scalp that is responsible for oxidative damage (impacting hair growth as a result), according to a 2018 study by the International Journal of Trichology.

While the shampoo you are currently using is probably all well and good, perhaps it’s time to take scalp care to the next level with a deep-cleansing step every two weeks using one of these powerful purifying formulas. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, charcoal and micellar technologies do wonders in restoring a healthy shine to your tresses while allowing the scalp to finally get that breath of fresh air it desperately needs once it is free of follicle-blocking impurities.

We recommend K18’s Prep Detox Shampoo because it effectively exfoliates and detoxifies the hair and scalp with a blend of salicylic acid and charcoal. The best part is that it leaves your hair feeling bouncy and light even in the heat and humidity.

Another product to consider is Kevin. Murphy’s Scalp.Spa Wash. Aside from removing build-up, celery extract in the formula soothes any form of inflammation and restores the balance of healthy microflora on the scalp. Aesop’s Equalising Shampoo is a treat for the senses, thanks to the blend of aromatic essential oils in its mix. But ingredients such as fennel fruit, mistletoe leaf and eucalyptus are the true MVPs of this formula, as they help with introducing freshness and controlling excess sebum production with continued use.

20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum, ALLIES OF SKIN. Super C Drops Revitalising Serum, FIELDS OF YARROW. Prep Detox Shampoo, K18. Scalp.Spa Wash, KEVIN.MURPHY. The Good C Vitamin C Serum, DR BARBARA STURM. Equalising Shampoo, AESOP


In anticipation of the inter-monsoon season and an El Niño event, we should consider ditching our trousers and full sleeves. Breezy summer shorts and polo tees will certainly help us to embrace the season in comfort and style. But don’t go exposing any dull and ashy skin. Remember to use a quality body scrub to maintain a healthy full-body glow that you'll be proud to show off. Additionally, sloughing off dead skin cells off your body regularly also helps to reduce the risk of developing body acne and stave off heat rash significantly.

Drunk Elephant’s Sugared Koffie Almond Milk Body Scrub is a great pick-me-up with its hydrating almond milk and coffee-infused formula. Not only do the sugar granules promote a healthy sheen to the skin, caffeine in the mix encourages lymphatic drainage to allow your skin to look more taut and toned with every use.

If you’re yearning for a quick escape to a tropical island but haven’t had the time to, Fenty Skin’s Buff Ryder will help put your mind in holiday mode, thanks to its tropical fruit-scented formula. It also leaves your skin feeling so soft, your partner won’t be able to resist touching.

For a relaxing spa-like experience, Trilogy’s ultra-luxe Exfoliating Body Balm is one to consider as it effectively exfoliates, nourishes and provides aromatherapeutic benefits, thanks to a blend of almond and rosehipoils, as well as calming essential oils.


Perspiration, sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria are the culprits behind body odour, and they can get to devastating levels in the summer heats. Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve already made antiperspirants and regular showers a part of your daily care routine. Now it’s time to include a unique and timeless summer scent to keep you smelling fresh all day. Penhaligon’s latest addition Solaris EDP smells like a day out sunbathing in Mykonos. Its creamy vanilla note is balanced with the bright and radiant bouquet of white florals and ylang ylang, bringing to mind an image of the sun, sand and sea, with a good slathering of a luxurious sun lotion.

If you prefer a unique marine fragrance that blends well with your natural body scent, Goldfield and Banks’ Pacific Rock Moss is one to consider. The blend of Italian lemon, sage, moss and geranium blends beautifully into something that smells like you, but better. Ilio EDP by Diptyque is a clean, juicy fragrance that uses notes of prickly pear and bergamot to bring about the relaxing image of a slow Sunday afternoon. The radiant touch of iris and jasmine brightens the mood with uplifting qualities.

Photography: Jaya Khidir
Styling: Joan Tai
Photography Assistant:
: Danial Mirza