If you're in a relationship, you'd know about the added responsibilities for maintaining it- nay, to even flourish it! Reach into your wallet and engage in monetary exchange for gifts! WHAT BETTER WAY TO PUNISH YOUR LOVER THAN WITH MATERIAL GOODS.

(Ahem. Sorry, our inner cynic has been hogtied and tossed in the storeroom. There will be no further outburst of this sort of doubtful frippery.)

In an effort to please the SEO gods, please enjoy this curated Valentine's Day list that will be a boon for him, her and everyone else in-between.

For the 'Gram

It’s really for the nostalgia. The flip phones of the noughties were a vibe; nothing felt quite as satisfying as flipping the phone shut after an infuriating call to make a point. Oppo’s N3 Flip phone will afford you that same experience and more. When you find your Instagram Significant Other wanting, the N3 Flip's industry-leading hinge lets you prop it for that photo moment. When it’s opened, it’s a seamless 6.8-inch screen with brilliant colour and clarity. And when its folded, the vertical cover screen is still functional with a host of basic features.

For the Bling

Originally crafted for the rigours of the polo field by day and later for the nightlife, this reinvented Polo 79 from Piaget is an 18K gold watch (case, bracelet, dial and so-on) that weighs close to 200g. The finish is nice to the touch and the watch measures at 38mm wide and 7.45mm thick. But beneath its opulent exterior is an in-house self-winding 1200P1 calibre to replace the quartz calibre. Never has time felt more opulent.

For the Scent

Penhaligon’s latest Potions and Remedies collection of fragrances is designed with your well-being in mind. Each fragrance is crafted from botanicals that uplift your mood. The flacons themselves are a delight to behold—resembling old-timey potion bottles complete with eye-catching names.

For the Getaway

One of the better gifts is to be sequestered away from the rest of the world. Nestled within the captivating embrace of the Chumphon Archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand, there's a place that allows that: Samujana. Picture it—a collection of 23 enchanting villas, each with its own distinct personality, ranging from cozy one-bedroom hideaways to sprawling eight-bedroom estates. It's as if the very essence of modern Thai architecture has woven itself into every corner, creating a symphony of comfort and style. And they all come with their own private infinity pools.

Sure, the villa staff will tend to your needs but the interactions are minimal. And besides, you don't need to worry about the small stuff like food and cleaning up. Just focus on the time you have with each other.

For the Momento Mori

If you think that the gifts of flowers are cliché, you haven't gotten yourself proper bouquets from The Floral Atelier. Beautifully arranged, these floral festoon, will be the centrepiece of any occasion (except a break-up, the jury's still out on that one). Sure, they will wilt; fall victim to time's merciless grasp but like any relationship, we remember that everything ends so that we are more appreciative of the now.

Check out the gadroons on the Piaget Polo 79

There are things that are too good to not to repeat. The Piaget Polo is one of them. Remember the '80s... or at least, how people describe the '80s? Bold colours, birth of pop culture, MTV... it was a vibrant time where Swiss watchmaker, Yves Piaget noticed the shifting change of his clients.

He saw sports becoming commonplace and decided to follow the rabbit and create a a sport line, one that combines elegance with sporty sophistication. Thus the Piaget Polo and 45 years later, in the same year, when the House celebrates its 150th anniversary, we see the return of the improved model, now called the Piaget Polo 79.

Originally crafted to withstand the rigours of the polo field by day and later for the nightlife, the primary version was one with the bracelet integrated into the case; with the engraved horizontal lines—gadroons. The latest iteration is a faithful tribute to its predecessor, this time as an 18K gold watch (case, bracelet, dial and so-on) that weighs close to 200g. The finish is nice to the touch and the watch measures at 38mm wide and 7.45mm thick. But beneath its opulent exterior is an in-house self-winding 1200P1 calibre to replace the quartz calibre.

The Piaget Polo 79 inner qualities

Using a micro-rotor, it has 44 hours of power reserve, the Polo 79's dial is clean. "Piaget" sits at 12 o'clock and the brushed gold hands are enough to tell time. And really, the Piaget Polo 79 in its simple glory is more than enough.

Piaget Polo Field with a self-winding movement. PIAGET

Ride into the world of Piaget's Polo collection, the crossroads where elegance, innovation, tradition and modernity meet. Since 1979, Piaget Polo had a goal for a pioneering sense of style. And even with a storied sophistication, it has an everyday wearability. A lifestyle watch, if you will.

The Piaget Polo Date was first unveiled in a black colourway at Watches and Wonders 2022. Now it has birthed a variant called the Polo Field. This is a spectacle for the wrist. As a homage to the original polo fields and lawns of West Palm Beach, Florida, when it comes to Swiss craftsmanship, it is reflected in the nuanced detailing of the Piaget Polo Field.

The Piaget Polo Field's sapphire crystal case back. PIAGET

For this edition, the 42mm Polo Field watch has a special green dial with Super-LumiNova markers which shine in the dark and heighten Piaget's signature "P" logo on the tip of the seconds hand. The gadroons on the dial are thicker to blend in with the textured water-resistant rubber strap. Swap out your straps to suit the mood of your day. Hell, you can even replace with another colour, if you so wish.

The timepiece's unique shape—its cushion dial and round bezel—makes you stand out from the crowd. With a stainless steel body contrasting against its sapphire crystal case back, the Polo Field houses an intricate 1110P Manufacture automatic mechanical movement. With a price point that doesn't break the bank, this is a timepiece for those who abide by the risk-takers (whose motto is probably "YOLO"), this is a timepeice for those who live life to the fullest.

The Other Piaget Polo Series

As you marvel at the Piaget Polo Field, take a gander at the other Polo models like the Perpetual Calendar and Skeleton. Both are ultra-thin, with the former hosting a Perpetual Calendar with a moon-phase mechanism and the latter housing an all-new self-winding skeleton movement 1200S1 powered by an off-centre micro-rotor etched into Piaget's coat of arms.

The Piaget Polo Field is available here.