While I'd like to talk about the best bomobolini in Singapore, I'm getting ahead of myself. Instead, let's start in 2020, where the world (well, most of the world) was on lock-down.

Stuck indoors, no light at the end of the tunnel, cabin fever settles like dust motes on a statue... as the world comes to a standstill, there's only so much Netflix you can binge on. (And chill? Well, that's between me and my God.)

But if there was anything that helped me through the pandemic, it was the discovery of new trying new food when Deliveroo and Foodpanda started upping their game. Stalls or restaurants that I normally wouldn't patronise suddenly became options that I readily indulged in. It was during this period that I got hooked on the bomboloni from The Fat Kid Bakery.

Triple chocolate brownies

Those were the only thing they sold but they do it so well. Starting as a home-based food business, Ariel Tang—the founder of The Fat Kid Bakery—these sourdough bomboloni are rotund; befitting of the supposed etymological connection to an old-fashion grenade. It's light and springy; like chewing a nicely seared marshmallow. The filling is generous and didn't venture into overly sweet. It's actually rather perfect. No notes. I ordered a box of 10 and have been ordering from them since.

Business picked up for Tang and she had a brick-and-mortar in Ang Mo Kio. But this past April, she moved her operations to Amoy Street. With a new space, the bakery has a bigger kitchen and an expanded menu like the inclusion of brownies, cookies and soon-to-be-added, sandwiches. The sandwiches came about as a means to cater to the Central Business District crowd. Because Gordon Gekko-clones cannot live by bread alone, they also need to dig into a BLT while pacing and trading shares on a comically large cellphone.

The file name attached to this image is 'Enriched Milk Loaf', which denotes the presence of a 'Depleted Milk Loaf'

While we wait for the sandwiches, you can still carbo-load more variety of artisanal bread. You have your milk loaf; country white sourdough loaf; ciabatta and focaccia. Will we get brioche? Or a lovely rye? Oh, the suspense!

And, of course, the bakery serves coffee as well. Using Yahava beans, you can get a latte, cappuccino, long black... y'know the usual caffeinated suspects. A little bean juice goes great with the pastries. Alas, there are no seats at the establishment but with the direction that The Fat Kid Bakery is heading, one can't help to think that it might be on the cards soon.

Assorted boxes of bomboloni

The Fat Kid Bakery is located at 39 Amoy Street, Singapore 069865 and accepts walk-ins and pre-order pick-ups.