Apparently best experienced in this tulip-shaped reveal glass. NESPRESSO

It's hard to ignore the irony when the brand that encapsulated coffee into convenient little orbs announces what it calls "probably the most precious coffee in the world". Still, there must be a reason why Nespresso can call the N°20 range bespoke. When you put 20 years of relentless research into pursuing the dream of crafting "the ultimate cup of coffee", maaybe the description is justified.

Efforts began from meticulously selecting the finest Arabicas from its Coffee Collection Catalogue. Then a tireless process to create a a high-quality Arabica coffee plant since 2003. Inspired by traditional farming practices, Nespresso's experts explored cross-planting coffee varieties to enhance resilience. Once the combination yielding the desired taste was identified, the next step was to determine the ideal terroir.

After experimenting in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Indonesia, the Cauca and Caldas regions of Colombia emerged as the optimal environment for N°20. Thriving in the soil of these regions, the plants were carefully cultivated by 59 farmers. All part of the Nespresso AAA Program, to ensure sustainable and high-quality practices. Spoiler alert: The farmers received a premium as a reward for their commitment.


N°20 notes

Now you bet a culmination of two decades of dedication by the team would result in an exceptional taste profile. Q certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, N°20 meets the highest standards of quality in the industry. In terms of how it hits your palate, expect orange blossom aromas and fresh citrus.

Nespresso recommends savouring its rare and refined taste as an espresso, launching it in Original capsules this year and in Vertuo capsules next year. As a seasonal coffee, N°20 will be available for a limited time each year so you might want to set aside that doubt and take up this testament of caffeinated excellence.

N°20 is available at SGD18 online and at Nespresso boutiques.