Imagine sleeping 20 hours a day. JORDAN WHITT

We've talked about sleep the last time around, but its miniature counterpart has been just as conveniently neglected. See, before modernity utterly ruined our shut-eye habits, homo sapiens napped. Otherwise known as the biphasic (two-phased) sleep, the practice is far from cultural or geographical.

Even sleep-hater Edison loved naps. Acclaimed power-nappers include Einstein, who birthed the theory of relativity in a nap. Winston Churchill advocated that non-negotiable napping was the key to success in his battle strategies.

This short recuperation that we are genetically and biologically hardwired to take has now woefully dwindled into a post-lunch coma that we ignore altogether. Instead, we attempt to defeat the lull by counterproductively consuming coffee or energy drinks. And the repercussions aren’t minor.

The afternoon siestas once routine to southern Europe are now progressively disappearing, along with the robust cardiovascular health of its citizens. The disowning of naps palpably led to a rise in mortality risk by well over 60 percent.

So it’s not a matter of should you nap, because the answer is clearly yes. The question is how should you nap? Since we have not mastered sleep switching between each half of the brain the way dolphins do, here are some ways you can hit a quick snooze if you don’t WFH.

Cat nap, geddit?? LAUREN KAY

Make it a trend

Tell everyone about this amazing new restorative therapy (technically not a lie) you are currently undergoing that significantly boosts your health, only requiring 20 minutes of silent meditation (might not work with sleep apnoea) every afternoon, eyes closed.

Decorate strategically

Get a fitting tablecloth for your desk. Install a desk hammock underneath (desk should be of sizeable dimensions). Occasionally accidentally knock stationery off desk.


Discuss medical leave privileges with your boss to work out a new term to use it, divided by minutes, on naps. This should bring you to half-hour naps every workday …if you manage not to fall sick the entire year.

Consider a career change

If all else fails, quit your job and work for Google where you will be guaranteed office nap pods. Together with NASA and Nike, these companies take advantage of this highly accessible and proven method to boost employee productivity and profitability.