If you think about how alcohol is literally poison and how, according to medical journals, the safest level of drinking is none, Dry January is not as dry as its name. With the second round of upcoming festivities in a month, this period presents itself as an opportunity to give that liver a break. Good thing these guys have on par options for you. Here are five suggestions where you can get curated drinks perfect for staying on track with your post-holiday cleanse and detox.

Tea Ceremony. BORN


A great segue into the Lunar New Year, the contemporary Chinese menu comes with a line up of non-alcoholic five and seven glass pairings. Expect equally complex concoctions in the form of a sparkling Lemon, Ginger, Thyme, smoked tableside with applewood chips; in-house ferments like the Roselle Kombucha with Raspberry and Smoked Plum; as well as the Phoenix Oolong from Guangdong, complete with an artful tableside tea ceremony.

Infused tipples. ESORA


One for the tea-fanatics, the pairing here spans the fundamentals—green, black and white, but each uniquely infused. Kyoto's leafy Genmaicha gets a touch of fresh basil; Rolling Thunder, an Oolong tea rich with notes of longan, sugared prunes, red dates, and red bean paste, is further enhanced with an infusion of kuro shichimi. You can expect these infusions to be served not just in standard hot and cold mediums, but even sparkling.

Lyre-powered. LEVEL33


Directly inspired by their classic counterparts, the non-alcoholic renditions emulate all the flavours without the body-harming elements. Not The “GNT” quenches with jasmine, juniper, and lime on top of Lyre’s Dry London spirit, tonic water and lemon. The Italiano incorporates a vibrant orange-and-rhubarb non-alcoholic Italian spritz, sparkling blood orange San Pellegrino Rossa, and bubbly soda water. 

Passion Fruit Tea, Rempapa Ginger Ale. REMPAPA


The heartwarming heritage fare gets a pretty extensive beverage menu of mocktails with exotic taste profiles to match. The Assam Boi is a tangy, tantalising mix of freshly-squeezed calamansi accented by sour plum. Otherwise, the Rempapa Ginger Ale blends ginger tonic with aromatic lemongrass, calamansi, and the locally-loved gula melaka, served both hot or iced.

Glow cold-pressed juices. SUPERNATURE


Where best for a dose of healthy drinking than with a wellness-centric menu developed by the head chef in collaboration with their in-house naturopath. The repertoire of functional cold-pressed juices are crafted from organic fruits and vegetables. Anti-inflammatory is induced in Fresh Start's orange, carrot, ginger, and turmeric; while antioxidant-rich Blood of the Earth combines beetroot, carrot, apple, and pomegranate powder.