In a world buzzing with nearly 8 billion individuals, each flaunting distinct personalities, memories and styles, it's a bit of a chuckle to think there's one scent that fits all. Maison 21G is all about celebrating individuality. They're on a mission to prove that crafting a scent exclusively for you is like bottling the essence of your very soul, because, let's face it, you deserve a fragrance as distinctive as you.

Creating your scent at Maison 21G is simple: take a personality quiz to fine-tune your preference of scent; choose your ingredients; bottle it.

Scented Charisma: Captivating Hearts and Minds

In today's world, work events have become an integral part of our social scene. Going beyond the knock-off hour, work now takes the form of networking and making a memorable impression is key. What better way to stand out than with a subtle yet powerful method like scent? Consider the occasion as each opportunity requires a nuance olfactory combination that will leave a lasting mark.

Impress your boss and asserting your power. When you pair Maison 21G's Leather Lust with Havana Harvest, you get a daring but elegant combination that commands attention. This unique blend harmonises the refined spiciness and woody notes of tobacco with the intense, smoky allure of leather. This fragrance fusion effortlessly captures attention, making you the centre of admiration. For a timeless and refined scent that complements your personal style, mixing Leather Lust with Cedar Caviar is a winning choice.

Now, let's dive into one of Maison 21G's most popular notes among men in Singapore: Sage Supreme. This aromatic gem offers endless possibilities for turning heads. For an uplifting and charismatic scent creation, combine Sage Supreme with Cashmere Wood. This dynamic pairing combines the fresh, green, and aromatic notes of sage with the intense, magnetic aroma of cashmere wood. The result? A powerful and magnetic sillage that enhances your natural charm and elegance. For a bolder statement, pair Sage Supreme with Terrific Tonka. This magnetic fragrance energises your night with a burst of fresh and radiant energy. 

Never Go Home Alone 

Prepare to make people swoon at dinner parties or first dates as Maison 21G becomes your partner-in-crime (we will deny everything if this happens to go to trial!) We suggest for an addictive and irresistible fragrance creation, mix Leather Lust with Fervent Fir Balsam. This combination blends the sweet and fruity notes of fir balsam with the intense, woody and smoky scent of leather. It wraps you in an enigmatic aura that captivates the imaginings of others to muse, who is that international man of mystery? or Is he from the Illuminati?

Be master and commander over your personality.

To immerse your desired company in seduction, combine Vetiver Virtuoso with Terrific Tonka. This warm and alluring blend merges the alluring and charming effects of vetiver with the nutty, sweet and seductive notes of Tonka. Fall under the enchanting and subtle spell of this luxurious scent. For a perfectly balanced allure, the most popular combination is Ocean Odyssey and Sage Supreme. This fresh and marine fragrance invites others into the sparkle of your personality.

Pleasure’s All Mine

Maison 21G offers scents designed to ignite desire and pleasure in the bedroom (or car or hotel suite; as long as it's away from the public eye). To reveal your vivacious nature and energise your bedroom prowess, mix the charismatic Vetiver Virtuoso with the spicy allure of Ginger Game.

For a fiery and seductive fusion, mix Ancestral Agar with Amber Affair. This warm and spicy creation blends the intoxicating, animalic and leathery notes of agarwood with the sensual warmth of amber. For an intimate night, try the irresistible combination of Vanilla Venus and Sleek Sandalwood. This comforting and addictive combo uses the suave scent of sandalwood with the gourmand and leathery essence of vanilla.

Remember that scent is your silent weapon; capable of leaving an unforgettable impression. From first impressions to igniting passions, Maison 21G lets you step into the realm of personalised scents.

You have the creative freedom not only to personalise your scent but also to tailor the bottle design to your liking.

Visit Maison 21G to create your bespoke scent.