Barbie's perfect pink shoes and vintage Chanel jewels are great and all, but in this Mojo Dojo Casa House, we're a little more homed in on a certain Ken-sential: a damn good watch.

For Ryan Gosling's Ken in Barbie, one TAG Heuer Carrera doesn't cut it. And why would it? The guy's just brought the patriarchy (sans rule by horses) back from the Real World and into Barbieland—sorry, into the Kendom. All the Kens are getting into Matchbox Twenty and The Godfather and beer and all that good ol' manly man stuff. The focal point of the scene is Gosling's Ken, who is decked up in an infamous fur coat, a black bandana, two pairs of sunglasses, and three Carreras tied to his wrist.

The Carrera 2448 NT from 1968, which takes its design cues from the 1963 original.

A gold Carrera perfectly embodies the Kenergy every guy needs. It's sporty, a little flashy, but eminently wearable. Ken opts for the 2448 NT from 1968 (inspired by the original from 1963!), the 1158 CHN from 1971 (check out that Côte de Genève dial!), and the 110.515 from 1974 (with a solid 18-karat gold bracelet!).

The Carrera 1158 CHN from 1971, with its solid gold Milanese bracelet.

Each is a fantastic example of vintage Carrera style, showcasing the looks that turned the watch into such an icon. He became a genuine Watch Guy during his brief stay in the Real World, and his collection matches even the most eye-catching ensembles in Barbie's closet.

The Carrera 110.515 from 1974, with a sunray-brushed finish and Côte de Genève dial.

For a Ken whose job is "beach," he makes a pretty good watch collector. And, really, if he's taught us anything, it's that you can never have Kenough watches.

Originally published on Esquire US