The t-shirts

Like that first crack when you open up a fresh can of beer, Heineken has a refreshing take on a common concept. For the Dutch pale lager's 150th anniversary, they continue their creative collaboration, this time, with local fashion brand, The Salvages.

But this isn't Heineken's foray into the fashion scene. The label worked with Union, A Bathing Ape, Yeti Out and even with The Shoe Surgeon for kicks with beer-injected soles. For its collab with The Salvages, the fashion company took inspiration from Heineken's iconic imagery of Heineken. Using elements like the iconic red star and the striking viridescent palette, they are joined with The Salvages' unique pattern-cutting techniques. With a collection that tempts you into indulging in life's simple pleasures, the t-shirts have loose-fitting drop shoulders that are intricately cut and sewn together to form something new.

A tribute to classic Heineken posters, remixed in a modern, reconstructed style of The Salvages. Photos by Heineken and The Salvages
Campaign shots of The salvages collaboration with Heineken
Paying homage to the Good Times captured in Southeast Asian party photography sourced from the Heineken archives—reconstructed with a surrealist twist. Photos by Heineken and The Salvages
Campaign shots of The salvages collaboration with Heineken
A ‘Bauhaus-inspired’ rendering of Good Times that merges the iconic elements of both Heineken and The Salvages brands. Photos by Heineken and The Salvages

All Heineken x The Salvages t-shirts are vacuum-packed and stored in limited-edition Heineken cans. Just dunk the compressed material in water, let the fabric unravel, dry that sucker and wear it like a bawse.

The bottles

Heineken also tapped on local creatives like beatboxer Dharni and design collective TELL YOUR CHILDREN for a bottle redesign.

These limited-edition bottles will be available as prizes across popular drinking spots from 29 June until the end of July.

Beer bottles designed by local influencers for the Heineken anniversary
Heineken roped in Nicole Wong; The Salvages co-founder Nicolette Yip; Dharni and TELL YOUR CHILDREN for the bottle redesign.

As founder Freddy Heineken once said “I don’t sell beer. I sell gezelligheid (Good Times).” This ethos would become Heineken’s north star and is the tone for its 150th anniversary bash in Singapore. Speaking of which...

With the t-shirts available now, the first 50 purchases will get an invite to the Heineken x The Salvages Party. This is a by-invite-only event at an undisclosed location.