On Blue Ivy and Hailey Bieber

Look. When a season that's all about giving rolls around, you tend to keep your options open. You've people on the good list that you wanna play Santa to. So, you've secured that iPhone 15 Pro for dear ole dad and that Tefal wok set for your sis (it's not misogynistic if she actually asked for it, mmmkay). But then your Significant Other drop hints about "something that doesn't break the bank but yet still make a statement", you start to put out feelers. Especially, when you're a cis-male, who works for a male lifestyle magazine, you accept help whenever it is available.

On Gal Gadot and Selena Gomez

And it's happenstance that AUPEN came into our periphery because celebrities like Taylor Swift, Gal Gadot, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy were all spotted with it. Drawing inspiration from art and architecture and made from real leather, AUPEN's design team created a collection of asymmetrical bags— a reminder that life isn't perfect... but coming across AUPEN's collection is close to it.

To further streamline your choice in choosing a bag, we asked our intern for her opinion. This is what she has to say about these selected few:


Purpose with Chain (left) and Purpose Noir (right)

"This model goes with every outfit and can make the most basic outfit pop. The brown Purpose one with the chain is more of a day look with denim or fall colours. If I want to party, the Purpose Ice is perfect because of the dripping crystals can move with me when I dance. I do wish that it came with a crossbody strap."


Joy Noir

"At SGD155, this is a no-brainer for those who are on a budget. I love that this bag can fit all my essentials like my like my iPhone, keys, wallet, portable charger... (Editor's note: she lists a lot of other things that will fill up our SEO quota but we decided to just cut to the chase.) Unlike the Purpose, this bag comes with a crossbody strap that allows me to go hands-free."



"If your girl like bigger bags with extra storage space, this is might be the one for you. The slouchy silhouette can be dressed up or down and the softness of the bag is perfect. With adjustable straps, you can style it however you want—crossbody; on the shoulder. The flaps can also be styled tucked in or out for a different vibe, whatever they may choose."



"I know this isn't a carrier but LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE. These earrings can level up a basic outfit immediately!"

Any purchased AUPEN product has a gift box option so it'll arrive in a luxurious box with an engraved AUPEN metal silver plate on the lid. The jewellery will come in a grey box with a velvet exterior for that elevated experience.