Thanks to a leak, video game company Rockstar Games, released its long-awaited trailer for its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. This time our open-world is set in Leonida (GTA's version of Florida), where Vice City (GTA's version of Miami and also the huge locale in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) is featured.

We follow Lucia and her unnamed partner as they make a living wage... by engaging in a stick-up. And given the nature of this game, they would probably dip into other less-savoury activities that would cause your mom to cross herself. With Tom Petty's "Love is a Long Road" playing, the trailer shows all the glories that are pulled from the headlines of actual Florida. Let us count the ways: an alligator in a swimming pool; twerking on the roof of a moving car; a police raid; an alligator in a convenience store; a strip club; an irate elderly woman holding a claw hammer in each hand... Leonida is the most Florida that Florida has ever been.

The game will be released on next-gen platforms. Specifically the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 (sorry PS4 and Xbox One users). This move makes sense given the graphics we've just seen from the trailer. But according to a presser given out by Rockstar Games, GTA 6 will skip out on a PC version. It's not an unusual move for the company given their MO for its previous games release. Games like GTA IV, GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 gave priority to console releases. PC ports came at a very later date.

At least, we get to play the game next year when it rele-

Ah, damn it.

Well, at least we can soak in the trailer while we wait.