It's been a while since the Hargreeves last got into some shenanigans at a space-continuum level (2022, since we last saw them). They return for season four—their final season of The Umbrella Academy—to right a timeline that they have created in their adventure.

Based on the comic book series of the same name, this season of The Umbrella Academy will prove interesting as creators Gerard Way (yup, that Gerard Way) and Gabriel Bá haven't written or illustrated the comic book ending yet. How will it end? And will it align closely with Way and Bá's collective vision?

From the looks of the teaser, it looks like the Hagreeves kids are now normies living out their civilian lives as best as they can (although Luther [played by Tom Hopper] still looks kinda swole). Also, it looks like their paterfamilias, Reginald, is now alive and leading a sinister organisation. And, according to the synopsis from Netflix, there's a "mysterious association known as The Keepers holds clandestine meetings believing the reality they’re living in is a lie and a great reckoning is coming." Oooh, the intrigue.

There are tons of takeaways after watching the teaser: Santa Claus going postal; Diego (David Castañeda) is a family man; Ben (Justin H. Min) is out of jail; Viktor (Elliot Page) goes ballistic... all these to the opening of "The Final Countdown". Will there be a reappearance of characters from the previous season? Can the family ever find happiness? Is there a dance battle? And what's the deal with the "upturned umbrella" tattoo?

While the final season will have six episodes, which is four less than previous seasons there is still cause to celebrate, seeing as it is a rare thing for Netflix to stick to finishing up a series.

The final season of The Umbrella Academy premieres on 8 August