It's official. Just when you think the Deadpool & Wolverine teaser wasn't enough, on Valentine's Day, Marvel announced the cast of The Fantastic Four film on Twitter- sorry, I meant "X". Internet Daddy, Pedro Pascal, will play Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic; Vanessa Kirby is Sue Richards aka Invisible Woman; Joseph Quinn is Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch and Ebon Moss-Bachrach will voice (and possibly motion-capture) Ben Grimm aka the "Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed" Thing.

The announcement was accompanied by a retro-looking illustration of our cast, along with a new title logo. Matt Shakman, who directed WandaVision and two episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, will helm The Fantastic Four. And for an added bonus: the film will be out in theatres on 25 July, 2025. But we have questions... oh so many questions.

Given the '60s feel of the artwork, will the film be set then or now? How will Marvel's First Family be introduced into the MCU? Were they always around or did they go on some adventure in the past and only now returned? Will HERBIE be likeable? Who will voice HERBIE? Can Mister Fantastic's stretching powers ever not be goofy-looking? And who will play... Doctor Doom (rumours about Adam Driver as a forerunner is rife)?

No doubt, more information will be forthcoming but with the The Fantastic Four announcement, it means that MCU's Phase Six is back on track.