Finishing off the year is Whisky Journey 2023. Held on the 1st and 2nd of December at Marina Bay Sands, Whisky Journey gears up for its most extravagant showcase yet. The two-day will host 30 prestigious exhibitors, featuring over 300 distinctive whiskies and expressions. With complimentary tastings from participating booths, visitors can partake in an array of whiskies at unbeatable prices. Delights like the highly sought-after Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey or the Atlantic Kombu Cask, you'll get to traverse the world of spirits.

For spirit aficionados and novices alike, we present what you can look forward to. We sift through an array of liquid treasures and shine a spotlight on some of these impressionable spirits.

Currach Atlantic Kombu Apple Ice Wine Cask (Whisky Journey Exclusive)

This triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey, derived from 100% Irish malted barley, is a testament of meticulous ageing. Initially nurtured in first-filled American oak ex-bourbon barrels, it is later finished in Atlantic Kombu Irish seaweed-charred virgin American oak casks. For this Whisky Journey edition, the whisky is elevated with an extra finish in a Rare Killahora Apple Ice Wine Cask.

These casks hail from Killahora Orchards, where their Apple Ice Wine are made from their rare, bittersweet apples that are grown on the south-facing slopes of Ireland's County Cork. The freezing temperatures and the year-long fermentation process further shapes the dessert wine. So, what you get are addition of sweet butterscotch and green apple notes that complement wit hthe roast coffee, dark chocolate and savoury umami flavours of the Atlantic Kombu seaweed charred casks.

This limited-edition bottling is non-chill filtered, bottled at natural cask strength with no caramel colouring.

Tipperay Single Cask Release Quaich Bar Exclusive 2023

Crafted from homegrown barley, this single cask bottling is a celebration of opulence. With a mere 79 bottles in production, these limited-editions embrace the essence of sherry and port. A sensory odyssey awaits with abundant sherry aromas interlaced with the imagery of a gentle campfire.

Resonating with sweet sherry, a melange of fruits—apples, pears, and dried figs—the palate is further suspended in a toffee symphony, which leads to a lingering, fruit-laden finish. If there's any gem that's coveted, you don't have to look too far than this from Quaich Bar.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company: Bowmore 22 Year Old Scotch - Batch 25 (Exclusive Bottling For Proof & Company)

From the heart of Islay’s oldest distillery, Bowmore remains a steadfast a testament to resilence, time and a little upright fist towards the establishment. This particular release is bottled from a single sherry butt, aged since November 1998 and is solely reserved for Proof & Company. Aged in Bowmore's fabled Vault No. 1, it is located closest to the sea, a fitting cradle for this distinguished elixir to manifest.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company: Springbank 23 Year Old - Batch 28

Heralding the twenty-eighth release from the elusive Springbank Distillery, this is a treasure trove where only 383 bottles at 48.92% ABV are aged 23 years. As the only distillery in Scotland that malts its entire needs of barley using its own floor maltings, Springbank is home to this particular batch that was distilled in November 1996. Nurtured in Sherry and Madeira butts and an American bourbon barrel, this batch is an embodiment of Springbank's commitment to quality and self-sufficiency.

Bruichladdich's Mystery Unveiling

There are talks around an enigmatic launch under the brand of Bruichladdich. There are no images nor information but for the Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte and Octomore fans, this surprise will be unveiled only at Whisky Journey 2023.

Tickets for Whisky Journey 2023 is now available. Use “esquire20” (without quotes) for a 20 per cent discount.*

*note that the 20 per cent discount only applies to the standard SGD68 ticket (with free whisky). It is not applicable to SGD18 ticket (without free whisky).