A lot of whistles were wet

In a symphony of flavour and tradition, Whisky Journey 2023 was held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Jasmine Ballroom. This year's programme superseded last year's event with a staggering 2,500 attendees and played host to 30 distinguished brands.

Curated by The Whisky Store, Whisky Journey started as Singapore’s paramount whisky exhibition in 2019. Then, the pandemic forced it to pivot into an island-wide bar and restaurant whisky trail that ran over 10 days. In its fourth year, Whisky Journey offers patrons an exclusive portal into the world of spirits. With esteemed distilleries and brands hailing from Japan, Scotland and beyond.

In 2023Whisky Journey didn't disappoint. Showcasing a curated selection of over 300 whiskies and expressions, the event goes beyond mere tastings. There's also an immersion into the expertise of industry stalwarts via masterclasses hosted by luminaries from Bruichladdich, Kanosuke, Tomatin and more.

The Highlights

The 2023 edition not only boasted the title of Singapore's largest Japanese whisky showcase, with more than six eminent Japanese brands to be showcased; there was a new digital wallet feature that streamlined the attendee experience like seamless purchases, exploration of exhibitors and whiskies and the redemption of free samples. All these and more, all within a single platform.

But there was also a celebration of the future of whisky. For whisky culture to succeed in the coming years, newer brands needed to be introduced. Boutique local brands like Sing Sing Whisky and Compendium Spirits were featured among other international luminaries like The M&H (Milk & Honey). Other brand owners and distillers included Ken Usami, the Distillery Owner and Master Distiller of Shinobu and Iain Forteath, the Master Blender at Angus Dundee Distillers.

The Currach boys

Attendees were the first to taste the newly launched Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey, the Atlantic Kombu Cask. This libation is finished in Killahora Orchards Apple Ice Wine Cask and was only available exclusively at the event. Founder Patrick Shelley shared the intricate craft behind this groundbreaking creation, adding an extra layer of excitement to the array of exclusive Whisky Journey bottlings.

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