Steak Omakase. COTE

There is one sentiment shared by everyone who dines at COTE. It is also likely the main motivation to convert from diner to repeat customer. To keep you in suspense, let’s first acknowledge the many accolades driving the hype. 

Not only does the restaurant hail from New York as “America’s first Korean Steakhouse”, and notches several James Beard Award nominations under its belt. Not only has it earned a Michelin star each year since opening—literally the only Korean Steakhouse in the world to do so thus far. Not only all of that, but the one that opened here early this year marks the brand’s very first international outpost. 

Apart from immediately thinking, damn this place must be really good, let’s also add the fact that Singapore is no stranger to K-BBQs. Whether we’ve tried the crème along Tanjong Pagar or authentic establishments in the country of origin, it’s safe to say we have decent standards in this arena. 

At the heart of COTE’s menu are two key tasting experiences. The Butcher’s Feast features four select cuts of USDA Prime and Australian Wagyu with Korean accompaniments, while the 10-course Steak Omakase explores a grand tour of Japanese A5 Wagyu and Petrossian Tsar Imperial Daurenki Caviar. 

We’ll simplify this review: Each of the four cuts in Butcher’s Feast did not disappoint. There’s no need for fancy words when the quality of beef and sides speak for themselves. 

And then there are interesting dishes like Korean ‘bacon’ (house-smoked heritage pork belly), or even outlet-exclusive Korean Beef ‘Bakkuteh’ (a local spin using prime beef short rib). Still, it’s the Butcher’s Feast that gives you the best value for your money. At SGD98 per pax, it’s a steal for the entirety of your encounter.

Maybe it’s that all the meats are seasoned with a proprietary blend of British Maldon salt, Celtic sea salt, and Korean thousand-day-aged sea salt. Or that the included wines derive from over 600 selections spanning biodynamic, sustainable, vintage depth from both classic wineries and rare blue-chip producers. 

Millim bar. COTE
Dining hall. COTE

The ambience of Millim Bar that greets you on arrival certainly plays a part. Setting the tone with its jazzy interior and pre-dinner drinks, it’s also where you’ll find the dramatic display of cuts dry-aged in-house for a minimum of 45 days. This extends to the dark, elegant Main Dining Hall designed by Modellus Novus with elements of wood and subtle gold. 

Tables are inlaid with bespoke smokeless charcoal grills, but the nod to the OG vents mimicked by the overhead lighting is a cute touch. There are, of course, Private Dining Rooms as well as other Ventertainment spaces in the pipeline that will complete an immersive journey. And don’t get us started on service. For now though, what’s already serving awaits to surpass your expectations.

COTE is located at COMO Orchard Level 3, Singapore 229922.