Kim Taehyung, also known as V from BTS, has been chosen as the ambassador for the latest Panthère de Cartier campaign. The brand praises the global pop icon for his captivating "creative spirit and magnetic gaze," perfectly embodying the essence of the panther-inspired collection, ultimately leading to his appointment.

In the campaign, V effortlessly radiates charisma as he wears the iconic Panthère jewellery collection. The collection includes a sculptural diamond ring, a tête-à-tête panther bracelet, and the Révélation d’une Panthère watch. Perfectly complimenting V’s mysterious and sophisticated appearance.

The senior vice president chief MKG officer says, "When it came to personifying the magnetism and aura of the panther, our choice naturally fell on V. He possesses a captivating look and a strong character, guided by creativity as a dancer, musician, and art lover. His unique style and elegance make him the perfect fit for this role." Thus, appointing him as the new ambassador was the most fitting decision.

V now joins esteemed personalities the likes of Blackpink's Jisoo as Cartier ambassadors. This appointment also marks the second luxury jewellery brand ambassadorship for BTS—Jimin was officially announced as the ambassador for Tiffany & Co. last year.

Every male performer eventually writes the song—at least if you look at the best songs of this century—when they make the song. It's always about the "Hey everyone, I just learned about the birds and the bees" song we've always heard. 'Sexy Back' by Justin Timberlake and 'Body Language' by Jesse McCartney were both released in 2006. Years later, we had Justin Bieber's 'Lolli' (use your imagination!), then Zayn's morning-after anthem, 'Pillow Talk'. Recall Niall Horan's equally sexy song 'Slow Hands'. It's now time for BTS's Jung Kook, who has dropped his debut sensual track.

'Seven' is Jung Kook's take—and if the song's sensual lyrics don't make you sweat from its longing music video, nothing will. With phrases like "You wrap around me and give me life," and "It's the way that you can ride," the concept is obvious. Jung Kook is an adult who acts like an adult. Get it with it.

In just 12 hours, 'Seven' has gone viral, thanks to the song’s catchy chorus—and pure shock value. The music video—With a surprise appearance by Latto and Jung Kook competing for a woman's attention, the music video has amassed 25 million views to date. Jung Kook and his girlfriend are seen fighting in the opening scene in a restaurant. After a while, she storms out, which prompts a string of natural disasters for Jung Kook to seek her down. He keeps going despite many floods, explosions, and even a momentary cardiac crisis(!) while singing about getting down "seven days a week." Modern day love story, yes?

In an interview with Vulture, Jung Kook explained the meaning behind 'Seven', saying, "I want to show a more mature and grown version of myself." And that he has achieved.

Originally published on Esquire US