1. Necklace, VERSACE

This isn’t the most extravagant necklace by the brand, but considering its size—and it weighs a mere 17g—quite a lot is packed into the pendant. The centrepiece is an elegantly cut turquoise flanked by the brand’s Greca motif and inscribed in the Versace logo type. And of course, in classic Versace gold.

2. Sunglasses, BOTTEGA VENETA

Big, oversized shades hardly go out of style. This pair by Bottega Veneta offers a familiar silhouette in acetate but piles on a trio of clashing elements. The signature green frame is trimmed with gold accents and finished with slightly tinted lenses that lend a ’70s air. It’s time to embrace that Miami Vice vibe perhaps.

3. Vra Vra Vroom, Liquid of Love and Kiss of Bliss eau de parfums, PENHALIGON’S

Penhaligon’s latest Potions and Remedies collection of fragrances is designed with your well-being in mind. Each fragrance is crafted from botanicals that uplift your mood. The flacons themselves are a delight to behold—resembling old-timey potion bottles complete with eye-catching names.

4. McLaren Racing Tennessee Whiskey, JACK DANIEL’S

The irony of a Formula One racing team partnering an alcohol brand is not lost on anyone. The latest is between McLaren Racing and Jack Daniel’s in the form of a limited edition Tennessee Whiskey bottle that represents both brands visually. Celebrate to the max after a win. But never drink and drive, of course.

5. Oiva teapot, MARIMEKKO

A clean, minimalist aesthetic comes to mind when anyone mentions Marimekko. Yet its Oiva teapot is maximalist by Scandinavian standards—a statement piece for any home. The body features a graphic pattern by Maija Louekari, featuring linked irregular dots that clash at points for a subtly disruptive visual.

6. The Amazing Loubi Loafers, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN X MARVEL

Christian Louboutin makes the most maximalist shoes for men. A collaboration with Marvel sees the Amazing Loubi loafer dressed in patent leather, treated with a starry effect and embellished with gunmetal hardware inspired by Marvel’s Moon Knight character. It also bears the signature red line on the lug sole.

7. Superbusy XS sling bag, BALENCIAGA

How many compartments do you need on a bag? The XS version of its aptly named Superbusy bag offers external compartments across its front, sides and shoulder strap, many with designated purposes, including one specifically for AirPods Pro. It’s proof that you can never have too many compartments.


Nothing is too much when it comes to protecting your hands from the winter chill. The Moncler x adidas glove offers optimal defence with a down construction and an inner sock layer that extends up the arm for enhanced grip and insulation. The bright hue makes it perfect for snow activities. You won’t lose this one easily.

9. Vanguard Beach Watch 41mm glass fibre composite case with fabric strap, FRANCK MULLER

It’s hard to ignore Franck Muller’s Vanguard Beach. The Vanguard already packs a punch with its big, bold numerals; but the Vanguard Beach takes it up several notches with a striking design that resembles ripples in the sand. The strap fastens with Velcro for convenience and a carefree beach vibe.

10. Vanilla Flower, CEDRIC GROLET

Known for his trompe-lœil confections, French pâtissier Cedric Grolet has set up shop in Singapore—his first outside Europe. This Vanilla Flower is one of his visually simpler creations, but as its name suggests, packs a quartet of vanilla-infused flavours. Eating it is one truly decadent experience.

Photography: Danial Mirza
Styling: Asri Jasman
Photography Assistant: Chuen Kah Jun
Additional Images: Getty Images

If I had to pick a clear standout from Milan for the Spring/Summer 2024 womenswear season (with a smattering of menswear in between), it would have to go to Bottega Veneta.

Creative director Matthieu Blazy has managed to create such a niche look for the Italian brand in terms of its ready-to-wear offerings—without the need for overt branding or the use of a singular colour—more than any of his predecessors have done before. The bags and accessories, of course, continue to utilise Bottega Veneta's signature Intrecciato techniques (as they should) but Blazy's emphasis on craft and techniques has offered a distinct point-of-view that has made his ready-to-wear pieces identifiable as Bottega Veneta creations.

"There is a need to reconnect to a primal world of animals, minerals, and plants. It’s like collecting seashells—beautiful, meaningful or meaningless. It’s linked to the beauty of small marvels and natural wonders. It’s embracing something freeform: these are clothes without codes," Blazy says in the collection notes.

For the Bottega Veneta Summer 2024 collection, Blazy once again took us on a journey—one that crossed oceans and continents. Craft was the central connecting thread as culture-specific influences the world over were referenced and mashed together to create pieces that were (mostly) wearable and imbued with extreme technicalities. Yes, this meant that visually, the collection may not have appeared cohesive due to the many different techniques, colours and silhouettes that were employed throughout. The cohesiveness came through conceptually with summer- and beach-inspired ideas of craft apparent in a number of looks.

The fit: There's no singular look to the Bottega Veneta Summer 2024 collection. It was a transition of different moments in time and space—as though Blazy meant to showcase the Bottega Veneta man as one who's worldly and of many different leanings. The show opened with a knit swimwear look that looked as though it was stripped from the '20s (and perhaps one of the few menswear looks that felt wearable for the warmer climes). Although it's difficult to decipher accurately based on images and the runway video alone, I'm fairly certain that Blazy showed a number of his brilliant leather trompe l'œil looks where seemingly everyday pieces were actually crafted from leathers, and paired with leather ties.

What's technically impressive were the knit looks this season. Blazy had shown off a number of knit looks in the past few collections but they seemed to be amped up for Summer 2024 with even more flourishes and done in greater scale. Chunky jumpers and tanks were beautiful, crafted to perfection in complicated patterns but without a homespun quality. These were intended to look high-quality and luxurious—done by hand, yes, but with the precision of skilled, experienced craftsmen.

The details: Things got bigger in the bags department. The Bottega Veneta Summer 2024 bags were supersized such that they'd make pretty decent travelling companions. A massive duffle bag in croc (look 7) was half the size of the model that carried it, while the Sardines in Intrecciato took on their biggest iteration yet with the metallic handle offering an even better grip thanks to the upsized design.

Three exceptional looks: Look 11 and its deliciously chunky knit that enveloped almost the entirety of the ensemble under it; look 53's coordinated look consisting of a shirt and trousers with faggoting and jagged hems; and look 41's updated proposal of a tank-and-trouser fit.

The takeaway: I don't know who's rich enough to purchase Bottega Veneta ready-to-wear, but you'd definitely recognise the look right off the bat.

View the full Bottega Veneta Summer 2024 runway collection in the gallery below.

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Look 2.
Look 3.
Look 4.
Look 5.
Look 6.
Look 7.
Look 8.
Look 9.
Look 10.
Look 11.
Look 12.
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Look 14.
Look 15.
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Look 17.
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Look 20.
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Look 23.
Look 24.
Look 25.
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Look 28.
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Look 30.
Look 31.
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Look 33.
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Look 36.
Look 37.
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Look 40.
Look 41.
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Look 43.
Look 44.
Look 45.
Look 46.
Look 47.
Look 48.
Look 49.
Look 50.
Look 51.
Look 52.
Look 53.
Look 54.
Look 55.
Look 56.
Look 57.
Look 58.
Look 59.
Look 60.
Look 61.
Look 62.
Look 63.
Look 64.
Look 65.
Look 66.
Look 67.
Look 68.
Look 69.
Look 70.
Look 71.
Look 72.