Crafted to encapsulate the city’s vibrant energy, The Miami Polo Edition is the first Royal Salute whisky to be fully finished in first-fill rye and first-fill bourbon casks.

So Royal Salute just unveiled the latest in its iconic Polo Edition lineup. The sixth in the specialised collection and the third of significant Polo destinations to be exact, but who’s counting? True to your consumer-honed tendencies, you’d only be curious about at least one of two things: how the honey-golden liquor tastes, and what its vessel looks like.

Except those criteria could easily be ascribed to many aged whiskies. Since I have been bestowed the encounter of a lifetime to understand the brand at the official unveiling in Palm Beach Miami, it’s practically a life mission now to change your common stance.

What carves Royal Salute a distinct position is its ties to the royal family. As a dedication to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the crafted blend embarks on its journey from where others often culminate—at a 21-year mark, in tandem with the 21-gun salute.

To give further insight on how the polo bit comes into play, imagine; what better union for a queen’s whisky than what’s been nicknamed the sport of kings. Admittedly from a 21st-century perspective, the overlap in the target market just makes perfect sense.

This 15-year partnership began when former England Polo Captain Malcolm Borwick was appointed as brand ambassador. Even if not privy to the Polo that runs in his blood through generations, or equestrian fondness in his entrepreneurial ventures, anyone can see the passion with which he conducts the polo clinics.

When you catch Malcolm Borwick (centre) off the field.

“It’s fun seeing people’s reactions to Polo because very often it’s much harder than what they perceive it to be,” says Borwick in a quick chat, “By the end of the lesson, they look at it with a completely [different] set of eyes. I get a real thrill when they have this newfound appreciation watching the games after.”

He finds a direct beneficiary (and potential prodigy because I’m delusional) in me. I don’t shy from athleticism, and I’ve never thought of the sport as an easy one. Yet after mounting a humbling, stationary wooden mare swinging about a shorter mallet, it truly makes you consider the level of coordination required to hit the ball whilst maintaining an upright posture, on top of directing an animal going 45 miles per hour.

For the launch, the leading professional exhibited his six-goal handicap skills (you work your way up to the highest at 10) for the ‘Royal Salute Polo Challenge in Support of Sentebale’. The charity is notably co-founded by Prince Harry, who also took to the field against fellow greats like Nacho Figueras that evening.

At Wellington’s Grand Champions Polo Club, you witness the modern polo haven that is Miami. It is host to Beach Polo World Cup and after all, where Borwivck spent a good eight years of his life.

“Polo is the sum of all sports to me. It’s teammates, it’s riding horses, it’s beautiful locations, it’s international,” he enthuses, “You can play alongside men and women, the most competitive players or non-professionals, in a team.”

Notes of smooth vanilla and coconut from the bourbon casks are reminiscent of its golden sandy beaches, with subtle spice from the rye a nod to Miami’s vibrant, glamorous lifestyle.

Then it all starts coming together. Royal Salute, Polo, and the city of Miami.

The most youthful of the lot in a striking pink flagon, the visuals of the newest release really bring out the city’s character in a box illustrated with that famous art-deco architecture. To answer your other question: vanilla and coconut notes and a light spiced finish resonate the essence of summer.

I’d like to think the whisky captures how sunset feels on the skin; a toasty glow you bask in. Solely because it goes down warm and lingers warm, much warmer than the other Royal Salute editions as I’m told by guests who can draw the comparison. This is possibly due to a rye cask finish, which is not always the conventional treatment, but one quite so complementary for this combination.

“I enjoy the product, and I love that there can be a relationship between the whisky and this incredible sport that I believe is symbiotic,” Borwick reflects, “We’re extremely lucky to be associated for such a long period of time, and a big ethos of what we’re trying to do is embracing experience. People don’t collect things any more; they collect experiences that are unique; and we love to be able to provide them that in great company as a community.”

The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Miami Polo Edition is available now in limited quantities at select retailers in Singapore and on Le Cercle website from SGD270.