Bulgari zeroes in on the B.zero1’s original shape for its latest novelties, playing with placements of diamonds for a precious refresh.

When Bulgari speaks of the “Italian Genius”, it is referencing Italy as home of the luminaries of science and the arts. From Leonardo Da Vinci’s visionary inventions to the astronomical theories presented by Galileo, to the Renaissance masterpieces by Raphael, Sandro Botticelli and Michelangelo, there is no doubt Italy has been a hotbed of creativity.

Bulgari continues this heritage with the B.zero1 collection. It is a fine example of Bulgari’s Italian Genius manifestation—iconic in its own right, with a strikingly distinct look that is immediately recognisable, even from afar. It’s a statement and a staple credited to its unique design language and its use of clean lines. What started in 1999 as a ring inspired by the Tubogas technique—an industrial- inspired method pioneered by Bulgari—has seen many iterations, each version exploring a different facet of the B.zero1.

Yet, through it all, the foundational design of the B.zero1 stands on its own. Reminiscent of Rome’s Colosseum with its sinewy flowing lines embedded between two thicker edges; these are key characteristics that are the focus of Bulgari’s 2024 B.zero1 novelties.

B.zero 1 ring in white gold with pavé diamonds, BVLGARI

At its simplest, the B.zero1 Essential ring is a basic band branded with the Bulgari logo that’s fitted with a single diamond. Taking it up a notch is a three-band B.zero1 available in 18k rose, yellow, and white gold. Within the circumference of the ring is the interior wave with a diamond pavé set at the edge. The collection’s Mona Lisa is a truly a fearless design rendered in a two-band rose or white gold. Instead of the iconic wave, the interior is bedecked with pavé diamonds. Multiple-sized diamonds were used to create a three-dimensional depth and flow, which captures the fluidity of the original design.

And there will be more to come: two matching bangle bracelets are set to be released in June this year. The bracelets round off the entire collection as well as offer more styling options.

B.zero 1 rings in rose, yellow and white gold with pavé diamonds along the edges or on the spiral, BVLGARI

While American businessman Bert Lance may have reason to propose that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, that is evidently not how a genius operates. If the constant exploration of creative expressions is a measure of one’s ingenuity then, Bulgari will keep searching for new ways to elevate and refresh an icon like the B.zero1. Because resting on one’s laurels does not break boundaries. This is one of the brand’s noble goals it aims to embody.