You may not know this, but if Spotify has been your go-to streaming service for jamming to your favourite tunes during your office commute or while keeping up with the latest fashion trends on Esquire (yes shameful, I know), then you’ve been unknowingly settling for low-quality music this whole time.

Spotify, of course, is aware of this and has been trying to introduce a high-fidelity (HiFi) subscription plan since 2021, despite rumours of them scrapping the idea. However, the plan is finally coming to pass as HiFi streaming is expected to arrive by the end of 2024, joining fellow streaming moguls, Apple Music and Tidal as streaming services that offer a high-quality option.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Spotify's recent price hikes—increasing costs twice a year across all subscription plans (the second hike thankfully sparing Singaporeans), users finally have something to cheer for, right? Well, I have some ill tidings that may convert even the staunchest Spotify apologists. HiFi streaming will be offered as an add-on that costs users at least USD5 more per month on top of their existing plan. This means that if you're currently on the individual plan paying SGD10.98, you might end up forking out SGD17 per month instead.

In contrast, both Apple Music and Tidal offer high-fidelity audio built-in to their streaming services, charging SGD10.98 monthly. Anyone else thinking of jumping ship?