The esteemed multi-brand fragrance retailer embarks on its exciting third venture with Amaris Jewel Changi—a captivating brick-and-mortar boutique and the first to be positioned in the east.

Like its stores in VivoCity and Paragon, Amaris aims to provide an immersive experience at the latest Jewel Changi location. The new space follows a similar vibe to its first two stores, with a contrasting colour palette of deep teals and metallic golds. Its purpose is to create a luxurious olfactory journey that captivates the senses of discerning individuals from all corners of the globe as well as educating customers on the interesting profiles and origins of the niche and premium fragrance brands that they have.

The "Scent-uary"

The Amaris Jewel Changi store is also more geared towards international travellers. More travel kits are stocked here from brands the likes of Atelier Cologne, Goldfield & Banks as well as Ex Nihilo. Not only are the the perfect size for any traveller's personal grooming kit, they also make for thoughtful gifts.

The Amaris Jewel Changi store is located at 01-257, and is open between 10am to 10pm.