Saint Laurent's Killer Looks for Summer 2024

The Saint Laurent Summer 2024 menswear collection is a hyper fixation of the shoulders
Published: 20 March 2024

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello wants eyes on the shoulders of the Saint Laurent man. For the 49-look Summer 2024 collection, he had models either donning jackets with emphasised shoulders, or baring them. Even in unlayered overshirts, the shoulder seams have been intentionally extended to accentuate the broadness of a man’s frame. Presented in Berlin, Germany, at the monumental Neue Nationalgalerie by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Saint Laurent Summer 2024 collection found the perfect stage. There, in the glass-and-steel temple of modern architecture, the occasion seared the setting into the minds of guests in attendance—the collection was paraded with the aplomb of modernism amid a glorious sunset.

While it is easy to pick up the references Vaccarello pulled from the Saint Laurent Women’s Winter 2023 collection, translating a female collection onto menswear is no simple trick. Due credit must be given to Vaccarello for making it even remotely appealing to the everyday man. The androgynous wardrobe he has created succeeds because it modernises the inverted triangle body shape that traditionalists worship.

Vaccarello’s modernist approach comes into focus at waists that are cinched, so the inverted triangle is fully realised to its tip, literally. In every look, the top is presented tucked and nipped into the generously cut high-waisted flute pants. After the shoulders, attention gravitates towards the pants of the collection. There is an assuring dissonance in the suaveness of the pants being high-waisted and cut in a flute shape. But there is also a comfort in knowing there’s wiggle room for such a sharply tailored garment. Hemmed at the ankle, the pants are also given attention to the chunky heeled boots that are paired with the looks. The least desired thing about flute pants is the bunching at the legs, breaking up the masculine stature.

There are many other modernist approaches employed by Vaccarello throughout the Saint Laurent Summer 2024 collection. Seemingly stereotypical female garment types are butched up. Deep décolletés satin tank tops are cut wide to look like luxurious muscle tanks. One-shouldered toga sheer tops are treated into cut-out T-shirts for a grunge outlook where the other non-exposed shoulder is completely covered. A silk satin blouse is perhaps Vaccarello’s take on the basic oversized T-shirt seen all over the streets.


The Saint Laurent Summer 2024 collection is entitled “Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves”. And by the way it was presented, many men may have overkilled their excuse of being presentable with lazy suits over basic T-shirts. Vaccarello shows the way with sharp tailoring and a modernist masculine appeal of truly being presentable.

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